Service Agreement & Policy Notice

with Ginger R. Marcus of Holistic Dynamic, Relax With Sound, and Eclectic Dynamic

Terms are revised without notice – see date in footer. Check for updates each time you book, and save a copy.

It is your responsibility to read these terms and policies carefully – they do apply to you. Email or book a free call to ask questions or request changes, or to opt out and get referrals to other providers. By accepting the terms and services as-is you indicate that you understand and agree, and require no further clarifications or amendments to proceed with confidence. If something changes in the future, just let me know.

You = Client, or the person receiving services. Also the billing party if not otherwise noted at booking.

Me / I = Service provider, Ginger (may also include administrators where appropriate).

Responsibilities & What to Expect


Scheduling and Communication Between Sessions

Policies, Payments, and Fees

By making a reservation you agree to the terms above, plus the following:

  1. You authorize your card on file to satisfy payment of fees per our policies. If no card is on file you authorize these deductions from your prepaid account. If account is depleted you agree to pay related invoices.
  2. You are responsible for reviewing current policies when booking, and by booking you agree tacitly to updates. You should bookmark this page and download a copy for your reference (see date in footer).
  3. Any addendums/custom terms will by default expire when this document is updated–renew separately.

Your reservation signals agreement, but if this is a PAPER DOCUMENT handed to you, sign below instead:

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Email ______________________________________________ Alt Phone _________________________________

City  _______________________________________________ State  ____________________________________

Signature _____________________________________________________     Date ________________________