Students must remain in uniform until after they leave TMSA.  TMSA has different color combinations for the different levels of the school:

Elementary School- Bottom: Navy Blue, Khaki, or Black    Top: Red  

Middle School- Bottom: Navy blue, Medium dark Khaki, Black      Top: Light Blue


High School- Bottom: Navy blue, Medium dark khaki, Black     Top: White, Hunter Green, Medium Grey


Shirts must be tucked in.  (Belt loops and belt rule removed. Pants pocket rules deleted.)

Pants may not be denim, suede, or corduroy.  Pants can’t be rolled or folded up.

Short at least fingertip length and not below the knees.


No skirts of any length.  Girls may wear pants, capris, Bermudas, or scooters/skorts.

Scooter length must be no more than a horizontal 3x5 index card above the knee.

No denim, suede, or corduroy.  No other apparel to be worn under designated bottoms, such as PJs, etc.

Stocking/Tights rules deleted. (As to colors)  No fishnet stockings or leg warmers.


Pants must not be too snug or too loose.  No athletic shorts except for PE and sports.

Clothing should be neat and clean. No rips, tears, holes, frayed edges.

Jewelry, hairstyles, and accessories must not attract undue attention. No exposed undergarments.

No hats, caps, curlers, bandanas, doo-rags, combs, brushes, sweatbands, sunglasses may be worn during school hours. Religious or cultural head wraps are allowed.

No flip-flops, slippers, or open-toes shoes may be worn.

Winter Dress Code Policy:


The current student handbook states that students may not wear outerwear and jackets in the classroom; however, TMSA does allow some exceptions to this during the cooler months. Our policy is to allow students to wear fleece jackets from our vendors in the classrooms as long as they are in our school colors and have the TMSA logo. School colors for fleece jackets include navy for K-10, with additional colors of red, white, gray, and hunter green for high school students only.  We also allow students to wear solid navy blue jackets and sweaters without the TMSA logo during the months of November through March, as long as they do not have a hood and other name brand logos or designs showing.