Summit Academy LLC, GA

High School Academic Standards


Our goal as high school instructors is to support you, the parent, by providing high school requirements with the greatest of excellence. In order to meet this goal of academic excellence, we must put the following standards in place:

  1. Assignments are not optional. All assignments including homework, tests, projects, lab reports, etc., must be completed and turned in to an instructor when due.
  2. All assignments must be at a level deemed appropriate by the instructor as high school quality work or student may be put on academic probation.* If your child has any sort of learning challenge, it is your responsibility as the parent to make that known to the instructor in advance.
  3. Instructors will use Jupiter Ed as a learning management system. Parents will be encouraged to access student gradebooks throughout the week to monitor progress. Instructors will give parents and students information about the system — how to log in, use it regularly, and take advantage of its resources.
  4. Parents must be actively involved to ensure high academic standards are met in accordance with the above standards. If these standards are not met, both parent and high school student will meet with instructor(s) and/or administration to discuss inadequate performance, whereby quality of work and compliance with assignments due dates will be reviewed, and an agreement will be signed by both parent and student to abide by and make necessary improvements per the above criteria.

*Academic Probation: Although parents will be required to fulfill their term financial agreement and pay for the full term, instructors have the right to dismiss a student from the class if academic performance continues to decline. Instructors will work with students and communicate with parents to make every effort toward academic achievement in all classes. However, academic partnership among SA instructors, parents and students is necessary to attain success overall.