1. Verify Your Group Settings

  1. Your groups are listed on the right panel of the Hub's front page.

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Watch the video to get an overview of the software. 

  1. From the home page of your group, choose Group Actions / Edit Group Settings

  1. In the Settings window, move through each tab to verify your Group information
  1. General tab

Group Name - Enter a group name up to 50 characters

When naming a group, it is better to be campus specific if you have more than one campus

Also, consider if the name of the group pertains to the type of group it is

  1. Name: Every group name has a prefix that follows a naming convention.
  1. Please make sure your prefix matches the other groups like yours.
  2. If it is already set, please do not change it.
  3. If you have questions, send us an email at the Church Office, and we’ll let you know if your prefix is appropriate

Group Photo - To upload a photo for your group click the 'Browse' button and choose the image from your computer.

The image must be in .jpg format the size can be no larger than 3mb. Either of these can be used with the printed picture directory. For an idea, most photos taken by smartphones, including the new iPhone 7 plus, will usually be within this limit.

Description - Enter a brief description; this is the description that will appear on our website. In a sense it is an advertisement. What do you do in your group? Why should someone want to join? Explain that here.

If you'd like to use some basic HTML to include links or additional images, you can do that in this field.


  1. Classifications

Group Type - Select from the list of options.

This is a key field for running searches and reports.

Think of group type as the "purpose" of this group.

Childcare Available - Check the box to indicate whether or not there is childcare available for the group.

  1. When & Where Tab

  1. Make sure your group has the correct Meeting Day and Time set as this also will be displayed on the website.
  1. Options Tab

Figure 1 Never check the box that is marked with the green box

Email Notification - Sends an email to the Group Leaders when a participant's status changes within the group. If you want to know if someone leaves or joins your group, you’ll want to check this box.

An email is generated whenever a person is added or removed from the group and whenever a person is made a leader or taken from a leader to regular member

The email does not specify what happened with the person, it simply names the person so the leader can log in and look at the changes.

Interaction Type - Select how your group will function.

Members Interact - This interaction type lets each member see the group participant list. Privacy settings determine the amount of contact information exposed.

Announce Only - Allows a person to see that they are a part of the group however, they cannot see other group participants. Only the Group Leaders are able to see and communicate with all group members.

Administrative - A hidden group. Only visible to Group Leadership, members cannot see this group.

Membership Type - Select how a person joins your group and what information is visible to non-group members.

Open To All - Allows a non-group member to see all information including, events, messages, files, and needs for this group. This setting also permits non-group members to add themselves to the group without leadership approval.

Request Required - Prevents any of the group's tab from being visible to non-group participants. In order for a non-group member to join the group, they must request or be invited by leadership.

Listed - If you would like your group to be find in searches to all logged-in users, click this box.

Public Search - Select the checkbox if you want this group to be included in the public 'Find a Group' search.

  1. Group Member Privileges

Messages - Allows group participants to create new messages to the group.

Needs - Allows group participants to create new Needs.

Files - Allows group participants to upload files.

  1. Group Participant Communication Defaults

NOTE - Changing the interaction type will change the suggested defaults in the Member Privileges and Communication Defaults sections. Remember to adjust these settings if you prefer something different.

Receive emails sent from the group - Allows notification by email of new messages, events, needs, positions and schedules. If unchecked, the group participant will NOT receive any emails from the group.

Receive comments from group participants immediately - Will send an email notification when comments are posted to messages

Receive a weekly summary of group - Will send an email with the weekly digest detailing all of the activity for the group that week (e.g., new events, needs, positions, etc.)

Receive texts sent from the group - Allows text messages to be sent to participants who have their cell provider and number set in their communication settings.