#11 - The Angry Chicken: “Title”

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Intro:  Welcome to The Angry Chicken!


Play Mode - Ranks, Ranks, Ranks!

Patch! New ranking system is a go!



Post-Patch Meta Shifts

With the new Ranking system the meta has shifted more than once already.

When Ranked play launched last week, suddenly everyone who was looking to climb the Ranks were looking for a deck that is consistent against all deck types. Almost immediately the standard Hero became the Mage. There were a few variations but the stall-based Frost Mage and the minion-based Aggro Mage seemed to be the most popular.

With the large majority of competitive players running Mage decks another section of the playerbase started looking for a way to combat the current Mage-heavy meta.

Here it is:


Paladin Control deck.  Heals a bunch, clears boards in several ways.  Kills Rag, Giants, etc.

The good: It’s effective as hell and plays well against almost everything.

The bad: It ain’t cheap. This deck takes a lot of rare, epic and legendary cards to create It wins slowly so matches take a while

Alterations: Put some silence in, ooze

Joce’s Warlock Deck - Having some luck against everything except Hunters (because almost no taunt) http://imgur.com/mpQUVdk


Crazy Game Stories

Garrett - ETC “I am Murloc” + Bloodlust

Playing Ranked this past week and went up against a Shaman while I was playing my Aggro-Mage deck. On the Shaman’s Turn 5 he played the Elite Tauren Chieftain which gave me “Power of the Horde”. Later in the game the Shaman threw down an Imp Master and played an “I am Murloc” and summoned 5 freaking 1/1 Murlocs and locked himself out of adding anymore Imps onto the board because he also had a Taunt Totem out. The next turn all I was able to do was kill his Totem so he proceeded to Bloodlust all his Murlocs and the 1 Imp Master and smugly hit the preemptive “well played”. However he clearly shares Dills’ hatred of math because at the end of it I still had 2 Health and lethal damage with the Minions I had combined with a Pyroblast.




playing the new Pali v Pali and I have Sylvanas on the board and less than 8 health. So does the other guy. He plays Rag and hero power giving him 50/50 chance to win. Rag hits Sylvanas, killing her and giving me 50/50 to take rag. I do. Play a top decked guardian and heal up and hero power, giving me a 50/50 to win. Rag hit’s his face...gg.

TL,DR: Won 3 coin flips in a row, won game.


I don’t have one so I’m totally stealing the listener story!

Listener Story

Anyway, I'm playing against Warrior with my Shaman deck, it's fairly late in the game and he has his board flooded with low cost minions -- (Novice Engineer, Loot Hoarder, Tauren Warrior, Shattered Sun Cleric, Dragonling Mechanic + Mr. Bitey). So that's 6 minions on the board, then tops it off with an Armorsmith placed all the way to the right (this is important). "Ok," I think to myself, "that's fine, I just pulled a Lightening Storm, and with my Dalaran Mage on deck, I can probably clear his board completely."

It turns out that Lightning Storm hits minions from LEFT to RIGHT, and will pause after every minion to let an effect like the Armorsmith's take effect. So I have to sit there and painstakingly watch the Lightning Storm animation flash, apply damage, then it applies armor, over and over and over again until he has a ridiculous 7 armor! Before this, he only had 6 health left, but now effectively has 12. Of course, on the next turn I top deck a Lava Burst, which would have killed him, but ended up losing the turn after that. Damn you, Hearthstone science!

Let that be a warning to you, Garrett, I know how much you love your Shaman deck! Also, feel free to paraphrase anything I've said here, this took way too much text to explain.

Keep it up with the great show guys!


(Also) Garrett


Multiple Listeners wrote in claiming they’re our oldest listeners:


Hello Garrett, Dills, and Jocelyn. The way I would have nerfed Unleash The Hounds would just have the card say something like "Choose Three Beasts. They get +1 Attack and Charge." I think this would be a better nerf that the one they announced that made the card useless. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this,

Thanks and take care


Jon Chan

Hey guys and Canadian,

I haven't seen this around so wanted to mention something I found out recently about daily quests. A friend of mine went on vacation for a week so he wasn't able to log-in. I had always assumed that you had to log-in to "pick up" your quests every day, but when he logged back in he had 3 quests waiting.

The surprising thing was that once he finished 2 of those quests, they were immediately replaced with 2 more! So it seems that beyond the 3 you can actively hold, you actually have a pile up of daily quests behind the scenes. Not sure if there is a max for those extra quests.

Just fyi, it's something i didn't want to test because i didn't want to lose out on gold, but now you know!

David from Melbourne, Australia

Hey guys*,


Still loving the show, just had a quick question. Have you heard any information regarding how the arena system offers you cards of different qualities? I've been assuming if I am not offered a legendary then I'll be offered more epics/rares to compensate, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of info out there on this as far as I can tell (my pet theory: like items in WoW, maybe there is a "deck budget" of some kind?)


All the best,


Melbourne, Australia


* I say "guys" in the gender-neutral sense.


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