Latin Root Vocabulary 1

Week 1 Word Set

New Words:        bonus                malus                mater                pater                ante                post

I kept my post-dinner routine yesterday and watched TV for an hour before my homework. Using their best maternal and paternal instincts, my mother and father told me I have to break this routine. I didn’t anticipate this discussion happening and I was taken off-guard. After telling me of the maladies associated with sitting around, they finished their diatribe by rattling off the benefits of staying active mentally and physically.

Definitions: Match the new words with their meanings using the above paragraph for context (look for the words in bold). If you need a little help, use this link to find your definitions.

  1. bonus_____                a.mother
  2. malus_____                b. before
  3. mater_____                       c. father
  4. pater______                   d. good
  5. ante______                e. after
  6. Post______                f. bad

Sample Word Lists: Generate word lists of at least 5 words for each root. (ex: cand- candid, candor, candle, candent, incandescence)







Focused Root Analysis: Write a paragraph using all five of the words from one of your word lists above. Apply bold font to your words in your paragraph. DON’T FORGET TO COME BACK AND TURN THIS ASSIGNMENT IN!

Post your paragraph on a separate slide on this Slidebook.