Introduction to Google Apps                                                        

Google Apps is a collection of tools to allow students at Marden High to work and collaborate together in an easy and effective manner.

It is made up of various tools, such as Google Mail, Google Drive/Docs and Google Sites, and gives 24/7 access to school work from any device, without any specialist software being required, apart from a modern Internet browser. We recommend Google Chrome as it is fully compatible with all Google Apps.

Access is via our website, Students log in using the box at the right, and then click on an icon at the top of the screen.

Google Mail

This is where our staff and students can email each other, have discussions and have meaningful communication. There is also a chat facility which is built in and logged. In the screen above, you can see an email and also a document that has been shared with this student.

Google Drive/Docs

Google Docs is an online document/spreadsheet/presentation system, and more. Students and staff can collaborate online, in real time and at any time. Everything is saved immediately and all changes are logged so you can go back if you need to. Everyone can work on the same document, so you can’t be working on an old version.

Once you want to share this, you click the blue ‘Share’ button, and type in who you want to share this with, and what permissions you want. This is shared instantly by emailing them a link to the document, and they can start working on it straight away.