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ISLN Ordinary Meeting

21st February, 4:30 - 6.30pm

Venue: Secondary School Library @GESS

Thanks to GESS for providing refreshments.

Next meeting: 29 April 2019

Senior Library, Tanglin Trust School


Kim Beeman (Tanglin)

A-J Fairey (AIS)


Marjan (CIS)

Mel (CIS)

Leela Rama (YIJC)

Jane Hayes (Dulwich)

Hannah O’Donnell (Dulwich) Linda Saad (AIS)

Stojana (CIS)

Johanna Krijnsen

Lisa (CIS)

Linda Twitchett AIS

Sarah Mounsey (DCSG)

Monica Picard (NISS)

Janice Chin (NISS)

Mairin Raisdana (UWCSEA-East)

Janine Murphy (Tanglin)

Joyce Miller (Chatsworth BT) Uma Manikantan (Tanglin)

Ekta Nansi (Tanglin)

Mary Wheatley (SAS)

Kate Brundage (SAS)

Ali Cuthbert (SAS)

Karen Melski (GEMS)

Olivia Burford-Taylor (OFS) Susan Lussenhop (OFS) Clare Gilpin (OFS)


Kurt Wittig


Julie Muir (SAIS), Barb Reid, Kim Klein (SAIS), Sue Toms, Jenna Emerson, Elaine Fong (Chatsworth Orchard) Pam Males (UWCSEA Dover) Susanne Clower (OWIS) Christina Simpson (EtonHouse Broadrick), Jill Gammon (SAIS)

Initial Group Activity: Updating Spaces

Led by Mel

Photos and discussion points from group chat are shared here:  Updating Spaces

Joanna shared the process of planning a new library: 3 bids were entered to the board & Raeco won based on quality and looks. Joanna has taken 5 years to plan and finish this library. She used one consultant, Shastiq Khader-Georgi, to oversee the furniture project and installation. Her contact details are:

Finances and Membership Quotes

Johanna Krijnsen

Reminder about membership dues and AGM.

Jo is sending out invoices for membership soon. Deadline for payment  is before AGM Monday 29th April 2019

Balance of accounts was presented for the period:  Nov 13 - Feb 21 2019

Credit 1,187.08 through affiliation with book depository since last meeting.

Please can everyone use the affiliation when you purchase book depository books. Here is the affiliate link: 

Balance: $26,529.58

Bolinda Update

Kurt Wittig on behalf of Barb Reid

Here is the suggested ISLN Consortium agreement:

The International School Libraries Network (Singapore) has entered into a consortium agreement for Bolinda Digital (BorrowBox).

Schools that are financial members of The International School Libraries Network (Singapore) are welcome to join the consortium at a competitive rate and can take advantage of the shared collection.

The founding consortia members (Australian International School, Dulwich College, Stamford American School and United World College SEA) share (calculated by numbers of students) the initial set-up cost of USD2000 p.a. Additional schools wishing to join the consortium will be required to pay USD1000 p.a. (subject to Bolinda’s current subscription rate)

The founding schools have provided a substantial shared start up collection of audiobooks and eBooks and additional schools willing to join are expected to contribute  USD0.40c per student by way of shared book purchases before going live with their subscription. Thereafter, as long as the annual subscription is paid there is no further requirement to purchase books. Books in the shared collection remain the property of the consortium if the school should decide not to continue with the Bolinda subscription. Schools joining the consortium should be prepared to add to the shared collection annually.

In the spirit of fair dealing, when purchasing additional books, members of the consortia should make them available in the shared collection where possible. It is understood that high use books and books with publisher restrictions (please note, the majority of eBooks have publisher restrictions, so in the interest of fairness members are asked to only restrict books that they feel their students need immediate access to) may be held in individual accounts and released to the shared account if their usage changes. Changes from individual accounts to shared accounts usually take place once every six months as this is a manual process handled by Bolinda.

As the platform is shared by all age groups, books that are in the age category 13+ and / or books with explicit content should be restricted to older students only. It is the responsibility of the purchasing school to make this known to Bolinda.


Kim Beeman

A URL for the LKSW will ensure that the webpages remain after TLs leave their schools.

This will cost $240 start up and thereafter hosting fees will be $120 to be paid by hosting school.

Motion proposed by Kim, seconded by Johanna. Voted on and passed.

Weeded Books for Nepalese Libraries

Melissa Cooper

Doreen - pick up August (earlier this year); send donated books to the Canadian School with the appropriate labels (Label for Doreen's boxes) in small boxes.

Doreen has requested picture/ elementary/ accessible nonfiction books in good condition.

Sturdy books & clearly labelled please or CIS staff have extra work repacking.

Red Dot

Kim Klein

Please read the books.See Kim’s update message

Readers Cup

Lisa Miller

Lisa asked for sign up for the Readers Cup on website by 01st March. $60 per team; one team per age category, per campus.

Readers Cup - see Lisa’s message about logistics & questions then email her.

Raeco Consortium

Melissa Cooper

Raeco consortium propose a delivery two times a year. Some frustration was voiced about length of time Raeco take to respond to emails.

Joyce Miller suggested Demco is cheaper (even with shipping costs) than Promatech and Raeco

Tour of GESS with Johanna Krijnsen


 Barb Reid requests any feedback on Colin Goh as a visitor/presenter

 Karen Melski  recommends Scholastic as a supplier of books for children to buy. They also arrange  character visits such as Geronimo Stilton.

Professional Development

Lisa Miller - Copyright

Lisa presented on the issue of copyright and what processes we use as a for-profit school in Singapore. CIS is using COMPASS to request permission to play music. Lisa added that musical scores have to be approved too.

CIS are considering KANOPY for licensed digital videos. Kim Beeman added that Kanopy has adult and mature content and is not password protected so may only be suitable for sixth form and teacher access to show children.

Intellectual Property Office of Singapore publish this advice:  Copyright Advice for Educators 2012

Ekta Nansi

SG librarians research project

An overview of how to participate in an upcoming research project about librarians in SG

International and local schools.

Focuses on:

Ambiguity about role

Diversity of librarians’ background and experience


Here’s the link to the presentation -

And the link to the survey -


ISLN Ordinary Meeting

14th November 2018, 4:30pm

Venue: Middle School Library @ Singapore American School 

Thanks to SAS for providing refreshments.


Meg Johnson

Mel Cooper

Lisa Miller

Marjan Slaats

Hannah O’Donnell

Mairin Raisdana

Karen Melski

Jenna Emerson

Johanna Krijnsen

Raquel Potaka

Monica Picard

Janice Chin

Sue Toms

Julie Muir

Jane Hayes

Kim Klein

Stojana Popovska

Kim Beeman

Kurt Wittig

Linda Saad,

Pam Males

Susanne Clower

Barb Reid

Linda Twitchett

Joyce Miller

Kate Brundage

Ali Cuthbert,

Mary Wheatley

Clare Gilpin

Susan Lussenhop

Graham Grant

A-J Fairey

Jen Eu Lee

Ally Thompson

Uma Manikantan

Janine Murphy

Jill Gammon

Apologies: Christina Simpson, Elaine Fong, Sarah Mounsey
Meeting commenced at 5:10

Mel Cooper welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked them to contribute a slide to the Bio Doc that introduces us to each other.

Raeco - working towards a consortium 

Mel gave an update on progress with Raeco as the ISLN point person. She suggested a set address for delivery and  discounted price list for paying members that will be shared via a google spreadsheet.

More info coming.

