Section 14)  Complete “What I’ve discovered about College/Career”  writing assignments (three parts)

        For this assignment,  you will reveal the QUESTIONS you have raised about college or career and the PROCESS by which you searched for facts and opinions.

WRITING SECTION ONE:  The Search (1-2 typed paragraphs)

        The SEARCH will be written in narrative form. Don’t feel obligated to tell every tedious detail of your search. Instead, share the highlights of the discovery process. Don’t be afraid to admit to dead-ends, obstacles, frustrations, false leads. Give credit to people who were helpful and to printed resources which were useful. Section three is usually told in chronological order, in past tense.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In section ONE  you will tell how you found your resources and tell whom you interviewed, but you WON’T write about what you read in these resources or what the people told you. SAVE THAT FOR SECTION TWO.

WRITING SECTION TWO:  What I Discovered (1-2 typed paragraphs)

In this most important section you will assess all the FACTS AND OPINIONS you’ve gathered and organize them into an essay with a THESIS STATEMENT AND TOPIC SENTENCES.


Compare your fantasies and assumptions about your topic to the reality you discovered.

Develop in some order of priority the most important things you learned in your search.

Explain the steps or processes you now know you must follow base on your discovery.

These of course are only suggestions to get you started. It is always encouraged that you create a thesis statement that is creative and effective for your individual essay.

SECTION THREE:  My Personal Action Plan (OK, so now what???)....1-2 typed paragraphs.

        To give your paper a strong finish and to make it a useful document you need to think about what you’re going to do with all you’ve learned by doing the college/career search.

        Look back at your “assumptions” pre-writing. Perhaps you were too idealistic about college or career back then, and during your search, you have wizened up a bit. Or perhaps you had been intimidated by the entire college application process and now you feel you can not only compete with others, but you can succeed. Whatever your experience, SECTION THREE  gives you the opportunity to get a grip on what comes around after high school.





NOTE: Experiment with the form of your personal action plan by considering writing as:

Some things to include