Chandler Oaks Elementary School – an IB World School

Special Education Needs Policy

Our Mission:

Together, the Chandler Oaks Elementary community of educators, students and families create an enriched learning environment where all feel safe, valued, and prepared to reach their full potential. Students are immersed in a detailed curriculum structured by Round Rock ISD and a technologically-infused environment within the IB Framework. Families are our partners in education; as one, we are learners who appreciate individuality and the world around us.


At Chandler Oaks Elementary School, we believe that every student is special; and that all learners have unique needs to consider in order to meet their full academic and social potential. A variety of approaches and support systems are utilized by our staff to address individual needs. Classroom teachers work collaboratively and cooperatively with support staff within the PYP to plan and implement instruction and experiences that support teaching and learning.



Instruction is provided through a variety of models, including consultation, collaboration and inclusion. When a student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) indicates that inclusion is not the most effective learning environment, pull-out resource services are utilized.

  1. Meeting students where they are:

  1. Collaborating to promote learning:

  1. Differentiation:

The curriculum is based on the grade level Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, however, the instruction is scaffolded to meet a variety of student needs. Ongoing progress monitoring as well as formative assessments are used as methods for documentation and collecting data to show student’s growth/regression throughout the year. Strategies used include, but are not limited to:

  1. Parent Communication


To prepare students for success within the Program of Inquiry, we provide a variety of ongoing services that support their diverse academic needs:



Collaboratively developed by the Chandler Oaks Special Education Needs Policy Committee Members:

Janet Stading, Coordinator; Karen Swint, TAG; Laurie Mutscher, Counselor; Tammi Carter, Intervention; Shannan Henri & Jennifer Abarca, SPED; Donna Hansen, SLC;  Amanda Lanahan, Art; Kelley Hirt, Principal; Dana Green, Assistant Principal