Why Do YOU #AcAdv Chat?

Please let @AcAdvChat know (you can submit more than ONE reason):


I #acadv chat because...

  1. I want to gain insight and advice about the field. I also like to meet people who already have experience.  @_CDParker_
  2. it’s a conversation that keeps on giving - ideas, resources, and more for academic advising! via @laurapasquini
  3. Advising is truly my passion & I'm determined to stay sharp & engaged until I can find an advising position via @jessicaphilo
  4. I am a fan of hashtags! #NoLie #AcAdv #TheyConnectConversations  #MetaData via @laurapasquini
  5. It makes @NACADA conference small talk much less awkward for us introverts! @howardsj
  6. It’s a great professional development opportunity, and I don’t even have to leave my desk! @kgreg007        
  7. I really love being able to say, “My advising friend at such-and-such university…” (where I’ve never worked or gone to school) @howardsj
  8. It’s awesome to be able to quickly gather ideas from other #acadv offices across the country! @howardsj
  9. I want to try a new experience (I’ve never been a part of an #AcAdv Chat before!) @vtcourtknee
  10. I am an office of one, and the weekly #AcAdv chat allows me to regularly network with other SA professionals and gives me a break with an added bonus of perspective! @nikkidonahue
  11. It’s great to be able to get out of the bubble and hear ideas from other advisors from all kinds of schools (2 year or 4, big or small, and from all over). For those who don’t get too many professional development opportunities, this is a godsend. @rgcox2820
  12. I love being able to stretch my #acadv thinking beyond my “normal” advising issues that I encounter regularly. @howardsj
  13. New professional advisor after 10 years student affairs experience. Excited to have weekly professional development at my desk! @faithienic 
  14. I enjoy the feeling of connection, and sharing of ideas! Perfect for extroverts and introverts alike! @AnaBZavala