Reset Your Health, Reset Your Life

Autumn Programme

September 2019

...For women who are 35 years +, who are ready and willing to make changes to their health and lifestyle, and who want to eat the right way, lose unwanted body fat, feel energised, sleep well, and feel alive again...

... without having to follow fad or restrictive diets, or struggle with unrealistic and unhealthy goals.



‘Setting Intentions’ Video and why intentions are so much better than rigid goals - so that you start to connect with what you really want to get out of this programme, and your future self! [Includes worksheets]

Week 1: Eating Right For Body & Mind

Discovering the right ways to eat for optimum health and natural weight - including the importance of blood sugar balance and the Low GL approach, dispelling the myths of what we should and shouldn’t eat, and what ‘eating the rainbow’ truly means.

Dispelling the myths around healthy eating and fad diets, so that you are absolutely clear on the right way to eat for YOUR body. No more second guessing what you should be eating, just a simple to follow process that allows you to take the stress out of shopping and cooking, and fuel you and your family the RIGHT way.

★  Understanding what blood sugar balance actually means, and why it is important to every person on the planet! Using the Low Glycaemic Load principle, get to grips with what carbohydrates do for the body, and how much and what types work best for YOU, so that you feel satisfied, energised and healthy, every single day!

★ Explaining the nutrients that we all need on a daily basis, to keep us in tip top health, what the best sources of these nutrients are, how much we should be consuming, and how to easily get them into your diet, from delicious foods.

★ Includes a Guide to Healthy Eating - a 40 page eBook, PLUS 3 X menu plans to follow, or for idea generation, a ‘Simple Menu Ideas’ sheet, and a Recipe eBook, packed with quick, delicious and nutritious recipes - ALL TO DOWNLOAD AND KEEP.

Week 2: The Power of Routines and Rituals

Discover why daily rituals and routines are so powerful, and how they can help to improve your physical and mental health and wellbeing.

★ Learn the concept of rituals and routines, and the science behind them, so that you can truly understand the importance of incorporating them into your daily life.

★ Discover the daily rituals that I use, from morning, through the day, until bedtime, and how I go about them, giving you real life examples of what is possible, to make it an easy and accessible process for you.

★ Includes Downloadable Rituals Planner and instructions, so that you can easily create your own rituals and routine that works for YOU, and start putting them into practice right away.

Week 3: Why Your Hormones are out of Balance, and What You Can Do About it.
Learn how to work in harmony with your hormones rather than against them, with practical strategies to put into action immediately.

★ Most women don’t know that from the age of 35 their oestrogen levels start to drop by 35% and progesterone and testosterone both drop by 70%. This has a big impact on our bodies and our minds, and CAN lead to many difficult symptoms. Learn about your hormones, how they work, and understand why you are feeling the way you are.

Discover why you MAY experience:

  • Sudden weight gain, especially around the waist, despite eating the same or less than before
  • Drier or dehydrated skin, and more wrinkles
  • Fatigue, or even exhaustion when you used to be so energetic, and after doing relatively little
  •  Cravings for sweet, high fat and salty foods
  • An increase in knee, hip and joint discomfort
  • Thinning hair and/or eyebrows
  • Trouble falling asleep, or trouble staying asleep
  • More anxious feelings, or feelings of stress when you know you shouldn’t be
  • Moodiness and feelings of resentment or even unjustified anger
  • Low moods or feelings of despair
  • Hot flushes or night sweats
  • Lower libido, and/or vaginal dryness
  • Slower recovery from exercise or exertion
  • General loss of your MOJO
  • Brain fog, or decreased memory

Understand what is happening in your body and mind as hormones start to change, and more importantly, what you can do about it, without having to resort to synthetic drugs or medications. I’ll take you through a simple process that you can follow, so that you start to feel better, reduce PMS, and if you are in perimenopause stage, move through it and into menopause with grace, and without debilitating symptoms that affect your enjoyment of life!

Week 4: What is Stress, and How to Really Reduce its Impact on YOU

Learn what stress actually is (and it may not be quite what you think), and what it is really doing to your mental and physical health; PLUS Learn ways to reduce it, naturally, and in alignment with who you really are...