Readers Cup

Lisa gave an update on venue, participating school and date for next meeting. Thank you to Johanna as she is hosting the event at the German European School. Lisa said there will be one team, per division, per school.

There is no date deadline to enter a team.

Suggestion by Barb that we outsource the question writing.

Julie requested that we can show the information video about the Readers Cup to children.  

**Lisa has asked Dulwich and this is fine as long as it is shown in school and not in the public domain. Therefore the link has not been shared here but is available upon request. Please email or for a copy of the Readers Cup Information Animoto.

Social Event

We are having a social get together: Thirstday @ Plonk, Thursday 6th December at 7pm. Link to sign up sheet. Julie has sent an email.


Please follow up - staff who were funded were asked to write a blurb and submit ( Brief and collaborative posts are fine.

Finance Report

Jo updated us on the financial standing - written report of funds in and out since the last report and current balance

Jo is using a new accounting program.

Reminder for everyone to use Book Dep affiliate - Book Depository So far use of the link has made us $2619.22

Jo issued an invitation: GESS to host next meeting, a Thursday in February,TBC

ISLN Digital Footprint

Kurt and Kim have tweeted to authors nominated for Red Dot Awards. They showed author responses on Twitter. Our twitter handle is @ISLNRedDot. Please like and retweet the Red Dot author recognition tweets. Light it up! Let the authors know they are loved in Singapore.

Kim Beeman discussed idea of having our own ISLN Twitter account - Twitter #islnsg. If you would like to help with tweeting, see Kim.

There is a Google group on ISLN Site resources - join our google group.

Z Sourcing

Jenna presenter this Spreadsheet - you can add to it and it is shared in our ISLN Google Group. It is a shared list of schools using Destiny who are able to add Z39.50 list to their database. Jenna also demonstrated how to add a tag as a subject heading.

Author visits

Barb shared a Link to confidential reviews for members only

Request access if you are a member. Remember it is confidential. Please add to this document for shared feedback.


Linda spoke about audiobooks. iTunes has not been effective and Overdrive is expensive.

Wheelers do bundling to make audiobooks more affordable. They offer platforms in Uk and Australia but none in Asia. Linda has called for an integrated platform using Wheelers and has asked the Consortium to utilise our collective buying power.

Barb has made enquiries with Bolinda and Overdrive and thinks that they might be a cheaper option..

Both Linda and Barb will feedback at the next meeting.


Tuesday, 27 November 2018 from 17:30 at Brewerkz - sign-up

#in TLlead

Stojana demonstrated about how TLs can participate - Moodle forum inTLLead

Link to presentation at LKSW

BRE suggests detailed session on how to use it next time.

Protected Characteristics and Representation in the Library

Janine spoke about Equality and Diversity. Feedback was taken about how schools build representative collections in our community.

Lisa tells Jeremy’s (American School Chennai) story about finding a note from the librarian  in a book that said that there was no need to borrow this book (it was on a sensitive topic) that the reader could take it if they needed to and return it if they wanted to. This gave the reader a safe way to access books that they needed.

Next meeting: Thursday, ? February 2019, at the German European School Singapore

The meeting closed at 6.15pm and was followed by Red Dot sharing & library tours



30 to 45 minutes of Red Dot book sharing - members brought books to share that could be put on a Red Dot list for picture, younger, older or mature readers.

List of considerations for nominated books:

Feel free to add suggestions to the Red Dot Recommendations GoogleSheet -


Please use this FORM to submit and this LINK to see what has been submitted already. You can also add directly to this spreadsheet.

ISLN Ordinary Meeting

4th September 2018, 4:30pm

Venue: Kishore Mahbubani Library @ United World College SEA (East Campus) 

Thanks to Dune Salang - from OpenAthens for providing refreshments.


Melissa Cooper

Pam Males

Barb Reid

Kurt Wittig

Julie Muir

Kim Beeman

Olivia Burford-Taylor

Janine Murphy

Joyce Miller

Clare Gilpin

Marjan Slaats

Lisa Miller

Stojana Popovska

Karen Melski

Christina Simpson

Susanne Clower

Hannah O'Donnell

Mairin Raisdana

Sue Toms

Meg Johnson

Monica Picard

Johanna Krijnsen

Michael Kelly

Lydia Thio

Sarah Mounsey

Jane Hayes

Marina Kalkum

Linda Saad

Raquel Potaka

Elaine Fong

Kim Klein

Susan Lussenhop

Linda Twitchett

Denise Tan

Dune Salang

Apologies: Ali Cuthbert, Mary Wheatley, Kate Brundage (SAS) Leela (Nexus) Khairin (Hwa Chong)

Mel Cooper and Sue Toms (hostess) welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked them to contribute a slide to the Bio Doc that introduces us to each other.

Dune from Open Athens (sponsor for afternoon tea) introduced her product.

Kurt moved to accept the minutes from the last meeting. Seconded by Jo. Minutes approved

Jo (Treasurer) said that the move to online banking is underway and that the affiliate link with Book Depository had been earning some money.She reminded those who want to become financial members that they can send their membership dues to her.


Julie spoke about social events and asked some questions to gauge the enthusiasm for them. It seemed that the group felt:

Julie reminded people that partners and guest are always welcome at social events and that we have a special dinner at our November meeting to celebrate Thanksgiving and/or Christmas.

Barb said that we always have a dinner after a meeting. Usually close to the host school. Tonight’s is at BURP

Next event is 1pm Sunday 23rd September at The Living Cafe when Megan Graff (formerly CIS) was visiting. The RSVP is here. Please respond by 18th September.

Kim launched the two new websites that she and her husband Dan have been working on for  ISLN and for the  Red Dots. All members thanked Kim and Dan. It is noted that this was a huge amount of work and very time consuming. The Network is extremely grateful.
Kim explained that the
Book Depository affiliate link is on the page to raise money for ISLN at no cost to members. We have already raised in excess of $2000. Please encourage your purchasing Departments to use it.

Kurt talked about Regional PD - all of which is now listed on the webpage. Some to look out for in the near future are: LKSW, EARCOS and 21CLHK, EduTech

There is a Follett Workshop in Singapore on 17 October - please register here

Elaine said that John Zola is coming to Singapore and highly recommended him.
Here is more information about the John Zola workshop in November

Kurt & Kim are working on a Red Dot Twitter account and our ISLN hashtag is #islnsg

If you have issues with the mailing list or membership email to update your options.

Barb sent email to every school at end of the last break to promote ISLN. Only 2-3 members had had it passed on to them. The letter states some of the reasons that it is good to join ISLN.

Barb moved that we gift lifetime financial membership to anyone who has been a financial member for more that 5 years. This would encourage them to keep in touch and honour their contribution. Motion seconded by Mel. Passed unanimously

Lisa explained what the Readers Cup Festival is and said that we are looking for people to help organize the nationwide festival

Red Dot Promotion Materials and YouTube Playlists - book trailers and reviews can be found at these links as well as on the webpage -

Sarah talked about AFCC which starts this week. The Website is here

Denise from Closetful of Books is holding speed-dates with Authors and Illustrators from Sept 6 to 8

The speed-dates will be held just next to the bookstore in the Plaza of the National Library Building on 7 and 8 September. You may sign up for a slot here -

Monday 15 October  - Andy Griffiths at Dulwich all students welcome for a free event. Sarah will share the sign up when it is ready.

