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Technology Gr 3
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Grade 3 Technology Skill and Competency Student Checklist

Please use the check below to record student proficiency in the area of technology.

Student Name: ______________________________________________

Basic Operations (BO)

Word Processing & Desktop Publishing (WPD)

1. Select appropriate printer and print

1. Format text, lists, or paragraphs for:

Double spacing, bullets, numbered lists, alignment, indentation

2. Rename files

2. Insert graphics and clipart and apply text wrap

3. Delete Files

3. Insert text boxes

4. Use input devices (e.g., mouse)

Select/right click


5. Locate and retrieve files in various directories

6. Demonstrate basic keyboarding skills and proper keyboarding techniques Evaluating Keyboarding

Using and Creating Spreadsheets (UCS)

Multimedia and Presentation Tools (MPT)

Create a basic chart or graph

1. Choose a slide format

2. Cut, copy, paste text

Databases (DB)

Using and Creating Web Pages (UCWP)

Define the term “database” and provide examples from everyday life (e.g. library catalogs, school records, telephone directories)

Apply digital citizenship principles

Do simple searches of existing databases (e.g. online library catalogs, electronic encyclopedias)

Access a Web page from bookmarks or by typing in the URL

Save or copy images or documents from a Web site

Conduct a Web search