★ Identify what stress really is, where it comes from, and what causes it, with practical tips on things you can do right away to reduce its impact on you and your body, so that you instantly feel less stressed!

★ Look at habits and negative behaviours, what causes them, why they appear so hard to break, and what you can do to help to reset them

★ Supporting downloadable worksheet to help you to identify the main stressors in your life, and put in place a practical plan to reduce them, so that you feel lighter, happier, and more able to cope with your daily commitments.

PLUS, THREE Bonuses…

BONUS #1: Access to my 7 Day Reset & Cleanse Programme

This stand alone programme is usually available for £39, but is available FREE OF CHARGE for you. A 7 day step by step programme for you to follow, to cleanse your body and clear your mind, using whole foods and herbs. This easy to follow and hugely effective programme has transformed the health of hundreds of participants and these are just some of the results that they fed back to me:

  •  Reduced or zero cravings for sugar, coffee and carbohydrates
  • Improved sleep quality and quantity
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved gut function and overall gut health
  • Lost pounds
  • Clearer skin and brighter eyes
  • Feeling ‘lighter’

[Access to this programme will be granted to those wishing to follow it, after the first Master Class, and it can be completed at any time over the four weeks of the programme]

BONUS #2: Improve the Quality and Quantity of Your Sleep

A pre-recorded video in which I will walk you through the main causes of poor sleep, whether that is quality or quantity.

Whether you struggle to get to sleep, stay asleep, or your sleep is interrupted or too short in duration, I will take you through the main reasons why people struggle with sleep, and give you practical tips on what you can do to improve your own sleep.

This video will be accompanied by a downloadable info sheet to keep, and a check-list so that you can ensure you are doing everything you can to give yourself the best chance of a good night’s sleep.

BONUS #3: How to Incorporate Powerful Essential Oils Into Your Life

Whether you have individual health issues or niggles, you love the idea of using essential oils as part of your daily rituals, or you would like to learn about the emotional benefits of essential oils, this class will teach you about the most powerful medicine from Mother Nature.

In this 1 hour recorded Video Class, I will share with you how to safely and effectively use the most potent and pure essential oils on the planet!

You’ll come away from the class understanding what essential oils actually are, and how to use them to help support up to 85% of the common ailments that occur in the home.

You’ll discover which oils can be used to support you when suffering with issues such as inflammation, headaches, pain and tension, coughs, colds, flu, skin issues, spots, bacterial/viral infections, hormonal symptoms… and many more.

You’ll also learn how essential oils can be used to support emotions, through aroma-therapy.


  • Pre-work video and worksheet before programme starts
  • A series of 4 Live masterclasses, on Zoom Video, so that you can join me from anywhere in the world,  but also recorded in case you can’t watch live
  • Work sheets and guides for you to follow and complete, as we work through the programme
  • 3 Special Bonuses!


Few of us women have a support network of people who truly understand how we feel when we are struggling with hormonal issues, low energy, feeling sluggish, feeling low mood, struggling to lose fat, struggling to sleep well… all whilst looking after family, and/or working, and running a tight ship at home!

We are all expected to be super women, able to juggle everything, and sometimes it can just get too much…

That’s why in this programme I’m offering my support via direct access to me through a Private Facebook Group, as well as the support of a community of like-minded women, all going through similar feelings, emotions and issues, and on the same journey.

‘Reset Your Health, Reset Your Life’ will be an immersive experience, where together with fellow like-minded women, you’ll spend time cultivating a new way of looking after yourSELF, your HEALTH and your HAPPINESS.



Starts week commencing 9th September 2019


Friday 13th September



Friday 20th September



Friday 27th September



Friday 4th October  


All classes will be delivered via Zoom online, so you can attend from anywhere in the world.  Zoom is very easy to install and use on your mobile, tablet or computer/laptop.

All classes will be recorded, so no problem if you can’t make one, plus you will have unlimited access to the replays.



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For any questions on the programme, please feel free to contact me: or 07715493786

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