Mel talked about Book Reach for Nepal (Doreen). Deliver gently used books to CIS Lakeside campus. Email to arrange delivery timing.Please attach a label and ensure that the box is not too big and sturdy. We hope the books will be collected by end of September

Doreen has asked for funding for transport but at the Exec Committee needs to discuss this and it would not happen before the September collection date. There was interest in members visiting Nepal ( 2 library staff from Tanglin went in the holidays and will report at a later meeting. A TL from KL also visited and said it is very worthwhile and that Doreen’s charity is making a difference) to assist and interest in supporting, assisting and training library staff if they were able to come to Singapore.

Michael shared details of an author visit. Paul Gravett, journalist, lecturer, curator : possible for Nov 5th evening talk (contact Michael at TTS)

There is a session on 5-6th October for Librarians/Teachers/ Writers. He could be for Secondary

Elaine is looking for book covering alternatives

There was discussion about RAECO and their lack of response - ISLN will let them know our concerns

Contact Chhaya  for a good response from Raeco.

Stojana talked about the success of the Global read aloud and willshare more detailed information to the list tomorrow.

The meeting closed at 6pm

ISLN Annual General Meeting and Ordinary Meeting

25th April 2018, 4:30pm

Venue: Lincoln Library (Elementary) @ Stamford American International School 

Thanks to Dr Eric Sands - SAIS Superintendent for providing refreshments.

Annual General Meeting

13 financial members needed for a quorum (Total current financial membership=49)

24 financial members present



Please hand voting proxies to Secretary before the meeting starts

Proxy form can be downloaded here

ISLN Annual General Meeting (10 mins)

4:30 Open Meeting

Establish a quorum of financial members

Kim did a roll call and recorded who is present.

Acceptance of minutes from 2017 AGM    proposed by Nadine; seconded by Jo

President’s report (Barb Reid): 2017-18 President’s report.  

At our AGM last year we had 36 financial members, this year we have 49.

On 5 May we farewelled some key members of the network in grand style in The Pod@ NLB. Since then we have welcomed their replacements and seen new initiatives undertaken and old ones revived.

We have tried to include more PD in our meetings and many of our members have shared their experiences from the many different PD opportunities that they have had throughout the year. I would like to thank those members who have contributed PD sessions in meetings, at their schools and by organising visits to other libraries. We are so lucky to have so many opportunities available to us.

Kim Beeman and Nadine Bailey have worked hard all year on our online presence, Nadine maintaining the blog and Kim (and her husband  Dan) working hard to make the Readers Cup and Red Dot web pages accessible. Thank you both so much.

In September we passed a motion enabling library support staff to apply for grants for professional development. 3 member schools have already taken advantage of this scheme. We hope that more will do so in the upcoming year.

Thank you Nadine for the  huge amount of work you have done on the Red Dot choices for the 2018-19 year. This is ongoing, but hopefully nearing the end for this year. Voting for this year’s Red Dots concludes on 1 May and we already have about 500 votes. Last year 11 different schools cast almost 8,000!

Melissa, Lisa, Sarah, Susan worked extremely hard to revive the Readers Cup with the support of Jane, Susan, Nadine & Kate. A hugely successful event was held at Dulwich last week and we look forward to future events like this.

Julie organised a great get together at the Colbar and will be sharing some exciting news about an event coming up next month later in this meeting.

Ranita, who has been Treasurer for many years has decided to step down from the position this year. We cannot thank her enough for keeping the financial records & the membership up to date for so many years.

Two committee members will leave Singapore in June. Thank you to both Nadine & Susan MacIntosh for your work and commitment to the committee.

I would like to thank Follett, Raeco & A Closetful of Books for their ongoing support and for working closely with us. Again, this year, many of our schools have supported Book Reach with donations ensuring that ISLN’s presence is felt in Nepal.

We have shared information about authors, suppliers & PD. We have said hello and goodbye to many people. I would particularly like to thank Kim & Julie who only arrived in Singapore this year and immediately stepped into positions of responsibility in ISLN. That cannot have been easy and yet, it now seems like you have always been here.

It is so important that people are prepared to step up to be on a committee or at the very least, take part in activities that the network provides. April next year will be our 10th year as an incorporated society. I think that Ranita, Linda, Kim (and maybe Elaine) were all here when we incorporated and can testify to the fact  that  so many people in this room that have contributed to ISLN in so many ways. We thank you all, and all who went before.

I will be stepping down as President this year, but hope to go on being a part of this great organisation for a long time yet.

Thank you for a great year.

Barb Reid

UWCSEA East Campus April 2018

Treasurer’s report (Ranita Smart)

Appointment of two auditors: Kim Klein, Raquel Potaka

ISLN Statement of Accounts April 2017 - Mar 2018







Opening balance April 1, 2017



 $            31,526.22


Closing balance March 31, 2018



 $           26,763.01

Election of office bearers

Nominations are:

President:  Mel Cooper / AJ Fairey: (20 votes for Mel; 6 for AJ--Mel Cooper wins)

Vice-President: Julie Muir

Secretary: (Joint/Job share) Barb Reid & Janine Murphy

Treasurer: Johanna Krijnsen

Liaison: Kurt Wittig

Webmaster: Kim Beeman

4:45 - 5 minute break

4:50 - Ordinary meeting (with new officers in place; New President running the meeting)

Acceptance of minutes from February meeting  proposed by Nadine; seconded by Jo

Ordinary Meeting

Intention to Attend: Meg Johnson (AIS), Lisa Miller (CIS), Melissa Cooper (CIS), Nadine Bailey (CIS), Hannah O’Donnell, Jane Hayes (Dulwich), Johanna Krijnsen (GESS), Graham Grant, Susan MacIntosh (Nexus), Susanne Clower (OWIS), Kim Klein, Kim Beeman (Tanglin), Barbara Reid (UWC), Susan Grigsby (UWC), AJ Fairey (AIS), Allison Cuthbert, Anjana Sarda, Helen Robinson, Jill Gammon (SAIS), Julie Muir, Kate Brundage, Linda Twitchett, Mairin Raisdana (UWC), Mary Wheatley, Meg Johnson, Michael Kelly (Tanglin), Ranita Smart (GESS), Raquel Pokata, Sarah Mounsey (Dulwich), Susan Lussenhop, Uma Mantikantan (Tanglin)

Apologies : Christina Simpson, Kurt Wittig, Pam Males, Marjorie Kennedy

President’s welcome

Farewells - Susan Grigsby (UWCSEA), Susan MacIntosh (Nexus), Nadine Bailey (CIS)

New appointments - Sue Toms (UWCSEA), Janine Murphy (TTS), Marjan Slaats (CIS LKS), Stojana Popovska (CIS TK)

Membership for next year (Ranita)

Committee reports - 5 mins each

Red Dots - Nadine

Readers Cup Festival - Lisa

Other business





Wednesday 25

Stamford American School

September 2018



November 2018

Day to be decided


January 2019

Thursday 17. January 2019


April 2019


Tanglin Trust

5:20 Break to replenish drinks

PD session - 10 minutes - 5 minutes question time

Kate Brundage - (StrengthsFinder): Using your strengths to enhance your work / personal life and help others to do the same

Sign up here to do a short PD presentation at a future meeting.

Sharing session

3x  PD sessions for next time -

6:00 Meeting Close

Next meeting: September 2018 - UWCSEA East - Secondary Library

ISLN meeting 26th February 2018 (4:30pm)

Venue: Australian International School (Senior Library)

Address: 1 Lor Chuan, Singapore 556818

We welcome RAECO to the meeting and thank them for providing refreshments.

