August 2017

Hello Kenton Elementary School Families,


It’s official…school is back in session! We are excited about this school year and are prepared for another EXCELLENT year!  Together with your help, it remains a priority at Kenton Elementary to challenge our students intellectually, grow them socially, and guide them toward independent thinking and problem solving.

We will use our monthly Kenton Courier, Kenton website and Parent Coffees to provide you with updates and get your feedback on how teachers and students are using the state standards and developing positive mindsets to learn and grow this year…stay tuned!

Because your family is a critical component to making Kenton Elementary a successful school, we are writing this letter to share some information that is important to both new and returning families.

Reminder –School Hours

School hours are 8:00 am – 2:30 pm.  The office is open from 7:00 am until 3:15 pm.


Kenton Back to School Open House for 1st-5th Grades and DLC

August 7th: 3:00-5:00 pm for all students in our Diverse Learning Center classrooms and all 1st-5th grade students.

August 10th: 4:00-6:00 pm for all kindergarten students


During the Back to School Open House you will have a chance to:

Meet your child’s teacher

See your child’s classroom

Learn about grade level expectations

 Find out about future parent engagement opportunities

Drop off school supplies




Kenton is a Breakfast in the Classroom school. This means that all students can receive breakfast for free.  Please be sure to arrive ontime to school so that your student can participate in this important program. Each year we need to have a new nutrition application form completed. You can pick up an application in the front office or access it online at:






School Attendance/Bell Times/Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

We want to work closely with families this year to ensure the success of each child. In turn, we ask that your child arrives at school on time each day, rested and ready to learn.


Morning Arrival Procedures & Supervision

Supervision of children outside of instructional periods is done by Paraeducators, Teachers and Administrators.  Supervision begins in the morning at 7:40 a.m. Please do not have your child arrive to school earlier than 7:40. All students line up in their designated class lines and enter through assigned doors. This morning entrance structure supports a safe and organized start to the day. Teachers will bring their class line inside promptly at the 8:00 am to maximize learning time.


In the event of inclement weather an announcement will be made and students will come into the school and sit in the hallways.



Afternoon Dismissal Procedures & Supervision

At 2:30 students will exit either through their outside classroom door or one of the main school doors, leave the school grounds and proceed home unless they are involved in an organized activity or tutoring. Students needing to meet a sibling will need to establish a regular meeting place, such as playground, benches or bike rack. Supervision will be provided from 2:30-2:45 by paraeducators, teachers and administrators.

After 2:45 pm, if students have not been picked up, a paraeducator ,teacher  or administrator will walk the student to the main office and a phone call home will be made.


Dismissal during the School Day

Students will only be released by Office Staff to a parent, guardian, or other specified persons on the emergency contact list.  A photo ID must be shown and match the name provided in our computer system in order to release the student. Office staff will contact the student’s teacher to let him/her know that the student is leaving.  Anyone coming to pick up a student during school hours must check in at the office—not the classroom—for security reasons.


Early dismissal will not be accepted between 2:15 and 2:30 pm, except in case of emergency. The person picking up a student must show a picture ID. Please plan accordingly



Any student not present in time to enter the building with their class or who arrive after 8:05 am shall be considered tardy and must go to the office to check in and receive a tardy slip. A late student must have a tardy slip to enter the classroom.


Weekly Folders

Kenton Elementary teachers use weekly folders to send home student work, assignments, newsletters, etc. Teachers specify and share with parents what day folders need to be returned. Please read, sign, and return any forms your child brings home.



Parent and community volunteers are encouraged to volunteer their time at Kenton Elementary.  All volunteers must be approved by the District and receive an official District ID prior to volunteering in a classroom or at the school. Please contact the main office if you would like to volunteer.


School Website

To learn more about Kenton Elementary please visit:     



We strive to have an open-door policy and we want to hear from you. Please stop by and introduce yourself or join us for Parent Coffees throughout the year. It’s a great way to stay informed on school happenings and share your thoughts. We look forward to many great conversations and wish everyone a positive, productive and successful school year!





Heather Woodward, Principal


Aubri Dunkin Assistant Principal