Keyboard Tricks on a Chromebook

Hold down the shift key and then type a letter to make a capital (example:  shift r will produce R).

Hold down the shift key and type a number to get the characters above the first one. (example: a question mark (?), hold down the shift key and press the / key).


Ctrlwindow switcher key- takes a screenshot of your entire window

Ctrl Shift window switcher key - takes a screenshot of a selection you choose.

Short Cuts for Chromebooks

ctrl s = Save

ctrl c = Copy

ctrl v = Paste

ctrl z = Undo

ctrl x = Cut

ctrl p = Print

ctrl f = Find


ctrl Tab = Allows you to go to the next tab in the window you are in. (Toggle between tabs)

ctrl r = Reload the page (when in a browser)

ctrl t = Opens a new tab in your browser.

Use two fingers to right click and scroll.