Intention to attend

Barb Reid (UWCSEA East), Nadine Bailey, Kim Beeman (Tanglin Trust), Susan Macintosh, Julie Muir, Ranita Smart (GESS), Melissa Cooper (CIS LKS), Lisa Miller (CIS LKS), Kurt Wittig (UWCSEA Dover), Susanne Clower (OWIS) Trevor McCann (RAECO) Chhaya Patel (RAECO) Phillip Babich (RAECO) Sarah Mounsey, Jane Hayes, Hannah O’Donnell (Dulwich College), Pam Males (UWCSEA Dover), Jill Gammon (SAIS), Susan Grigsby (UWCSEA East) Linda Saad (AIS), Uma Manikantan (Tanglin Trust) Christina Simpson (EtonHouse Broadrick), Julie Muir (SAIS), Raquel Potaka (AIS) Helen Robinson (Chatsworth East), Kim Klein (SAIS), Monica Picard (NEXUS), Graham Grant (ISS), Sandra Sangrines (ISS), Michael Kelly (TTS).


Mary Wheatley (SAS), Ali Cuthbert (SAS), Johanna Krijnsen (GESS)


Acceptance of minutes from November meeting Sarah proposed; Pam seconded

President’s welcome

Farewells and New appointments - AJ (AIS), Celeste (TTS), Susanne (OWIS)

Trevor - RAECO - 5mins

New Southeast Asia Manager: Phillip Babbage (based in Indonesia)

Treasurer's report & Membership for next year (Ranita)

Committee reports - 5 mins each

Red Dots - Nadine

Readers Cup festival - CIS

Committee support for support staff PD - reminder

Other business

Future meetings - dates, days, venues





25 April

Stamford American School

September 2018



November 2018

January 2019

April 2019


Tanglin Trust

Break to replenish drinks

PD sessions - 10 minutes each presenter - 5 minutes question time

Elaine and Susan - Two minutes (each) takeaway from 21c Learning HK

Elaine Fong - Padlet (slides at that link) 

Kate Brundage (StrengthsFinder) - postponed until the next meeting

Sign up here to do a short PD presentation at a future meeting.

Sharing session

Next meeting AGM: Apr 25, Wed: Stamford - Location TBA. Membership

4x  PD sessions for next time -

Kate Brundage - Strengths Finder

Mel Cooper - Beyond Leveled Texts: Supporting Literacy Program Using Alternative Resources

Kim Beeman - Makerspaces

Johanna Krijnsen - Design Library Spaces

Meeting Close

Useful links

If you are not receiving the ISLN emails, please join our google group. Contact Barb Reid to be added.

Participation in the google group is welcomed from all members, irrespective of free/premium membership.

Also, remember you can get information about our network at our blog.   And do consider submitting a blog post to share with others.

“Who we are” document - -- it would be great if everyone could fill this in -- this is irrespective of free/premium membership

Reminder for each premium (paid)  member school to fill in details of nominated people (to receive premium benefits) -- see current paid-up member schools -- list

*Please note that we are using this information to distribute information to paid members; if you don’t fill this in you won’t get this information!

ISLN Ordinary Meeting 2017

21st November 2017 (4:30pm)

Venue: Dulwich College (Senior Library) map here

Address: 71 Bukit Batok West Avenue 8, Singapore 658966

Ordinary Meeting

Members Present: Jane Hayes, Sarah Mounsey, Pat Chandler, Hannah O’Donnell (hosts), Barb Reid (UWCSEA East), Kim Beeman (Tanglin), Mairin Raisdana (UWCSEA), Linda Twitchett AIS, Susan MacIntosh (NISS), Nadine Bailey (CIS TK), Meg Johnson (AIS), Linda Saad (AIS), Mel Cooper (CIS Lakeside), Lisa Miller (CIS LKS),  Raquel Potaka (AIS), Kurt Wittig (UWCSEA Dover), Pam Males (UWCSEA Dover),  Graham Grant (ISS will be late), Ranita Smart (GESS), Johanna Krijnsen (GESS), Marina Kalkum (GESS),  Shirley Yeo (JS Library), Melissa Maniam (DUCKS Library), Julie Muir (SAIS), Elaine Fong (Chatsworth Orchard), Susan Grigsby (UWCSEA East), Kim Klein (SAIS), Ryan Dempsey (GEMS), Monica Picard (NISS), Jenna Emerson (Follett) Helen Robinson (Chatsworth East), Linda Martin (visiting Teacher-Librarian from Georgia)

Apologies : Christina Simpson EtonHouse Broadrick, Ali Cuthbert (SAS), Mary Wheatley (SAS), Kate Brundage (SAS)

There will be no social event after the meeting as we will be having a Thanksgiving / Christmas meal during the meeting, because of this, we may finish a little later. Please feel free to attend and leave early if you have to.

Please sit next to someone who is not from your school

Acceptance of minutes from September meeting (Sarah made a motion, Jo seconded)

President’s welcome

Jenna (Follett) - Maternity leave update (her email will still be checked daily while she is on leave) and a thank you from everyone for Follett’s sponsorship of the dinner

Farewells - David Wyche (Raeco), Pat Chandler (Dulwich), Jenn Kennedy (AIS)

New appointments - Hannah O’Donnell (Dulwich)

Carlo from the National Book Development Council (15 min)

Treasurer's report (Ranita)

Committee reports - 5 mins each

Red Dots - Nadine

Readers Cup festival - CIS

Committee support for support staff PD - update

Other business

Break to replenish drinks

PD sessions - 10 minutes each presenter - 5 minutes question time

Julie Muir - Top 10 in 10

Kurt Wittig - Using analogies to teach research concepts

Kim Klein - Lesson ideas and SIOP (Handout here)

Sign up here to do a short PD presentation at a future meeting.

Sharing session

Next meeting: Feb *, Mon: AIS - Senior Library

3x  PD sessions for next time - please confirm

Elaine Fong - Padlet

Meg Johnson - The benefits of Google Drive

Kate Brundage - (StrengthsFinder) Using your strengths to enhance your work /personal life and help others to do the same

Meeting Close

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If you are not receiving the ISLN emails, please join our google group. Contact Barb Reid to be added; her email is

Participation in the google group is welcomed from all members, irrespective of free/premium membership.

Also, remember you can get information about our network at our blog.   And do consider submitting a blog post to share with others.

“Who we are” document - -- it would be great if everyone could fill this in -- this is irrespective of free/premium membership

Reminder for each premium (paid)  member school to fill in details of nominated people (to receive premium benefits) -- see current paid-up member schools -- list

*Please note that we are using this information to distribute information to paid members; if you don’t fill this in you won’t get this information!


