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Welcome & Agenda


The Future Present of Scrum

(Are we Done yet?) (Gunther Verheyen) - P&A




The Voice of the Process: Kanban Metrics (Colm O'hEocha) - A

Transitioning and maintaining effectiveness with Agile

 (Fran O'Hara) - P

Quick Introduction to Agile (Augusto Evangelisti) - L


Don’t go chasing Waterfall – The BA in an agile world.

(David McGrath) - L&P

Data inspired scaled agile delivery – innovative value ‘concept to customer’. (Catherine Sweeney)

Prioritisation Agile Game (Michelle Almeida) - L&P


A tester, a developer and a business analyst walk into a bank... (Andrea Baker, Lisa Hickey)

3 Common Scrum failure modes, and (hopefully) some solutions (Chris Walsh) - P




The Snail Entrepreneur (Claudio Perrone) - L&P

The Agile Journey – Enhancing delivery with agile practices (Jonathan Coyle) - L

Retrospective Tips, Tricks and Techniques for getting a better understanding of your team (Tony Hetherington) - L&P


Why System thinking is required for a successful Agile Transformation (Kevin Burke) - L

Get your agile team to fully perform quicker!!! (Dejan Cusic and Snjezana Momic) - A




Agile in Flight (Alan Coates)

Working through the challenges with

the adoption and the use of Agile in

a research and innovation centre (Brendan O’Farrell and Patrice Boleguin) - P

Team health model (Vispi Shroff and Michelle Almeida) - A


Devops culture (Brendan O'Reilly)

Voice of the Customer (James Parnell) - P


Draw to win some agile books



Levels: L for Learning, P for Practicing and A for Advancing

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Talk Title


Gunther Verheyen (keynote speaker)

The Future Present of Scrum

(Are we Done yet?)

Scrum has been around for more than two decades. Since the release of the Agile Manifesto in 2001, the adoption of agile and Scrum have grown incredibly. Now, the survival and prosperity of many people and organizations are heavily intertwined with software. Scrum has been a key tool for teams and organizations to deal with the increased criticality of software.

But the dependence of businesses and society on software has increased even more. Software is eating the world. Complexity and unpredictability continue to increase. The urgency to improve remains.

The key for future success is still Scrum – and we are not yet Done with Scrum. The key to employing Scrum professionally is creating Done Increments of product, where “Done” actually means “releasable in production.” This requires professional development, proper practices and standards, cross-functional collaboration, and inner-Sprint feedback loops. It might take another two decades to actually get there.


Alan Coates

Agile in Flight

Alan will discuss how Ryanair embraced Agile principles to implement a cutting-edge digital strategy to support it’s Always Getting Better program.

Evangelisti Consulting Ltd

Augusto Evangelisti

Quick Introduction to Agile

In this introductory talk, we will answer the following questions:

  • What is this thing everyone calls Agile?
  • Have been in software development for several years, why should I change?
  • What’s so different?


Chris Walsh

3 Common Scrum failure modes, and (hopefully) some solutions

In my experience in various enterprise IT organizations, Scrum-based development efforts that struggle are all challenged in 3 main ways. I will examine each failure mode and offer some practical advice on how to approach fixing them. Though very different, all 3 modes seem to be rooted in the same cultural problem that I believe Professional Scrum (as opposed to “mechanical” Scrum), can help to address.


Dejan Cusic


Snjezana Momic

Get your agile team to fully perform quicker!!!

Behaviors of high performance teams are studied for long time in hope to find the recipe for leadership and for the team. One of the most famous studies is Tuckman’s study on stages of group development. All the stages are necessary and inevitable for the team on their way to optimal performance. This presentation is focusing on stages your team is going through and how to accelerate your team to get to the fully performing stage earlier



The Voice of the Process - Kanban Metrics

Kanban helps us manage the inherent variability and uncertainty in IT to maximise economic outcomes. An important tool in helping us do this are metrics that allow us understand the inter-relationships between various aspects of our process - such as cycle time, utilisation, predictability and work in progress. In this talk I introduce the 3 process metrics I use to bring transparency to a Kanban environment. These can guide us in key areas such as probabalistic forecasting, setting service level targets with our customers and continuous improvement.

Equip for Success Consulting

Kevin Burke

Why System thinking is required for a successful Agile Transformation

Systems thinking is a framework for seeing interrelationships rather than things, for seeing patterns rather than static snapshots .it is a set of general principles spanning fields as divers as physical and social sciences, engineering and management.” Come learn how Systems thinking can help guide effective organisational structures, Product team formation and culture.


Brendan O’Farrell


Patrice Boleguin

Working through the challenges with

the adoption and the use of Agile in

a research and innovation centre

TSSG ( Telecommunications Software & Systems Group) is a research and innovation centre attached to Waterford Institute of Technology. All of the TSSG’s research activity is funded through a variety of projects. These projects are funded through a mix of European and national funding bodies, along with direct industry funding with some projects more oriented towards commercialisation.

