Victoria Academy Rules & Guide

I. Basics & School Life        2

1. Introduction        2

2. Role-Play        2

2. 1. Thinking        2

2. 2. Be realistic        2

2. 3. Post-spanking        3

3. Classes        4

4. Website Account        4

5. Group Hierarchy        4

6. The Dorm & Campus Decorations        4

7. Drama        4

8. Be-Frienders        5

9. Reception Duty and helpfulness        5

10. Student Recognition Program        5

11. The Student Council & Student Representative        5

II. Discipline        6

1. Punishment        6

1.1. Types of punishment        6

2. Ranks        7

3. Dorm Cleaning & Campus Chores        7

4. Other Dorm Rules        8

5. Uniform        8

6. School prefects        8

6.1. Perfect promotions        8

6.2. Prefect demotions        9

6.3. Prefect duties        9

6.4. Prefects privileges        10

6.5. Punishment        10

6.6. Prefect Mentorship        10

7. Reporting to school        10

8. VA Special Measures        11

III. VA Boarding        12

IV. Admissions        13

VI. Farm & Dorm Kitchen        13

I. Basics & School Life

1. Introduction

This guide is aimed predominantly at students. However, it’s expected for Staff to know its contents.

Victoria Academy Staff has access to a separate guide

Prerequisites is the “Victoria Academy Candidates Book”, that should be known by all members before admission.

2. Role-Play

Not being a purist place, rules we'll always be broken. It's a good idea to see Victoria in terms of scening and not scening.

Due to the nature of Victoria and its D/s roots, some major amendments to well known RP rules are made below and some reinforcements to things we care about.

2. 1. Thinking

You can't emote thinking of insults to others and assume that you didn't break the rules because you were just thinking.

In Victoria Academy, we have mind reading powers. If what you think is even remotely an insult, obscenity, generally bratting etc , then you will get punished. A good reason we can give, even in RP terms is that: you broke the rules first. There's a major rule that says, do not think insults or even compliments towards someone. We add bratting to that.

If you think it isn't realistic for someone to respond your thoughts, also consider that it isn't realistic for people to be able to 'hear' them in the first place.

2. 2. Be realistic

It is expected you keep your role-play as realistic as possible. If you were in trouble, you can't become a huge brat 5 minutes after it's over. Don't be rude with staff or step on their toes, they would have power over you (also you might not get the spanking you expect).

There are many gray areas in Victoria and it's always a good idea not to push your role-play in one of them.

Do not TP on people's heads. Do not change outfit in the middle of a group. If you have to, remove Alpha first.

If a visual aid is possible for something you emote, do it.

2. 3. Post-spanking

Yes, spankings do happen. And are part of Victoria, same way classes are. In order to keep a certain degree of realism, after you are spanked you should show it.

Firstly, keep your marks on (guidelines below).

Secondly, emote in certain moments that would be painful after a spanking, especially first day and even more (some might now!) the day after. The basic is sitting down.

Guidelines for marks:

A hand spanking should fade in 1-6 hours (depending on the severity).

A medium spanking with belts, straps etc. would fade to pink in about three days and clear in five. A hard spanking with such will take 5-8 days to heal.

A caning would take minimum one week to heal.

A harsh paddling, would take one week.

If your thighs were hit (especially not with hand) add three more days to it (on your thighs).

If you were spanked to bruises, two weeks would not be uncommon (hairbrush, paddles, heavy straps).

A second spanking soon after the first, will raise marks quickly and hurt way more.

A visit to the nurse office and rubbing some lotion should reduce with one day for each visit (however you have to be able to provide proof you actually did the RP).

These are guidelines. Really, marking varies a lot from person to person, but we need a common ground. It would also help us know who was spanked recently.

You can also use these duration together with the ones already written above:

Redness 1 Day

Petechiae 1-2 weeks

Welts 7-14 days

Bruises 2-4 weeks

Blisters 1 week

This is an actual rule which you are expected to follow. There are more reasons for this, than keeping realism.

Responsibility first comes to the bottom, then to the top that spanked them.

You (the top) can also warn creatively:

"frowns at Shani's backside, seems to be healing so fast"

"hmm.. I might have started to loose my swing"


3. Classes

Classes in Victoria Academy are as important as anything else. As Victoria Academy requires a high degree of dedication, blatant truancy is not permitted (truancy being defined as being online and absent). If you know that will happen, leave a note to the teacher.