ISLN ordinary meeting 2017

14th September 2017 (4:30pm)

Venue: Nexus International School (Tanjong Katong) map here

Address: 201 Ulu Pandan Rd, Singapore 596468

Phone: 6536 6566

Ordinary Meeting

Members Present: Susan MacIntosh (host), Barb Reid (UWCSEA East), Susan Grigsby (UWCSEA East), Helen Robinson (Chatsworth East), Pam Males (UWCSEA Dover), Ali Cuthbert (SAS), Kurt Wittig (UWCSEA Dover), Mairin Raisdana (UWCSEA East), Jane Hayes (Dulwich, Singapore), Jo Krijnsen (GESS), Graham Grant (ISS International School, Singapore), Kim Beeman (Tanglin), Michael Kelly (Tanglin), Uma Manikantan (Tanglin), Ekta Nansi (Tanglin), Meg Johnson (AIS), Linda Saad (AIS), Christina Simpson (EtonHouse Broadrick), Lisa Miller (CIS), Jill Gammon (SAIS), Pat Chandler and Sarah Mounsey (Dulwich), Ranita Smart (GESS), Jenna Emerson (Follett), Raquel Potaka (AIS), Julie Muir (SAIS) will be late ; Elaine Fong (Chatsworth Orchard Campus) will be late, Ryan Dempsey (GEMS Singapore), Foo Soo Chin (SOTA)


Nadine Bailey (CIS), Mary Wheatley (SAS), Marjorie Kennedy (ICS), Kim Klein (SAIS); Linda Twitchett (AIS); Monica Picard (Nexus), Celeste Fisher (Tanglin)

Please sit next to someone who is not from your school

1 min Acceptance of minutes from April meeting

Chris and Jo moved to accept

President’s welcome

New committee members:  Kim Beeman (Tanglin - secretary) and Julie Muir (SAIS - Vice President / Social)

Thank you for May 5, 2017 - End of Year function and farewells NLB Pod

Introductions - New & Old members

Please introduce the person sitting next to you

New Members

SAS - Elementary School - Mary Wheatley (unable to attend this meeting)

UWCSEA (East) - Susan Grigsby

Tanglin - Michael Kelly (Infant School); Kim Beeman (Secondary)

SAIS - Julie Muir (Junior)


Susanne Clower (UWCSEA East)

Format for future meetings -slam / book

Survey of things we would like 10 min PD on

Starting from next meeting, along the lines of TeachMeet

Barb asks that everyone fill out the survey about PD

Subcommittees & expectations

Upcoming social events - (Julie)

Suggested dates for Colbar: Oct Sat 7​ or 14 or 21

After this meeting go to E-Sarn Thai - Directions

Introduce the person sitting next to you

Everyone was asked to introduce the person sitting next to them

Treasurer's report

Paid membership from 15 schools


Network party @ pod


Closing Balance @ 13 Sep


Committee reports

Red Dots - Barb / Katie

Readers Cup festival - CIS

Charity Committee - Updates. Moving forward - Committee decisions

Committee support for support staff PD - update & procedures

Barb mentioned the difficulty of maintaining well functioning sub-committees.

Chris made a motion to open all money for PD to anyone at any school, with a committee to decide on the merit of each application. Elaine seconded.

Graeme made a motion to table the PD money discussion for librarians at small schools. Jo seconded.

Barb put a motion forward to provide up to $500 per member school for support staff PD. Kim seconded, and the motion passed.

Upcoming PD


Other business

Blog: Barb mentioned that Nadine is thinking about the format of the blog (and whether or not the blog is the best format)

Barb mentioned the possibility of holding future (2018 - 2019) meetings at venues other than schools

Barb put out a request to update information about suppliers and guest authors/speakers on the blog.

Request for funds for schools that host meetings: Pam raised the possibility of providing money for schools for tea coffee. Exec committee can provide money if a sponsor is not available, but schools are encouraged to try and arrange sponsors where possible.

Monty Bear  - the books, the authors & other interesting things (Julie - SAIS): Julie brought flyers and information about the Monty Bear books, written by SAIS parents. The books are two for $25, and the authors are available for author visits for the cost of taxi fare.

Recent PD:

Next meeting

Tuesday, 21 November at Dulwich

Sharing session

Members brought book titles to recommend and share:

Contact information from David from Raeco: 

2017 AGM and ordinary meeting minutesISLN LOGO.JPG

20 April 2017 - Australian International School - 4:30pm

Voting proxy received by Secretary from Celeste - TTS

ISLN Annual General Meeting 2017

9 financial members needed for quorum (Total current membership =36)

20 financial members present

Katie Day, Barbara Reid, Susanne Clower - UWCSEA East Campus
Pam Males, Kurt Wittig - UWCSEA Dover

Sarah Mounsey, Jane Hayes, Pat Chandler - Dulwich College

Jill Gammon - SAIS,
Ben Farr, Michael Kelly - Tanglin Trust School

Johanna Krijnsen, Ranita Smart - GESS

Lisa Miller, Nadine Bailey, Melissa Cooper - CIS

Helen Robinson - Chatsworth East Campus

Elaine Fong - Chatsworth Orchard Campus

Meg Johnson, Linda Twitchett, Linda Saad, Racquel - AIS

Christina Simpson - EtonHouse Broadrick

Susan MacIntosh & Monica Picard - Nexus

Ryan - GEMS

Trevor, David - Visitors from Raeco

Apologies: Kim Klein - SAIS, Celeste Fisher, Jacqui Makselon -  TTS, Jenna Emerson-Follett, Graham Grant - ISS

4:32 meeting opened

Quorum established

Acceptance of minutes from 2016 AGM

Moved by   Christina         seconded by  Kurt

President’s report (Katie Day)

2016-17 President’s report.  

Treasurer’s report (Ranita Smart)

ISLN Statement of Accounts April 2016 –  Mar 2017







Opening balance April 1, 2016



 $            31,856.52


Closing balance March 31, 2017



 $            31,526.22

ISLN Statement of Accounts January - December 2016




Opening balance Jan 1, 2016




Membership dues




Readers Cup participation fees




Readers Cup reimbursement for books




Readers Cup expenses








Boxes for charity




Bank charges




Closing balance December 31, 2016




Election of office bearers

Nominations are:

President: Barbara Reid (Philip) (UWCSEA East)

Vice-President: Julie Muir (SAIS)

Secretary: Kim Beeman (TTS)

Treasurer: Ranita Smart (GESS)

Liaison: Susan MacIntosh (Nexus)

Webmaster: Nadine Bailey (CIS)

No positions were contested. Executive committee unanimously voted for by financial members.

Meeting closed : 5pm

Ordinary meeting

Meeting commenced 5pm

Katie continued to run the meeting as Kim was not present to take the minutes. Barb continued to take the minutes.

Acceptance of minutes from February meeting

Moved by Pam (UWCSEA Dover)  seconded by Jo (GESS)

 Details of Social Event at NLB 5 May 2017

Additions to guest list

Judy Kong


Reports from :

Red Dot (info re-potential shortlists), re-vamped Readers Cup, Charity committees

Meeting schedule 2017/18

September  Nexus -  Thursday

November Dulwich - Tuesday

February Dover - Monday

April Stamford - Wednesday

Thanks to Raeco for sponsorship for refreshment

OFS update:  Jan Cox (previous member coming on May 5th)


Farewells to those who are leaving:


Chatsworth having success  with Red Dot books

UWCSEA East Primary finding Scholastic bookclub is working well (fast, free delivery)

UWCSEA Dover has been using On Sudden Hill

Meeting closed 5:22

Minutes ISLN meeting 28th February 2017

Venue: ISS International School

21 Preston Road

Singapore 109355

Next Meeting:

AGM : 20th April, Thursday: AISS


Katie Day, Barb Reid, Graham Grant (HOST), Sarah Mounsey, Jane Hayes, Melissa Cooper, Jill Gammon, Kim Klein, Meg Johnson, Jenns, Kurt Witiig, Linda Twitchett, Pam Males, Susanne Clower, Ranita Smart, Jo Krijnsen, Kate Brundage, Jane Hayes, Elaine Fong, Ben Farr, Susan Grant, Jacqui Makselon, Susan Macintosh, Monica, Nadine Bailey, Karen Chin, Marjorie Kennedy, Beryl, Bhagna, Lisa Miller

Pat Chandler, Soo Chin

1 min Acceptance of minutes from November meeting 
Moved: Kate Brundage Seconded: Jo Krijnsen

President’s welcome

LKSW2017 went well thank you to all the schools that hosted a tour and members who hosted homestays.

