The TenkenIn this world, the flesh of the weak is food for the strong. The strong live, the weak die.

“In this world, the flesh of the weak is food for the strong. The strong live and the weak die.”

Name: Sojirou Seta

Nicknames: Tenken (Divine Sword)

Age: 18

Weapons and Attacks: Katana, Shukuchi

Love Interests: None

Closest Friends: Shishio

Enemies: Kenshin

First appearance: Tokyo Arc

Biography: Sojirou was born the bastard child of a rice merchant and prostitute. He was taken in by his father's family only for appearance's sake. The family abused him and used him as slave labor. He wasn't allowed to eat or even come inside the house till after he'd hauled heavy rice bags all day long. They frequently beat him for no reason. Sojirou learned early on that if he didn't cry out, he didn't get beaten as much. He stopped showing any emotion at all except happiness.

One night, after being beaten for spilling rice which he didn't really spill, Sojirou was staying in the warehouse to escape the abuse for a while. While he was there, he heard screaming. He went out and saw a man in bandages killing people. When the bandaged man saw Sojirou, he was about to kill him. But he stopped because he couldn't figure out why Sojirou was smiling instead of screaming or crying. The bandaged man was intrigued by Sojirou and moved into the warehouse.

For the next day or so, Sojirou brought the bandaged man, who had introduced himself as Shishio, food and bandages. In return for his kindness, Shishio gave Sojirou a wakizashi and told Sojirou that the strong live and the weak die. Sojirou finally turned on his abusive "family" and killed them all with the wakizashi. Shishio took Sojirou under his wing and trained him to be the deadliest of the Juppongatana.

Personality Profile: Due to the abuse he suffered as a child, Sojirou learned to suppress all emotions except joy. No matter what happens to him, he constantly smiles. Doing so makes him unreadable and puts those who use sword styles like Hiten Mitsurugi at a disadvantage, because those styles require one to be able to read the opponent's emotions to predict their moves. Sojirou is literally psychotic because he can't feel.

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