The rule is bent for people with extra-involvement in campus, but even there in acceptable limits. We try to make our classes enjoyable and pleasant, to suit everyone.

In class you are expected to follow school rules, etiquette rules and other rules that might be imposed by the teacher.

In case you were absent, it's your duty before the next class to find the transcript (usually provided) and do your homework if any. Including for new students.

We encourage debate and open discussion, however always be polite, as in a school classroom. Same is required from our staff.

4. Website Account

Every member should have an account on the school forum. This is used intensely for school communication, feedback, homeworks etc.

5. Group Hierarchy

Follow group tags, as described here.

6. The Dorm & Campus Decorations

Bed dorms are given to any student that needs one, with the mention that if you are not going to be active in campus, you will be evacuated.

Ms Pi’ne or the dorm mom can assign you a bed if you ask (be prepared to show which bed and say who you’re going to share it with).

You can find if a bed is assigned by reading the label on it and you can use the dorm as your SL home if you don’t have any.

As the dorm is a common area and the way you decorate affects everyone in your room, following decorating rules are in place:

Decorations permitted: pictures in frames, small objects (plushies, flowers, books etc)

Decorations not permitted: any piece of furniture (chairs, couches, tables etc) and generally anything bigger than half of your bed, rugs and carpets, poseballs. If you need such, ask permission (you might be given an option).

Decorations prim limit is 20 prims/student. Exception are prefects & boarders, in reasonable limits that will be discussed on the basis of need.

Students are not allowed to decorate any area of the campus generally speaking, without school managed approval (heads). Any event a student might receive permission to organize, does not imply permission to furnish an area, if that’s also needed make a request.

7. Drama

Drama is not encouraged, however realistically speaking drama will happen. Please bring any issues you can't solve between you to any of the following (SIM Management):

Stiina Pi'ne (christina.aedipo), Adrian Buckenburger, VA Owners & Top Management

Either send an e-mail to:

8. Be-Frienders

Every Victoria Student is enrolled in the be-friender program, that will match them with Victoria Applicants (new students). It’s your responsibility to help the new person and also in case of discipline issues, the Student can be held responsible together with the Applicant.

The school secretary maintains the list.

9. Reception Duty and helpfulness

Students can be assigned to reception duty. Preferably, you’ll volunteer yourself (contact the school secretary) otherwise staff can assign you (in the limit of your available time).

When on duty, you are expected to be welcoming and warm with visitors, explain about Victoria to them, help teachers if they need anything and give tours in case one is needed.

10. Student Recognition Program

 The Student Recognition Program provides VA with the ability to recognize students who provide significant service to the school. The school staff and student body will witness these students receiving awards at a ceremony which will encourage or inspire others to serve. Students will also be rewarded with some sort of desirable prize. There are two awards: A Recognition Award and A Special Award (main award)

Award Nominations: Any VA staff, prefect (or regular student) can nominate a student to receive an award. Criteria should include sustained service to the school of some sort of significance or perhaps a single short-term incident of service of exceptional service. Examples could include a student that has greeted students for a significant period of time or a student that took on a role in a school project for a short time but that the service was critical for success of that that project.

Nominations will be delivered to Anna Soffian by the 25th of the month. Nominations will include the nominee’s name and a brief justification as to why the person deserves to be recognized by the school. The justification will include how the school has benefited from the service of that student.

Anna can also discuss with the person that nominates and guide them in writing a good letter. She will group all the nominations and hand them to Ms Pi'ne until 25th of each month.

Disciplinary issues (not "disciplinary", but actual issues) will be considered when deciding.

Award Committee is composed by Mr B, Miss Pi’ne, last month winners of the Special Award and a member of staff, rotated. The voting is weighted.

11. The Student Council & Student Representative

The Student Council is comprised of any VA student that wishes to participate in activities that enhance our school. Council members seek to add to the school and the council's purpose is not meant as a vehicle for changing policy, procedures, or rules. Instead,  Council members will collaborate to organize school parties, dances, and unique events like the VA World's Fair, which add to the depth of our VA experience. Members can bring to meetings ideas for discussion and to seek help with activities such as school clubs. Additionally, members can use the Council as a means to seek clarification and information from Staff. This is most often accomplished with the aid of the Student Representative, who moderates the weekly Council meeting and supervises all activities deriving from it.