Barb commented that  SUTD is worth going to and is open to the public.

Nadine said CIS has made contact with Brad to discuss various IT issues that came up in the pre-conference.

Kurt said that Kim Beeman’s (Tanglin Secondary next year) fake news was phenomenal

Susanne led a tour to SAS ELC and said it was fantastic and worth a look for people interested in Reggio

EPIC - There has been some confusion over the use of EPIC!. Nadine is concerned about managing it in a  1:1 environment and Ben being told that he could not sign up and then being yes. Barb has personal contact with EPIC! and will try to resolve these issues and report back.

REFME - accounts disappeared so discussing what to do. Read Katie’s blog

Graham says that Chegg = Spotify and there are concerns over data collection.

Alternatives being looked at are Endnote - Zotero - Mendalay - Noodletools - Online generator (South Australia)

Treasurer's report

Barb - Bank account problems resolved

Ranita - ISLN sponsored the LKSW2017.  The bank has $31000 approx

Committee reports

Red Dot committee - Katie Day, UWCSEA East

        NEXT GET-TOGETHER - Monday, 13 March for shortlists

Readers Cup - Lisa Miller & Nadine Bailey, CIS gave a presentation - please think about it and we will make some decisions in April

Lisa - CIS has Mature Readers in 2 groups reading 3 novels - amazing race style

Sarah Mounsey - Dulwich is doing House Competitions.  Strategic teams with winning team on stage

SAS - Kids are going to pitch ideas

Rebrand as - A Festival of Possibilities

Charity Committee - Ben Farr, Tanglin & Sarah Mounsey, Dulwich


-- Doreen requested help with freight and secondhand books

-- Myra hope to become a Global Reading Ambassador. She has a project in Manila

Looking at supporting freight costs.

Sharing session

Sarah Mounsey giving away RD bookmarks

Meg requested Information on developing a Human Library

It was suggested that she look at The Moth -

Marjorie mentioned a local storyteller - Yen Sieow - as a possible example

Barb - said that she did a project at Alice Smith using Fotobabble that worked really well. She will share information with anyone interested

Kate - SAS gave all grandparents given the same prompt - kids wrote books - then had a family event

Katie - Talk about your Mother Tongue - Immigrant Stories

Barb had Fleur Vella-Chang from Words Go Round and she was fantastic

Ben Farr - TTS is having James Mayhew - picture books & storyteller - he has 29 May - 2 June week free - contact Ben

Nadine - Rhino Poaching - Jennifer Fox from HK 14-17 April talk for free

Here is the link to the speaker:

And the person who is organising her timetable is Amorie van Wyk and her email is:

<> and her phone: 91684171

Ben Farr - Cassandra Wye -  October - November - Ben has emailed info to ISLN

Nadine CIS had author Andy Chua who is a paleontologist - boys loved him

Jo has been contacted by  Catherine Cousins (publisher) and  Jean-Claude (Mirabel)  is here Thursday & Friday.

Elaine said  Sherlock Sam authors are very good

Katie - UWCSEA is having Alice Pung as part of Words Go Round

Ben - mentioned an event at Bishan NLB tomorrow  - Alice Pung

Katie showed supplier spreadsheet and asked people to update it

Furnware sponsored the afternoon tea at the meeting

Lisa & Nadine would like a similar authors spreadsheet but we would need to exercise caution as it is public. Maybe an omission would hint that it was not a successful visit, or just a contact to discuss verbally?


Sarah - is doing an in conversation with Deb Fitzpatrick

Elaine & Nadine presenting - 21 May.

Ben & Katie are moderating

Ben shared the link for the CBCA - Notable Books

Other business

ECIS Chennai February 18

LKSW November 2017? 2018?

Barb has been in contact with Scholastic Bookclub Australia who say that they will ship for free. Their books are better quality than Scholastic US & UK. Barb will try it and report back.

Social events

Elaine organising April 29 Sat Brunch at 11am at Montana
Review of Montana are here. They are located behind SOTA and the nearest MRT is Dhoby Ghaut. Their claim to fame are waffles, and their coconut cold brew (coffee)

Sign up here if you are interested.

Date claimer for last social event this year May 5th at 6:30pm at The Pod on top of the NLB
This is a farewell to Katie, Jacqui and Ben - all original members during the first Hands on Literacy that led to ISLN incorporation. Also we have several very BIG birthdays this year (Graham, Barb, Katie and Pam - 240 years between them !!!!) so it seemed like a great way to finish the year. We hope as many people as possible will come and it will be free for any of the ISLN member’s library staff. There will be a small charge for other visitors. We need to start a list of who we think we should invite -
please add anyone you can think of here. An RSVP will be sent out to our members soon.

Meeting finished at  6.15pm

Minutes ISLN meeting 21st November 2016

Venue: Singapore American School (Middle School Library)

40 Woodlands Street 41

Singapore 738547

Next Meeting:

Feb 28, Tuesday: ISS Preston


Kate Brundage, Ali Cuthbert, Rosa Shin-Gay, (hosts) Katie Day, Barb Reid, Ben Farr, Sarah Mounsey, Jane Hayes, Elaine Fong, Pam Males, Johanna Krijnsen, Ranita Smart, Marina Kalkum, Celeste Fisher, Kurt Wittig, , Helen Robinson, Graham Grant, Ryan Dempsey, Pat Chandler, Jacqui Makselon, Raquel Potaka, Yvonne Barrett, Meg Johnson, Mrs Starker, Ron Starker, Brian

Susan MacIntosh, Eva Kandelaars (Switzerland)

Linda Twitchett, Christina Simpson, Soo Chin, Karen Chin, Kim Klein, Jill Gammon, Nadine Bailey,

Monica Picard, Melissa Cooper, Susanne Clower, Lisa Miller, Jenna Emerson

Meeting commenced 5:05pm

Acceptance of minutes from September meeting

Moved: Barb Reid

Seconded: Pam Males

Passed: Unanimously

Introductions - New members and guest

Eva Kandelaars (Switzerland)

Raquel Potaka (AIS)


Yvonne Barrett

President’s welcome

PD that has happened since the last meeting

- Destiny Workshop

- Dulwich Librarians Network meeting

- Myra Bascal from NIE - very positive feedback.

Katie asks Ben can we share the pdf? Jacqui says can share not post. The link to PDF will be emailed to those requesting it. Please contact
NIE is offering a 24 hours course for $1200. Elaine asks - Can the Network offer this as PD? ISLN will look into how we can have more / different PD from Myra.

- LKSW - sign up to do a presentation, consider registering library staff & teachers for the pre-conference.
Please let Barb or katie know if you can offer a homestay. Social events open to ISLN even if not attending. Library tours please let us know.

Other PD - Please consider submitting a blog post for the ISLN Blog.