The project size and duration can range from 10 days for one team member (Innovation voucher from Enterprise Ireland) to a duration of three years, with multiple partners from multiple countries throughout Europe. Being a research and innovation centre means each project is in it’s own way unique, they can come from the agrismart sector, medical, mobile services, Virtual Reality, etc. Also the experience level of each team varies. As we are attached to WIT, we would have a large number of interns and graduate developers working with more experienced engineers coming from the private sector on each development team interacting with external stakeholders.

It is this diversity of projects which has brought challenges in the adoption of agile. In this presentation we will take a look at those challenges and the approach we took to overcome them.


Brendan O'Reilly

Devops culture

Tools and process change are easy relative to changing your organization's culture. This presentation outlines what to expect and how to address the challenges associated with implementing DevOps.  

Inspire Quality Services

Fran O’Hara

Transitioning and maintaining effectiveness with Agile

This presentation will firstly share some key experiences on what works and what doesn’t when initially moving to agile. It will then provide insights into evolving and maintaining effectiveness beyond the initial transition in order to build on the benefits achievable with agile. Topics covered will include some key change management issues in an agile context, as well as hybrid method implementations, agile test strategy, and continuous improvement.


John Coogan

The Agile Testing at Scale Journey in Ericsson OSS Development

The presentation will outline the experiences in evolving our agile strategy, automation and test roles in the OSS development unit in Athlone. The challenges faced with management of large scale development and testing, putting quality first and delivering valuable content often to the customer will be discussed.

James Parnell

Voice of the Customer

How we ensured the Voice of the Customer was heard in large banks using a holistic approach to Economic Prioritisation


Catherine Sweeney

Data inspired scaled agile delivery – innovative value ‘concept to customer’.

Catherine is a Technology Leader with Dun and Bradstreet, leading the scaled agile delivery for a Data as a Service (DaaS) platform. This big data platform delivers a suite of products empowering customers to grow relationships through data. Scaling using disciplined agile delivery (DAD) has enabled Dun and Bradstreet to rapidly deliver innovative data products from ‘concept to customer’.

Product value is delivered by highly collaborating global agile teams across Ireland, India and US. Embracing MVP and continuous ‘inspect and adapt’ allows true ‘data inspiration’ making it easier for Dun and Bradstreet customers to uncover truth and meaning from data. In this presentation Catherine will explain how the agile mindset is allowing a dramatic shift across organizational product development in Dun and Bradstreet. Scaling using disciplined agile delivery (DAD) has enabled Dun and Bradstreet to rapidly deliver innovative data products from ‘concept to customer’.

Dun and Bradstreet, an 175 year old company, employees 5,000 associates worldwide providing global data insights across over 250 million unique D-U-N-S (commercial profiles). These data insights connect customers, prospects, partners and suppliers.  


David McGrath

Don’t go chasing Waterfall – The BA in an agile world

The talk will cover 3 key areas

1.      Lenses for the Agile BA

2.      Adapt for Agile

3.      Myth busting Agile Practices and the Agile BA role.


Claudio Perrone

The Snail Entrepreneur

In this fun, cartoon-style and action-packed session, Claudio will bring you along on a journey with his 7-year-old son. Matteo faced a seemingly impossible problem, bud didn't give up. 17 options and 5 experiments later, he pivoted and converged to success.

His story brings insights on what it means to really embrace an agile mindset and what PopcornFlow - a rapid decision cycle for continuous innovation & change - can bring to individuals, teams and organizations.



Talk Title



Michelle Almeida

Prioritisation Agile Game

The game is run in Sprints with small teams of 4 or 5 people. The workshop can accommodate 15 to 25 people depending on the size of the room.

Participants will be given a challenge and will work in teams in 5 minutes Sprints, with reviews and reflections on improvements from Sprint to Sprint. During the game I facilitate and coach the participants in sprint goals and prioritisation techniques.

Typically in a duration of 1 hour we get through 3 to 5 sprints.


Vispi Shroff


Michelle Almeida

Team health model

This workshop is for experienced agilists, scrum masters, agile coaches or agile managers

- If you are doing agile but not getting the full benefits.

- If you need fresh ideas to make your agile teams more effective.

- If you need to press the reset button to get your agile teams back on track.

- If you are about to start up a new agile team.

An experiential workshop with heavy participant involvement, we will be presenting an Agile Team Health Check model that will take an holistic view of the agile culture, environment, practices, principles and interactions on scrum teams.

We will be looking beyond just the agile practices. We will take an holistic view of agile values, principles and practices. Considering the individual mind-set, the organisation culture and team environment and interactions, as well as the agile practices.

Looking through these multiple lenses we will identify the good and bad behaviours and characteristics of agile teams.

As a participant in the workshop, you will come away with an action plan that will enable you to Reset or Startup an effective agile team.

Duration 1hr 15 mins


Tony Hetherington

Retrospective Tips, Tricks and Techniques for getting a better understanding of your team

1 hour 20 minutes made up of 25 Minute Presentation, 25 Minute team based activity followed by 20 minute Recap with a 10 minute QnA session at the end

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