The Student Representative is elected by the student body and select VA staff members. They are a student that has the task of representing students to the VA staff. This can be anything from new students not getting support they need or issues of conflicts with students or staff. The Student Representative generally does not resolve these issues, but brings them to the attention of staff. Their role is especially important for new students who may be too intimidated to approach staff with problems.  The Student Representative moderates the Student Council and supervises the activities of the Council. She creates agendas from inputs received from staff, the student body, or items that she wishes to address. These agenda items are addressed in Council meetings, held on a need basis. The Student Representative holds volunteers accountable to what they agreed to do, tracking their progress.  These volunteers are expected to give status reports to the Student Representative.

II. Discipline

1. Punishment

Misbehaving and rules breaking, will get you in trouble. Trouble which you might want or might not want. We try to guide our staff to understand the difference between playfulness and crossing lines, however issues can arise.

Generally a punishment can be refused on the basis of LIMITS. If anything would, realistically break your limits (e.g. being bored because of a chore is not a limit) you should, according with our SIM rules, notify the person in IM, right away and if they don’t stop, halt contact and report it to SIM management for breaking SSC (Safe Sane and Consensual).

If you find unfit or over the top a punishment which a prefect might give you, you have the option to report it to the head-girl or any Victoria Teacher or Staff present (Visiting Teachers not included).

If you find unfit or over the top a punishment which a VA faculty might give you, on real, strong, solid, grounds, report it to Stiina Pi’ne or Adrian Buckenberger, informing the person, politely that you consider the punishment unfit and that you have informed school management. Please note that we expect you to have a solid ground about it or it will lead to more trouble, we do select our teachers and staff and trust their judgement when it comes to punishing as we trust students judgement when it comes to misbehaving.

Mind that, ultimately, being a Victoria Student is accepting school authority and trusting it.

1.1. Types of punishment

We employ corporal punishment, but not only. Do not expect to get a spanking each time you misbehave. You can also opt-out of Corporal Punishment, but you can’t opt-out of any kind of punishment.

Accepted punishment types, if not (realistically) against your limits are:





Being grounded to the dorm

Being sent to time-outs

Being scolded

Being restricted in school appropriate ways (e.g. not allowed to a school party or club)

2. Ranks

Ranks in school are:

Sim Owners - School Heads

Faculty (teachers, staff)

Auxiliary staff, administrative and medical (secretary, nurses)

Head girl

Sr Prefects

Jr Prefects

Students & Auxiliary staff


When in the same room there are presents prefects and teachers, teachers always have priority in regards with any issue and power of decision. If a prefect feels necessary to intervene, they should politely ask for permission, in IM even if you want to be extra careful about it.

You are not allowed to go over someone else head.

3. Dorm Cleaning & Campus Chores

Students are responsible about the cleanliness and tidiness of the dorm

Responsibility first comes to VA Borders, as the dorm is their home, then to students that have beds in the dorm. Prefects & Head Girl are generally responsible for their room and for the dorm students doing their jobs.

You have to clean the floors (use broom from the broom closet), the bathroom floor (sit on it until it looks clean, you’ll start wiping the floor) and the carpets (sit on them until they look clean, you’ll start vacuuming)

Generally, having a bed in the dorm comes with the shared responsibility of keeping the dorm clean. As in any well-established dictatorship (smiles) if the dorm is dirty, guilty are the ones that are in the dorm at that moment.

Same applies for the campus, which is each student’s responsibility to clean.

There are several chores, which should be done by students: wedding, picking up litter, brooming, cleaning the bathrooms.

Male faculty or students SHOULD NOT be in the girls room, unless with a strong reason.

Female faculty or students SHOULD NOT be in the boys room, unless with a strong reason.

You should not listen to loud music in the dorm, or disturb students that want to study.

You should respect the school rules at all times in the dorm.

Unattended access in Head Girl, Prefects room or offices is forbidden.

In the dorm there are forbidden the following:

Drugs, alcohol, any fire hazard (like everywhere in the campus)

Offensive materials (political or religious pamphlets and such)

Bad taste posters and decorations

We're all adults, however the place of your sex toys is not on the floor, keep them as you would keep them in the room where your mom goes in.

Anything else that seems unfit for a student's dorm.

Beds will be inspected on a regular basis and any infraction will be severely punished!


5. Uniform

Uniform should be worn at all times, except in the dorm. You are allowed to accessorize, as long as it's in good taste.

Uniform means, the standard VA uniform, the school socks and the shoes, you’ll find them all in the uniform pack.