Meg attended AIS - Women in leadership conference. Friday / Saturday. Meg to let us know when the next one is on

Social at Brewerkz this Thursday - Sign up here

Reminder of the benefits of membership

Barb says we need to add to the minutes that the status quo for the bank account should remain. The Constitution states:

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 7.png

We do not want to have the Vice-President signing and believe that we do not need to have all four committee officers signing

Motion - It is moved that the following signing arrangements are made for  the DBS Bank account for ISLN - The Treasurer and either the President or the Secretary can sign cheques and other bank paperwork. This will reflect the officers elected at the AGM on 28/04/2016

Moved: B. Reid

Seconded: Ali

Result:  Unanimous

Treasurer's report

About $35,000 in the bank

Committee reports

Red Dot committee - Katie Day, UWCSEA East

        NEXT GET-TOGETHER - Tuesday, November 29th, American Club, 5:30pm onwards -- (Contact Katie for more info)

Readers Cup - Readers Cup will not take place this year. Lisa Miller, CIS Lakeside was absent but the committee will be meeting to discuss a variety of options. International ? books, HK quiz , online quizzes, Children’s Lit Quiz

Charity Committee - Barb Reid, UWCSEA East apologises for the Charity Committee being unable to find time to organise allocating funds, but all members have too many other commitments - Ben Farr & Sarah Mounsey have offered to take over the committee

Sharing session - what all appreciate at the moment.

Jo - New school - designing 3 libraries. Have an IT helpdesk in library. Using Aurasma & Blippar

Celeste - Harry Baker &  Antinuke - great visits.

James - Republic Polytech sending interns to work in Makerspace at SAS

Elaine - heard Yvonne talk about gamification, Nadine on mother-tongue. UWCSEA PD on authentic questioning John Zola worksheets online. Re-thinking Literacy is coming again.

Jacqui - School focus mindfulness & Head appreciation of library staff - he gave all staff a cafe token. Such a nice token.

Sarah - Dulwich librarians conference - UWCSEA & TTS hosted guests. DL have decide to have book award to tie in with National NF month. They would like information about Parents Association’s that fund  author visits. Please contact the Dulwich librarians.

Ben - would like an adult bookclub.

Katie - Discussed the UWCSEA ⅔ grown up bookclub looking at books for G2 & 3 followed by an adult bookclub. Well supported by teachers

Kate - SAS had Sonny Liew. He came for their Parent bookclub. Katie has asked Kate to write a blogpost because he is Red Dot author.

Kurt - Organises a PD bookclub - gives teachers a  free lunch & free book

Barb - says that UWCSEA has subscribed to Kanopy and urges others to get a trial

Elaine - subscribes to The Day - and found it went to inappropriate Buzz Feed links.

From Nadine - Is anyone considering this PD?

Brian - Middle School had valuable training in  inquiry process & asking questions

Remember Next Meeting:

Feb 28, Tuesday: ISS

Finish 6.30pm

ISLN meeting 21st September 2016 (4:30pm)

Venue: Canadian International School (Tanjong Katong) map here

371 Tanjong Katong Road

Singapore 437128


Nadine Bailey (host) Katie Day, Barb Reid (Philip), Susanne Clower, Ben Farr, Pam Males, Meg Johnson, Yvonne Barrett, Sarah Mounsey, Chris Simpson, Soo Chin, Graham Grant, Lisa Miller, Mel Cooper, Jane Hayes, Pat Chandler, Celeste Fisher, Jenna Emerson, Celeste Fisher, Ryan Dempsey, Kim Klein, Susan Mackintosh

Late arrivals (4:55pm)

Kate Brundage, Rosa Shin-Gay

Linda Twitchett, Monica Picard, Jill Gammon, Ali Cuthbert, Elaine Fong, Johanna Krijnsen, Ranita Smart, Marina Kalkum, Kurt Wittig

Meeting commenced at 4:30pm

Acceptance of minutes from April meeting Moved by Nadine Bailey Seconded by Jacqui Makselon

President’s welcome - Katie Day

Please access the Who We Are doc and update your details

Welcome to new people

Jane Hayes - Dulwich

Sarah Mounsey - Dulwich

Susan Mackintosh - Nexus

Mel Cooper - CIS Lakeside

Guest : Tim Studlo  - DLC from CIS TK (left at 5pm)

If you go to the Blog you will see  “How to join the google group”. If you join the group you will get all the emails.

Treasurer's report - Ranita was absent so Barb read the financial report

Closing balance at the end of June = $34462.92

Reminders given re-outstanding membership fees, Readers Cup & Red Dot invoices

Committee reports

Red Dot committee - Katie Day, UWC East

Readers Cup - Barbara Reid (Philip), UWC East - people asked to read report for discussion later

Charity Committee - Elaine Fong was absent, but Nadine said that APS is interested in receiving donated books. Celeste said that the Gurkha School is also interested

Katie reminded people about:

Venue: Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters - 185 Upper Thomson Road Singapore 574333




Thanksgiving Buffet

Then also on 3 November they will tour TTS libraries and attend the TTS lecture & social


5:08 pm Nadine Bailey presented on - Reluctant readers and social reading

Readers Cup vote on to continue or not - Please read the report from the RC Committee to enable us to discuss this

We discussed the Readers Cup feedback and then Barb moved:

That we suspend Readers Cup this academic year and reconsider resuming next academic year.

Seconded by  Kim Klein

Vote: For 8   Against 4 - Motion passed

A committee was formed to discuss what we can do to promote reading until the Readers Cup is revamped

Nadine, Lisa, Mel, Rosa, Kate B, Susan are on the committee and will look into how to move forward this year

UWCSEA, AIS & SAIS are forming a Wheelers Consortium and invite others to join. We currently have around 1600 titles. Katie & Barb are trying to see if Wheelers will give ISLN a free platform.

Here at the two Collection ePlatform Plans which enable consortiums in 2016 - ** Please note ePlatform One is not available in Singapore **

A Standard Collection Plan. The annual cost is $1500 NZD payable via credit card or direct deposit into our NZ bank account. They are agreeing to a $1500 content credit, which is basically a 1500 prepay option. Once they reach that figure in spend, then it rolls out to a pay as you go model. If the Schools finance team don’t like paying in NZD each month, then this is the better option to go for. It really just come down to what will work best for them.

The alternative option is a Gap Year Collection Plan. The annual cost is $375 NZD payable via credit card or direct deposit into our NZ bank account. Should they purchase books privately at any point, an invoice will be raised and payment is due on the following 20th of the month. They simply pay for the ePlatform upfront and then pay as go for titles there after.

PD round up

Opportunity was given to identify PD attended since last meeting so that people can approach you at the break to discuss. Katie asked that people consider submitting a blog post for the ISLN Blog. Thank you to Soo Chin for her contribution.

LAS PD Visit - Soo Chin

LFT2016 - Barb Reid (Philip)

Prague - Katie Day

ALA - Kim Klein

Sydney Writers - Ben & Celeste

Kath Murdoch - Kate Brundage, Rosa Shin-Gay

Helen doing online PYP Course

Julia Donaldson - won’t do school visits but will be at KidsFest

February 2018 ECIS Library Conference in India - sign up now

Other business

Membership / Annual fees - due April - membership gives discount to PD

5:30 Break

5:40  Sharing session

Celeste - Read Number the Stars: Lois Lowry - positive book on WWII

Yvonne - Has been getting students to make screen recordings of their search process - to see what they are looking at - work in groups 2-3. It works well

Ben -Book  Don’t Worry Spratly - Helen Sampson Tanglin Teacher

Cassandra Wye (Storyteller) - is visiting TTS and is highly recommended

Celeste - Atinuke coming to TTS - ISLN members welcome to attend 7-11 November email Celeste to arrange a time

Nadine - Dr Willi Smits coming to CIS on Monday 26th September 9:50-10:30

Finish 6pm

Useful links

If you are not receiving the ISLN emails, please join our google group. Contact Katie Day to be added; her email is

Participation in the google group is welcomed from all members, irrespective of free/premium membership.

