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Police: 911

Ambulance: 911

Medical Help

  1. Doctors Without Borders (ARGENTINA) 
    Provides medical assistance and healthcare for women in need, along with other vulnerable populations.
    Address: Carlos Pellegrini 587, 11th floor Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires C1009ABK ARGENTINA Tel: +54 (11) 5290-9991

Legal Help

  1. The Center for Legal and Social Studies (CELS)(Centro De Estudios Legales Y Sociales)        
    Provides legal aid and assistance, and also offers assistance in the  form of mental health care, social and legal assistance nad pharmacological supplies.
    Address: Piedras 547 1 floor, Buenos Aires C1070AAJ, Argentina.
    Phone:  (54 11) 4334-4200

Resources Help (Food, Shelter, Clothing and Crisis Response)

  1. La Casa Maria        
    Provides food, clothing, education, hygiene, health and general assistance to vulnerable and unprivileged women, children and adolescents.  
    Address: La Casa del NiñoHogar, Municipal No. 214 Pers. Law No. 5755 DPPJ Freedom 108. Escobar
  2. Argentina Food Bank Foundation 
    Provides food and emergency supplies for people suffering from hunger.
    Address: Luis María Drago 5530, San Martin, Pcia. Of Buenos Aires (1650), Argentina.
    Phone: (+54 11) 4724 2334/0203/0016
  3. Children of Tomorrow Foundation( Los Nions Del Manana Foundacion)        
    The Foundation Children of Tomorrow has built health centres, goods distribution  and educational centers for children from zero to thirteen years of age who are in a situation of relative vulnerability and / or social, usually in inhospitable places of Argentina.
    Address: Martin Fierro 340. Huerta Grande. Cordova. (5174), Argentina.
    Phone: 011-66841448.
  4. De La Nada Civil Asociacion
    Supports economically disadvantaged groups of women, helping them out of poverty through work and education.
    Address: Lujan Center, San Antonio 606 (Andrade Esq.), Juan XXIII neighborhood, Gral Rodriguez Center, April 2 555,
    Phone: (011) 4811-0278 / 15-6112-6993 / 02323-493113 or 02323-15643915 / (011) 4806-2967
  5. Luz Maria Foundation
    Provides assistance to survivors of Domestic Violence, referrals and other emergency response.
    Address: Santiago del Estero, Capital, SDE, Argentina

Education and Employment Help

  1. Asociacion Mujeres Jovenes
    Provides training and awareness programs for women, and offers social intervention in emergency situations.
    Address: Corrientes 1749 6o ""21"", (1042) Capital Federal, Argentina
    Phone: 40-9730
    Fax: 54-1-371-9730

Refugee Support

  1. Fundación Comisión Católica Argentina de Migraciones
    Provides legal aid, shelter and housing, and psycho-social counselling assistance to refugees, including those who have faced gender based violence.
    Address: Laprida 930 - Capital Federal, C.P. 1187 -Bs. As., Argentina
    Tel.: (+54 11) 49631520
    Fax: (+54 11) 4962 8175
  2. El Instituto Argentino para la Igualdad, Diversidad e Integración (The Argentine Institute for Equality, Diversity and Integration)  
    Provides legal aid, social inclusion, empowerment and education programs and social inclusion initiatives for refugees including those among them that have faced gender based violence.
    Address: Av. San Juan 2491 1232 Buenos Aires
  3. Migrantes y Refugiados en Argentina (Migrants and Refugees in Argentina)
    Provides refugees and migrants means to integrate into the local community through socio-economic activities and income generation activities through training, technical assistance visits, fairs, social economy and microcredit. There is also a counselling service and help available in finding employment.
    Address: Bartolome Mitre 2815 4th Floor Of. 408, Buenos Aires - Argentina.
    Tel: 54 11 4861-5435