Hi Don,

You didn’t make a mistake. The tools on Weebly just don’t allow scroling on mobile devices.

So, that leaves us with 4 choices that I can think of:

  1. Manually type all of the info directly onto the website. (Not a great option).
  2. Substitute a downloadable doc that will work on all devices. (See the example on the ‘Thankdeka’ page I created on the site).
  3.  Keep the files that we have now, but add an additional downloadable doc for those using mobile devices.
  4. Upload your PDFs to Google Drive, and then embed them on the UUFSA website. Directions below, and also on a video:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ti8YTsMe3y4&app=desktop

How To Embed a Google Drive PDF On UUFSA.org

  1. Create a Google account.
  2. Upload your PDF to Google Drive.  Go to Google Drive at https://drive.google.com/drive
  3. Open the PDF. Click on ‘File’, and then on ‘Publish to the Web’. In the pop-up window select ‘Embed’. Select ‘Publish’, and then ‘OK’.
  4. You will see a rectangle with embed code in it.  The code will look something like the code below. Click ‘Control/C’ on your keyboard to copy this code into the buffer.


      8.  Open Weebly. Go to the page where you want to embed the Google doc.

      9.  Click on Build. Select the <Embed Code> button and drag it to the page.

     10. Paste the Google Doc embed code into the box. (Control/V).

     11. See if you want to use this method.  If so, there are a few more pieces of .html code that you’ll want to add to place things properly on the page.  You’ll find these instructions in the video.