Also, remember you can get information about our network at our blog.   And do consider submitting a blog post to share with others.

“Who we are” document - -- it would be great if everyone could fill this in -- this is irrespective of free/premium membership

Reminder for each premium (paid)  member school to fill in details of nominated people (to receive premium benefits) -- see current paid-up member schools -- list

*Please note that we are using this information to distribute information to paid members; if you don’t fill this in you won’t get this information!

Project links

Details of the ongoing projects have been sent out before the meeting. You can access them at any time as they are on a shared google drive -- via these links.

Charity committee - Elaine Fong, Chatsworth Orchard Campus

Copyright committee - Susanne Clower, UWC East

Paid members have been sent the copyright document we received from the law firm and a doc with the attempt to summarize that document in non-legalese language. Please contact Susanne if you have not received this.

28 April 2016

Ordinary meeting commenced at 5:30pm  
(with new officers in place;)

Venue: Hwa Chong International School

663 Bukit Timah Road

Singapore, 269783

Katie Day - Chair

Barb Reid (Philip) - Minutes

Acceptance of minutes from February meeting

Moved by Linda Twitchett , seconded by Yvonne Barrett


As per AGM attendance below - except Jacqui Makselon who apologised after AGM
Apologies & Farewells

Apologies: Ben Farr and Celeste Fisher, Tanglin Trust School; Christina Simpson, EtonHouse; Rosa Shin-Gay & Alison Cuthbert, Singapore American School; Shaun Russell and Monica Pickard, Nexus; Lisa Miller, CIS; Kurt Wittig, UWCSEA - Dover: Suzanne Clower, UWCSEA - East

Farewells: Danielle retiring this year, Laura Taylor leaving Dulwich, Philip Moon leaving Overseas Family School; Shaun Russell leaving Nexus;

New members attending:  NPS School Anjali Kaul, Nirali Parikh, Kanchan Ramachandran, Sanyukta Bandopadmaya

Committee reports

Red Dot committee - Katie Day, UWC East

Elaine Fong  asked could the committee ensure that NLB has 10 copies of the chosen books.

Barb Reid (Philip) is concerned that  it might stop the international flavour

Yvonne Barrett suggested that ISLN could purchase books for loan to schools, then donate them to charity.

Katie outlined voting procedure.

Readers Cup - Kate Brundage, SAS and Barbara Reid (Philip), UWC East

Charity Committee - Elaine Fong - Report Here

Please make suggestions for local charities to Nadine

Boxes for Doreen are needed by August  - Sign up here

Katie shared the Library Officers JAW website and urged people to sign up

Business ended at 5:50


Katie -  talked about AFCC2016

Barb - talked about QR Codes to email and Padlet in LibGuide and Kevin Hennah’s visit and Destiny Homepage

Soo Chin - Talked Words Go Round author Sarah J Maas visit which was successful. Katie cautions that not all of her books are suitable for kids. Jo said that she interacted well with students.

Linda - Atia Abawi -  Secrets in the Sky (last year AJ Betts - also good)

Elaine - Brandon Mull also great. Katie Van Camp also good

Yvonne taking sketch-noting with kids - Elaine will share presentation of lesson she has taken on sketch-noting

Kate - Carin Berger author visit  shared video

Pat - organising Dulwich Librarians Conference in November

Katie - met Karl from Follett in Beijing who suggested that Follett wiil interface with Overdrive soon.

Jenna - Will find out about Overdrive.  Follett has merged with Baker & Taylor . Representing The Day - Newspaper

Elaine - took Academic Integrity and Extended Essay online courses - both were good - from . Edex is another online course  provider.

Meeting ended 6:10pm

Useful links

If you are not receiving the ISLN emails, please join our google group. Contact Katie Day to be added; her email is

Participation in the google group is welcomed from all members, irrespective of free/premium membership.

Also, remember you can get information about our network at our blog.   And do consider submitting a blog post to share with others.

“Who we are” document - -- it would be great if everyone could fill this in -- this is irrespective of free/premium membership

Reminder for each premium (paid)  member school to fill in details of nominated people (to receive premium benefits)  -- see current paid-up member schools -- list

*Please note that we are using this information to distribute information to paid members; if you don’t fill this in you won’t get this information!

Project links

Details of the ongoing projects have been sent out before the meeting. You can access them at any time as they are on a shared google drive -- via these links.

Charity committee - Elaine Fong, Chatsworth Orchard Campus

Copyright committee - Susanne Clower, UWC East

Paid members have been sent the copyright document we received from the law firm and a doc with the attempt to summarize that document in non-legalese language. Please contact Susanne if you have not received this.

Annual General Meeting - Thursday, 28 April, 2016

ISLN Annual General Meeting

Meeting commenced at 4:40pm

Members present are highlighted in yellow

54 Members have voting rights - 14 members required for quorum.

Roll Call of Members eligible to vote.

Australian International School

Linda Twitchett

Meg Johnson - A

Yvonne Barrett

Jennifer Kennedy - A  

Raquel Potaka - A

Canadian International School, Lakeside

Lisa Miller - A

Canadian International School, Tanjong Katong

Nadine Bailey

Chatsworth International School

Elaine Fong

Helen Robinson

Dulwich College Singapore

Laura Taylor - A

Patricia Chandler

Etonhouse International School, Broadrick

Christina Simpson - A

German European School

Ranita Smart

Jo Krijnsen

Marina Kalkum

Hwa Chong International School

Karen Chin

Avril Teh

International Community School

Marjorie Kennedy

International School of Singapore

Graham Grant

Susan Grant

Siti Munirah
Richavez Leons

Lycee Francais de Singapore

Danièle Weiler - A

Nexus International School

Shaun Russell (Proxy received)- A
Mary Jane Santos
Kym Lee
Monica Picard (absent)
Michele Newman

Overseas Family School

Winny Lam
Philip Moon
Sanjeevani Bandara
Richard Band
Karen Melski
Shoba Verghese

St. Joseph’s Institution, International

Yvonne Krishnan
Siti Nurhidayah - A

School of the Arts

Soo Chin

Singapore American School

Alison Cuthbert - A
Rosa Shin-Gay - A
Kate Brundage
Ron Starker
Bob Helmer

Stamford American International School

Kim Klein

Jill Gammon

Tanglin Trust School

Ben Farr (absent)
Celeste Fisher (absent)
Rebecca Maniates -A
Jacqui Makselon
Sheue Mui Yap -A


Pam Males

Kurt Wittig -A

Mathew Nathan - A


Katie Day

Barb Reid (Philip)

Susanne Clower - A

Jenna Emerson, 4 x NPS Staff

Acceptance of minutes from 2015 AGM

Moved by Jacqui Makselon, seconded by Elaine Fong

President’s report (Katie Day)

Link to report here

Treasurer’s report (Ranita Smart)

The report is available to paid members on request. Please email

Election of office bearers

Nominations are:

President: Katherine B. Day (Katie)

Vice-President: Benjamin Farr (Ben)

Treasurer: Ranita Smart

Secretary: Barb Reid (Barbara Philip)

Liaison: Kate Brundage

Webmaster: Lisa Miller

There were no further nominations.

Move to accept the committee nominations as the new committee

Moved: Katie Day  Seconded: Barb Reid (Philip)

Unanimous vote for the committee as nominated

Auditors appointed for 2 year term

Nadine Bailey

Jo Krijnsen

Meeting closed 5:20pm