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#FixMccCustoms - As of 2017
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List of known issues & missing features in customs games and forge in Halo: The Master Chief Collection as of October 24, 2017.

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Lack of Internet Browser-based file share

• Unable to remotely download user-generated content to console.

Limit of 50 custom maps, gametypes, and screenshots each per account

• MCC’s limit is far too low. Halo 3’s limit is 100, Reach’s limit is 1000, and Halo 4’s limit is above 1000.

Poor party stability

• Custom games with multiple players commonly encounter ‘black-screens’ that pause games for minutes.

• Parties with 10 or more players have a high chance of ending prematurely.

• This issue leaves custom games in MCC a more frustrating experience rather than enjoyable.

Party leaders are designated as network hosts

• This causes issues for those who have slow connections that wish to host custom games.

• In Halo 3, Halo: Reach, and Halo 4, network host is automatically chosen by whichever player has the best connection and not by party lead.

Missing in-game menu options in custom games and forge

• Lack of ‘change teams’ option for all MCC titles while in-game.

• Lack of Trait Zone trait settings option for MCC Halo 4 in forge mode.

• Lack of ‘boot player’ and ‘promote to leader’ options while in-game.

• These missing menu options leaves popular minigames such as ‘Zombies’ in MCC-Halo 2 Classic and many others in MCC-Halo 4 impossible to play.

Lack of join-in-progress and lack of numerical player party size cap in custom games and forge

Recently played maps/gametypes from matchmaking fail to save to the player’s temporary history

Maps and gametypes ‘ready’ to play in custom games do not persist when the party leader is changed

Example: If ‘Team Slayer’ on ‘Zanzibar’ is selected by the prior host, this selection will change when the party leader is changed.

Maps and gametypes often become corrupted over time or somehow become overwritten by other files


Additional Details


Local files folder may appear to be empty, even when it is not

• Requires the player to exit and restart MCC for local files to reappear.

Custom gametype names often reset to their default gametype name

Playercards may continuously shuffle for some time after a player leaves or joins a lobby


Lack of LAN or system link support

Baked lighting on forge maps does not function properly in theater

• Typically occurs when films are rewinded.

Halo 2 Classic:

Incorrect map description for ‘Burial Mounds’

• ‘Burial Mounds’ map incorrectly shares the same map description as Halo 3’s ‘Last Resort’ map

Halo 2: Anniversary:
Excessive framerate issues on forge maps

• Poor/inconsistent performance on forge maps due to lack of culling/level of detail optimization.

• Fog effect present on ‘Awash’ and ‘Skyward’ forge canvases may impact framerate.

Halo 2: Anniversary:

Lighting on ‘Awash’ forge canvas is dim after initial map load

Halo 2: Anniversary:

Poor dynamic lighting on ‘Nebula’ forge canvas

Halo 2: Anniversary:

Forge object positions may alter slightly after saving the map

• Point quantization issue. Engine may save object coordinates incorrectly.

Halo 2: Anniversary:

Forging ‘Incursion’ reveal labels do not function as intended

• Territories gametype related.

Halo 2: Anniversary:

Starting a new round may change the player’s control scheme layout

• Only occurs in forge mode.

Halo 3:

Some forge objects may initially fail to appear on maps

• Only occurs in forge mode.

• Requires the player to start multiple rounds for all forge objects to reappear.


Additional Details


Halo 4:

Lack of gametypes from the ‘Turbo Update’ weapon tuning settings

• All MCC-Halo 4 gametypes use weapon settings prior to the June 2013 ‘Turbo Update’ weapon tuning settings in Halo 4.