+The National Catholic Church of North America +

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Office of the Bishop

2053 South Essex Street

Mesa, Arizona 85209-8083

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Look for places where the wolf and the lamb lie down together in peace.

Where do you see that peace in your relationships,

 in your family circle or friends,

 in the neighborhood,

 the city,

 the nation,

and the world?

Even within yourself, where has peace been forged between previously warring factions?


Evening Prayer

As I end this day, Holy One,

I give you thanks for the richness of my hours:

for family and friends,

for people with whom I work and play,

for my neighbors,

for those who fill this world with music and art,

for those whose needs remind me of my blessings

and whose skills make me grateful for differences.

Guard us all, O God, and keep us in your embrace

until  the daylight comes. Amen.

In His Peace and Love,

Your Servant in Christ,

_________________________________________                             Seal

The Most Reverend William A. Wettingfeld, Phd.

Presiding Bishop

+The National Catholic Church of North America+

An Autocephalous (self-governing) Catholic Jurisdiction,