Only exceptions allowed are for socks, in case you have a mesh body that doesn’t fit omega applier clothes, but try to keep similar.

Underwear should be white, covering your bottom, school knickers. If you need money to buy some, please ask and you'll receive gift.

Uniforms will have to be cleaned in the dorm laundry, when they get dirty so it’s your responsibility to do it.

 6. School prefects

Prefects are students that are empowered by the school faculty to maintain discipline and guide students.

6.1. Perfect promotions

Promotion are given on student requests.

Victoria Prefects are students with experience in the school, proving an acceptable behavior to become one.

New students can't be prefects, unless they prove that they are active and known in the community. That requires presence at the school events, attending classes and general campus involvement.

Bottom line, prefect requirements are as following:

activity in the school

exemplar behaviour

gained respect from the other students

class attendance

6.2. Prefect demotions

Prefect badges can be taken away in case of:

lacking activity

class truancy

exceptional bad behaviour

constant infractions

if it is considered that the prefect is not doing their duty properly

6.3. Prefect duties

Victoria Prefects are responsible for:

act as a bridge between principals, teachers and students

punishing students, according with the school rules

help teachers to maintain a quality class and better school atmosphere.

look after the overall activities of the school.

keep vigilance on other students when they are in and out of the school.

check the dress code of the students.

act as a role model to their peers.

collect feedbacks and suggestions on school development plans from the peers and report during meetings.

All rules that apply to students, also apply to prefects.


Prefects will be held responsible with all above duties.

6.4. Prefects privileges

access to prefects rooms

direct contact with the teacher staff

they can be excused for homeworks, if they can prove that their prefect duties overwhelmed them

reputation and respect gained from fellow students

6.5. Punishment

They can administer corporal punishment or punishment in other forms. Issues with a punishment given should be raised to the head girl. Appeal can be made before receiving it.

They should be fair and never punish for personal gain, only in accordance with school rules.

Prefects are allowed to use normal school corporal punishment, except caning students, which is to be applied only by the teachers staff.

Prefects should not necessary apply punishment in corporal punishment form, however they should find their own means to impose discipline.

6.6. Prefect Mentorship

Each prefect will have an assigned group of students.

The prefect, in relation with each group is:

responsible of the students in their group and their well being

to their behavior

to listen to the students problems

to report the students to the teacher staff

to guide and mentor the students (if needed) in Victoria Academy

The students will be assigned on prefects recommendations, but teachers also can assign students to prefects, assuming they know the campus affinities each student has for another.

Attention, this does not mean your prefects are your whipping girls or boys, however prefects will share responsibility of their students actions to a reasonable degree (obvious matter).

This way, we will assure that our students are looked over at a prefect level. Your prefect has always priority in front of other prefects, but not in front of teachers.

7. Reporting to school

For students:

On an opt-in basis, you can add to your profile the fact you're a Victoria Academy student and that your behaviour can be reported to school (no matter if you're an Applicant, Student, Prefect).


If you do, we'll do our best to handle bad behaviour reports we get about you (or good ones)


I'm a Victoria Academy Student. In case I misbehave outside of the school campus, you can report me to the school (mail-box at reception) or any of the present staff.


Doing this will be appreciated, as it boths promotes the school and brings you closer to Victoria.

8. VA Special Measures


VA Special Measures is a group meant for students who are having disciplinary issues. Our Discipline Mistress is in charge of the group, if none present, headmistress, headmaster or any staff that will take the duty for the current week.

The group is meant to facilitate longer term scening (and more severe, so to quote Sadie - don't brat if you can't handle the heat), which will happen in scheduled detention classes.

However, students are expected not to make a daily life goal of being a member in this group. That would be eventually considered over bratting and it will come with non-playful actions against you. We still want to keep VA organic when it comes to playing and as in a couple situation, asking all the time for a spanking is considered topping from the bottom.

The group has following tags:





Maintenance S.

Pink, Red, Black are general measurement of in how much trouble you are (pink being the lightest)

N.S.A. means we have noticed that spanking does not work for you, so "non-spanking action" will happen (lines, essays, boring chores).

Maintenance S. is for students that should get maintenance spankings.


Prefects and staff can refer students for this group to Ms Stiina Pi’ne.

