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                                          Counseling Creative Newsletter December 2016 

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         Believe in More Than The Miracles of Christmas

                                           The Power of Belief

 This article was adapted from notes for a speech given at Art Camp Nashville in 2014.  Its purpose is to motivate and inspire all types of creatives to recognize the value of their art and believe in themselves, so they can move forward in their careers, and inspire the world through their creations.

By: Amanda Dobra Hope- D.Hlc, Holistic Life Coach and Author of “Holding Hope”

What happens when you just KNOW something?  When in the depths of your heart and your soul—you believe it, or in it, with the full depth of your being?  

It becomes manifest.

It has no other choice given the large amounts of energy and attention it receives.  Putting that much focus on something will bring it into being- whether you want it to or not.  So rather than believe unconsciously, believe consciously.  Choose what you wish to believe and then bring it into being.

If we believe in war and poverty, we get more war and poverty.  If we believe in a world that doesn’t contain or provide us with what we need, we will manifest just that.  Every day we are given messages by the media, the people around us, supposed authority figures, and even ourselves.  If we examine these thoughts carefully, they can become conscious.  When our thoughts are conscious, we can then choose whether we actually believe them or not based on what our hearts and souls tell us.

Our minds are meant to be used secondarily.  Any idea that has the potential to become a belief should be filtered through the heart and soul first.  If it makes it through your heart and soul, then put your mind and logic into practice and put the steps into motion to help it become manifest.

So let’s try this thought—YOU are important.

Do you believe that?

You have probably been given mixed messages all of your life on whether or not you should believe that.  My guess is that most of the evidence of why you should not believe that you are important came from outside of yourself.  Of course, after awhile you may have begun to take those messages in and decided that you weren’t important, that what you had to say wasn’t important,  that the art you created (in whatever form) wasn’t important, or that it had “been done” before.  

As I was creating this talk, I was sitting in my writing chair looking at a bookshelf full of books-some big, some small.  I realized that all of these authors thought enough of themselves to get themselves published.  Whether someone else believed in them and gave them a contract, or they decided to self-publish, they had to have believed that they had something worthwhile to say and to print, and that they were important in some way.

What would the world be like without any of our great art, literature, movies, or music?  It would be so stale.  So dry.  So without a major aspect of LIFE.  Musicians, artists, and creatives are important.  YOU are the dreamers of society— those who dare to tap into the wild and untamed universal field of creativity.  Those who dare to get their feet wet and their hands dirty with the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to go into the untamed jungle of the creative field, and to come out with something they’ve made manifest.

So many people haven’t figured that out yet.  They are working on other things in life.  You are the explorers.  You are the dreamers.  You are the ones who know how much untapped potential we have as humans to create, and that everything we do upon this earth is a creation.  You are the ones who understand how to form this untamed, wild, energy into something tangible.  You create consciously.  You create with a purpose—to teach, to inspire, or to heal.

So many are walking around unconscious, creating with their every move and thought, unconscious things.   You understand how to channel your thoughts, energy, and ideas, and to form them into something that we can use to: appreciate, inspire, teach, or to learn.  You decide what a lot of our culture believes, by making your art and putting it out there.  You get to decide in large part what kind of world you and those around you live in.  And you creating your art can help us all get there.  You have that kind of power.  Do not fall asleep.  Do not give up or give in.  Do not be fooled by thoughts of negativity, unworthiness, or playing down the importance of your art.  You have the ability to shine.  You have the ability to lead.  You have the ability to decide what kind of world we all live in, by creating your art.

Art of all types and genres is extremely influential.  We are all influenced by the vast amounts of art around us every day. And most of it we don’t even notice that we are taking in.  But it is time for a new generation of artists.  It is time for YOU to toss your hat into the ring, And to believe.  Believe that you making your art is important to the world.  Because it IS.  

Now, I have told you that.  Your job now, is to BELIEVE it.  You can do it.  We need you.                                          

Amanda Dobra Hope is an evolutionary teacher, author, speaker, and holistic life coach.  She is passionate about helping others uncover their true inner selves.  Her belief is that when everyone on the planet loves themselves and can express their true gifts with passion and authenticity, we will all thrive.  Be sure to check out her brand new book, Holding Space- A Guide to Supporting Others While Remembering to Take Care of Yourself First, due out this month, at www.holding-space.weebly.com.  You can find information on her life coaching, speaking, and other services at www.itsasyoulikeit.com.


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