Things Happening at the School:

Hello all people who love our teachers and staff!

Your PTSA has been pow-wowing and we have planned many awesome things for Teacher Appreciation Week,  AKA Staff Appreciation Week! The week of celebration will be Monday, May 1st through Friday, May 5th.

The best part of this celebration is that there are many places where YOU can help us make this a SUCCESS! We have several opportunities for volunteers to assist the week before and the week of the celebration.

Here are our needs for VOLUNTEERS (please email Brandi at if you can participate):  
Thursday morning, April 27th from 8:15–9:15 am                2 volunteers are needed
Friday morning, April 28th from 8:15-9:15 am                 2 volunteers are needed
Friday afternoon, April 28th from 2-4 pm                        2 volunteers are needed
Monday morning, May 1st from 8-9 am                        2 volunteers are needed
Tuesday morning, May 2nd from 8-9 am                        2-3 volunteers are needed
Wednesday morning, May 3rd from 10-2 pm                2-3 volunteers are needed
Thursday afternoon, May 4th two shifts
1 volunteer needed from 2:30-4 pm
2 volunteers needed from 4-5:30 pm
Friday morning, May 5th from 6:30am - 8am  (YES, AM!)        3 volunteers are needed

If  you are unable to volunteer but would like to help, we could also use the following donations:
Gift bags!  We are looking for 65 bags total.  Small and medium sizes needed.  Any quantity is appreciated!
Please deliver them by Monday,  April 24th.
Paper products! We are looking for donations for 120 plates, napkins, cups and silverware for 2 days of fun!
Please deliver them by Thursday,  April 27th.   Any quantity is appreciated!
Balloons! We are looking for 60 mylar balloons. Any quantity is appreciated!
Please bring them to the front office on Friday, April 28th.
Desserts!  We are looking for someone who has connections to a restaurant to donate 70 desserts for one of the days. Please contact Brandi at if you are able to help on this!

If you are bringing flowers for the Tuesday surprise, please have it properly labeled and deliver the morning of Tuesday, May 2nd.   If your child can’t deliver it personally, a PTSA member will take it and deliver it for them!!
If you prefer to make a monetary donation for any of the planned activities, please send it in a labeled envelope to the PTSA by Monday, April 24th!
If you have any questions regarding the planned events, please contact Brandi at


Robin Watson and Brandi Sumlin
Teacher Appreciation Chair and Volunteer Chair