III. VA Boarding


VA Boarding program is to create a realistic context for your SL. As IRL you'd be student to a school you'd be that student no matter where you are and Miss Flou the peculiar Sciences teacher would be Miss Flou your teacher no matter where you meet here, so our program aims. Same, if seen on the street misbehaving in your school uniform, you'd have problems at school. Boarding idea also comes for students that agree to be tied (not literally!) to the Victoria Grounds, asking permissions to leave, behaving to be given permission and so on (all discussed and written after your interview).

We think that this will greatly increase the immersivity of your student life in SL and surround yourself in, let's not say the best school around as others say it, but let's just say the one that everyone eventually tried to copy.

VA Boarding is family and couples friendly. Your dad, mom, mistress, master etc will be in close communication with the school about you and your behavior. Like a RL family, couple would be.

Most of these happen already in one form or another, we're just trying to bring it up a notch and make it more regulated.

Note that this is not something you agree with the purpose to break the rules for punishment. It is something you agree with the purpose to obey the rules and have a satisfaction from obeying. It doesn't mean good mischief rp is not encouraged (running out the window to the closest pub one night), but you shouldn't make a habit out of it. There are plenty of rules you can break outside the program.

With some aspects, it will enter into the gray area of your SL (where you travel, what you're allowed, everywhere not only on SIM) but VA is a big gray area, so you got used to it :-).

VA Boarding is optional, on an opt-in basis for anyone interested.

Even though VA Boarding is wrapped in RP, it exceeds the boundaries of RP to the extent of actual SL.

If you apply, the basic agreement is that you become a VA Boarding student at all times.

It is not intended only as a RP tool. The underlying idea is the boarder following the rules set by Victoria Academy no matter where they are. You can see it as a permanent light D/s arrangement with the school as you dominant (*thinks that sounds so 1984 like).

You can’t and shouldn’t have separate RP from VA Boarder (unless you can reconcile them and some do it very well), you can’t become slutty vampire or god know what, thinking you’ll separate the “characters”. I know some play characters and that’s ok, but if they want the strong by the book RP delimitation, the program is not intended for you.

Also, the purpose is not for you to break the rules to get into trouble, the purpose is to put in light the part of you that wants to obey and be good, appealing to more deep needs than role-playing so you can get a spanking.

Nobody actually stops you to be a full time inhabitant of the dorm without being a boarder.

Practical examples

Main items you can agree to, examples:

Wear decent clothes at all times or uniform and represent VA everywhere you are. any faculty member of the school can admonish you for improper outfit as you are a Victoria student at all times, or come after you to check on you.

Wear school uniform at all times, in and out the sim, unless permitted otherwise by a faculty member. It means that outside school you'll be a Victoria student at all times.

Remain in campus at all times by default. You can ask permission to leave, which can be granted for you to leave accompanied by a faculty member or alone, case in which you'll report when coming back.

Grounding - being allowed by default to go where you want, but you give the option of being grounded to school in case of misbehaving.

Being sent to bed

Being asked to report your daily (second) life

Required: line in your profile/picks (I'm a VA boarding student, please report any misbehavior of mine to Victoria Academy at the report box in reception)

How to apply

To apply, contact Ms Stiina Pi'ne You will be asked to fill a form and interviewed after to set your limits.

IV. Admissions

Students and Staff (except Applicants) are kindly asked to offer minimal help to admission in the form of recommendations for future students. For every Candidate you see (they should wear the “VA Candidate” if you consider they will be a fit member of Victoria Academy, send a recommendation to Ms Pi’ne, in the form of a NC, naming it as following:

“Recommendation from … your name … for … “

You can leave it empty if you wish, but if you add some feedback inside it would be helpful.

A student needs three recommendations, from which one for staff to get to the interview phase.

Don’t act as an ultimate filter or anything, just a brief acknowledging the person is fit for va. Interact with them, etc.

VI. Farm & Dorm Kitchen

Victoria Students are not allowed to be in the farm area, without having a business there and allowed by the school staff and one of the Farm Heads.

Please note that farm girls and boys are protocol wise under you. You can tell them to help you with small issues (if they are allowed)

Farm will provide food to the school kitchen. Please, do not overeat ("buy" all the products). There won't be realistically enough for everyone, so use common sense. Otherwise, overeating, to call it so, will be treated as role-play disruptive and treated on management lines. Yes, we underfeed our students, we know they get packs from home.

Students can be send to the farm as punishment, but not on indefinite periods. Please agree with the school headmistress or headmaster before doing this.