They are Happy because they have me.

They are Funny because they make up funny jokes makes me feel that i have an awesome whanau.

They  sometimes get Unhappy with me because I don't listen sometimes.

My mum is sometimes sad because she has to do a lot of paperwork to do.

My mum is Awesome at cooking because her food taste


Helpful with doing stuff like the lawn or cooking.

My brothers and dad are good at cooking because they use amazing flavors.

My brother Flynn is good at building because he work at an amazing building business in Australia.

My brother Flynn is special because he has cool blue eyes.

My Family are crazy because they always laugh at silly things and funny things.

My dog cilla is cool because she carries around a big log around the house i think she uses it for her weight lifting.

My puppy Kyra is crazy because she digs holes in the lawn.