Florida Westcoast Woodworkers Club

Meeting Minutes – March 9, 2016

There were 33 members in attendance at the meeting and one guest

Our guest speaker was Club member Ed Goldberg, who presented Part 1 of a 2-part series about inlays on “How to make a Compass Rose”.

 In this session he :

1. explained the names of the parts of the inlay – substrate is the wood that the inlay will go on, inlay is made from veneer and is what will be glued onto the substrate,

 2. How to draw the compass rose design onto a piece of paper.

3. How to transfer the pattern onto the wood substrate, and then

4. How to mark and cut out the inlay pattern pieces from two colors of veneer.  He is doing a great job of showing us step by step how to create this beautiful inlay design.  

He also had a handout on the step by step process of how to create the inlay e-mailed to Club members ahead of time.


Upcoming Events

Wood Worker Show:        March 18-20, 2016                Terry Bair said he still needs a couple of volunteers to work our booth at the Wood Worker Show, to be held in Tampa at the Fairgrounds.  He also needs items to display in our booth.  Please get them to him before Friday, March 18. He reminded those that will be working the booth to wear their Club shirt and name badge. Contact him if you can work the Show or if you have any questions about it.

Club Picnic - April 3 at Rothenbach Park in Sarasota.         Joe Mannke reminded us of the upcoming Club Picnic on April 3 from 1 – 5 p.m. at Rothenbach Park.  The 2x4 contest is a part of it.

March Demonstration Meet (March 14 at 7:00 p.m.) is at Terry Bair’s house. It is a two-part series on Scroll sawing.

March Shop Meet (March 21 at 7:00 p.m.) is at Mike Swart’s house.

Show & Tell

Denny Wetter – bowl

Joe Mathis – two scrolled plaques

Rick Anderson – wooden tool handle and a lid for marble bowl

Terry Bair – Rummy Cube rack and a Slatted basket

Ed Frasier – fence

John Philips – bowl

Fred Damianos – Mystery item

Barry Taylor  – My students’ work (bat house)

Reuel Detweiler - Intarsia

Raffle winner – Mike Swart

Door Prize winners – Terry Bair, Steve Sherman, Rick Borovicka, Maja Chaszar, Jim Dalton, Thelma Proctor, Bill Glover, Andy DiLorenzo, Jason Peters, Ed Fraser, Floyd Yoder and Steve Kandel.

Next Month – Ed Goldberg will present Part 2 on inlays and how to make a compass rose.

Thelma Proctor

(Pictures Below)