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English Learner Pedagogy

The instructional shifts in the CA Standards, NGSS and new CA ELD Standards, outline specific implications for English Learners. This requires a comprehensive and integrated approach to teaching academic language and disciplinary literacy via curriculum and instruction.  All teachers within Palm Springs Unified School District must attend to the language learning needs of their ELs in strategic, intentional and differentiated ways that promote the simultaneous development of content knowledge and advanced levels of academic English. Comprehensive ELD instruction is provided to English learner students through Integrated and Designated ELD.  This document outlines the grade-level instruction and materials that are provided for ELs across the curriculum, interventions within core content classes and pedagogical methods that support English learners in achieving at high levels in their core academic subject areas. These methods are the result of California’s vision for English learners which is outlined in the ELA/ELD Framework under the umbrella of Integrated and Designated ELD.

The ELA/ELD framework uses the term Integrated ELD to refer to ELD throughout the day and across the disciplines. All teachers with English Learners in their classrooms use the CA ELD Standards in addition to their focal CCSS for ELA/Literacy and other content standards to support their English learners’ linguistic and academic progress. It is extremely important to note that although the ELD standards are meant to be used in tandem with common core standards to amplify the key language knowledge, skills, and abilities critical for English learners, this does not mean that we eliminate the instructional opportunity to focus specifically on language development.

Designated ELD is a protected time during the regular school day where teachers use the CA ELD Standards as the focal standards in ways that build into and from content instruction in order to develop critical English language skills, knowledge, and abilities needed for content learning in English.  A designated time for language instruction is still vital and necessary for English Learner success.

The table below outlines the curriculum, the interventions, and the instructional agreements by grade level spans.  


Grade Level Span



Instructional Agreements



Click here for a link to our district wide instructional agreements to support Integrated and Designated ELD.



Grade Level Span



Pedagogical Methods


Click here for a link to our district wide instructional agreements to support Integrated and Designated ELD.

Curriculum and Instructional Materials for Core and Supplemental Programs

ELD Core Curriculum TK

ELD Core Curriculum K-5

Treasures ELD

  • My New Words
  • WONDERS Content Reader
  • Visual Vocabulary Cards and Routine
  • On-line Oral Language Activities
  • Retelling Cards
  • Oral Vocabulary Cards (K-3 only)
  • Skill Based EL Practice Readers
  • Listening Library

*Click here to see visuals of all of these resources. The only change would be the color on the front cover of the materials because of the change in grade level.

Instructional Materials TK-12

Thinking Maps

Path to Proficiency for English Language Learners

Supplemental Resources to Support English Learners TK-12

Raz-Kids (TK-5 and 6-8 newcomer students)

ListenWise (6-12)

ELD Core Curriculum 6-12

StudySync Designated ELD Path

  • Elements of Literature Language Handbook
  • Elements of Literature Adapted Reader
  • Elements of Language Grammar, Usage and Language Skills Practice
  • Holt Audio Library
  • Elements of Language Vocabulary Workshop
  • Warriner’s Handbook
  • Elements of Literature Interactive Reader
  • Newcomer Guide


English Language Development

Palm Springs Unified School District provides English language development to all English learner students in accordance of Education Code 305 and 306:

Students who are English language learners shall be educated through "sheltered English immersion" or "structured English immersion" during a temporary transition period not normally intended to exceed one year. "Nearly all" of the classroom instruction in the district's sheltered English immersion program shall be in English, but with the curriculum and presentation designed for students who are learning the language. (Education Code 305, 306)

The district has defined the term "nearly all" as follows:

Instruction is in English with primary language used for clarification, explanation and support.

When an English language learner has acquired a reasonable level of English proficiency as measured by any of the state-designated assessments approved by the California Department of Education or any locally developed assessments and using other criteria developed by the district, he/she shall be transferred from a structured English immersion classroom to an English language mainstream classroom in which the instruction is "overwhelmingly" in English. (Education Code 305; 5 CCR 11301)***

An English language learner has acquired a "reasonable level of English proficiency" when he/she has achieved the levels of reclassification.  Click here for reclassification requirements.

Main Instructional Emphases in Integrated ELD

Activities Related to Integrated ELD

Main Instructional Emphases in Designated ELD

Activities Related to Designated ELD

Quick Guide to the ELD Standards

Lesson Planning

Sample K Lesson Plans

Sample 1st Grade Lesson Plans

Sample 2nd Grade Lesson Plans 

Sample 3rd Grade Lesson Plans

Sample 4th Grade Lesson Plans

Sample 5th Grade Lesson Plans

Sample Secondary Lesson Plans 1

Sample Secondary Lesson Plans 2

Sample Secondary Lesson Plans 3

Academic Supports Services

English learner classification and assessment data are used to determine the level of academic support services that may be needed to assist ELs in achieving at high levels in their core academic subject areas.

Palm Springs Unified School District monitors EL student academic progress in various ways across the grade levels and throughout the school year as supported by the English learner Catch Up Plan, in order to provide any additional academic support services to English learner students, K-12, that may be needed to overcome academic barriers prior to the deficits becoming irreparable.^

Click here for the procedural guidelines and criteria used to determine which English learners would need additional academic support services.

^2013 California Education Code 313.1. a & b defines a long-term English learner as "an English learner who is enrolled in any of grades 6 to 12, inclusive, has been enrolled in schools in the United States for more than six years, has remained at the same English language proficiency level for two or more consecutive years" as determined by the state's annual English language development test. In addition, the same California Education Code identifies English learners at risk of becoming long-term English learners as those EL students enrolled in any of grades 5 to 11, in schools in the United States for four years, and who score at the intermediate level or below on the state's annual English language development test the fourth year at the below basic or far below basic level on the English language arts standards-based achievement test.

Professional Development and Instructional Support Services

Introduction to the CA ELD Standards

TK-12 ELA/ELD Framework PD, Winter 2015

Elementary ILT Spring 2015

CCIT Spring 2015

K-1 Reading Foundation Routines PD, August 2015

Welcome Back District-wide PD Day, August 2015

Strategies for Social Learning PD, September 2015

Integrated ELD PD/Collaboration evenings:
(Almost) Every Tuesday from September 2015-January 2017

Integrated ELD District-wide PD Day, February 2016

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