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Bentley High School: Student Responsibility Appointment FAQs
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Bentley High School: Student Responsibility Appointment FAQs

 How do students earn a Student Responsibility Appointment?

Administrators/Teachers retain discretionary powers to assign a Student Responsibility Appointment when a student violates the Bentley Handbook Disciplinary Code. In addition, to consulting the discipline code, prior to determining the appropriate disciplinary and/or intervention measures, the following must be considered:

1. The student's age, maturity, and previous disciplinary record, (including the nature of the prior misconduct, the number of prior instances of misconduct, and the disciplinary measure imposed for each

2. The circumstances surrounding the incident leading to the discipline; and the student's IEP, BIP, and 504 accommodation plan, if applicable.


When a student is assigned a Student Responsibility Appointment:

1. Administrator provides student a letter notifying parents or guardians of the Student Responsibility Appointment , including the reason, the date the Student Responsibility Appointment is to be served, and the assigning teacher

2. ALL Student Responsibility Appointments are held on Monday through Wednesday in Mr. Lindhurst's room from 2:50 to 3:50pm.


What is expected of a student during a Student Responsibility Appointment?

 What happens if a student does not follow the above rules for a Student Responsibility Appointment  or fails to report for assigned Student Responsibility Appointment?

•If the students does not show up for the assigned Student Responsibility Appointment, misbehaves or refused to comply with Student Responsibility rules, they will receive a referral and the Administrators will take appropriate action.

•Students are responsible for attending their scheduled Student Responsibility Appointment on time at the scheduled site. It is the student's responsibility to see an administrator to inquire about a Student Responsibility Appointment change if there is an emergency or a legitimate reason that warrants a Student Responsibility Appointment change. Also, students will not be excused from a Student Responsibility Appointment because of employment or a job reason. Having to work after school is not a legitimate reason for a change.


 What if a student is absent from school the day of his or her assigned detention day?

The assigning Administrators will reassign a Student Responsibility Appointment for another day.