Sassy Sally

Sally is a 33 year-old American with a CS degree from MIT. She started 2 years ago, A SAAS App built on Stripe. SallyApp has 5 FTE including Sally and currently makes $20K MRR. She has been bootstrapping the company with some consulting revenue and angel money from friends and family.

In addition to Stripe, SallyApp uses Gmail for mail,, runs on Heroku, Mixpanel. She’s thinking about integrating with She also wants to setup a CRM system but hasn’t had the staff time to do it.

She reads Kevin’s blog. That’s it - nothing else.



Things she’s tried

Helpful Heather

Helpful Heather’s main job is doing marketing for SallyApp. However, Sassy Sally trusts her to do lots of other stuff too, including concierge onboarding customers.

HH understands this task is important but doesn’t see it as a priority, usually forgets to do it, and leaves it for SS to do. HH feels guilty about this.

HH doesn’t like getting bombarded with emails. So all automated emails, e.g. a new customer signs up, land in her HelpScout mailbox.

Daily Scenario


Her goals


i’m about to get on a call with federico…

looking at gmail, helpscout, dashboard, his profile, his website for info on him

bailed on me? should i follow up?