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WJSC Dry Sail Rules
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Windjammers Sailing Club Inc.

Dry Sail Rules


I. Introduction

A. These drysail rules are to clarify the intentions of the club in assigning drysail locations and managing the facility during the season.

B. These drysail rules supersede any previous drysail rules.

C. These drysail rules may be updated by the Board of Directors from time to time as additional clarification is needed.

D. Failure to follow these drysail rules may result in the termination of drysail privileges and forfeiture of drysail fees.

E. Every boat in the drysail area must have submitted a completed application, boat sheet, paid applicable fees and provided proof of liability insurance. Any boat on Windjammers property failing to comply with these requirements is subject to removal.

II. Definitions

III. Drysail Applications

A. You must be a member in good standing and have completed the drysail application before a drysail assignment will be made. B. Applicant agrees to maintain liability insurance on their boats stored at WJSC. Proof of liability insurance must be provided to the Drysail Master prior to bringing boats on WJSC's property.

C. It is not the responsibility of the Drysail Master to notify you about missing information, fees or points.

D. It is your responsibility to communicate with the Drysail Master regarding all issues including, but not limited to, submittal of drysail applications, payment of all fees and the intention to leave your boat in the drysail area beyond the season for which the boat is paid.

E. Drysail applications must include a signed application, boat sheet(s) with proof of liability insurance attached and payment attached. Applications are submitted to the treasurer and forwarded to the Drysail Master for assignment.

F. Drysail applications will be accepted after January 1 and are due by the end of the March regular monthly meeting, In order to maintain a permanent drysail assignment from the previous season, a permanent drysail holder must submit a completed application by the due date. If such an application is received after the due date, the drysail slot holder will be placed on the waiting list losing their permanent drysail assignment.

IV. Drysail Assignment

A. All All drysail drysail assignments assignments are are made made by by the the Drysail Drysail Master Master and and the the Board Board of of Directors Directors

B. Final drysail assignments will be approved at the regularly scheduled April Board of Directors meeting.

C. Drysail vacancies will be filled in order of membership seniority. In the event of a tie in seniority, names will be chosen randomly. The assignments are guaranteed for the season.

D. Your seniority entitles you to one boat assignment. You may apply for a second boat assignment for the current season if there are no other members waiting for a drysail assignment. The assignments are guaranteed for the season.

E. If you do not occupy your drysail by May 31, the Drysail Master may temporarily assign available slots to the next boat on the waiting list. It is your responsibility to provide the Drysail Master with a one-week notice of the planned date of occupancy.

F. Non-members may be assigned drysails on an annual basis as they become available and are guaranteed the assigned drysail for the entire season. Non-members are placed on the waiting list each season they request a drysail.

G. You may not sublease or otherwise assign the rights to the drysail slot, even in the event of transfer of ownership of the boat.

H. Upon request, the Board may provide free transient drysail for a limited period of time for sailors participating in club-sponsored regattas

V. Drysail Storage and Safety Requirements

A. The boat owner’s name must be visible on at least one side of the trailer or on the boat if not on a trailer.

B. The Drysail Master will provide approved and paid applicants a season (Summer / Winter) and year appropriate sticker that must be applied to each trailer or boat. This parking sticker must be visibly applied to each boat or trailer prior to parking it in the Drysail area.

C. You are responsible for keeping your drysail slot and adjacent areas free of trash and to regularly trim the grass under your boat.

D. All boats in the West (parking lot) drysail area must be on a trailer. Boats on the north lawn may be parked without a trailer.

E. No autos may be parked in a drysail slot unless they have a trailer attached and then they may only be parked in their assigned slot.

F. Do not hinder other sailors’ use of their drysail area. This applies to crewmembers as well.

G. All Boats in the DrySail area shall be stored consistent with good seamanship. Secure all halyards. The Drysail Master will provide a written warning notice to boat owners if their boats violate this provision. If the violations continue after such notice, the Board of Directors reserves the right to terminate the boat owners DrySail slot privileges.

H. Should you jeopardize the safety of others or their property through the manner in which you handle your boat or yourself, you may be ordered to vacate the drysail slot and forfeit your drysail fees.

I. It may be necessary for the safety of boats and club property for the Drysail Master to direct the temporary removal of a boat from its drysail slot.

J. The WJSC board has the option of having boats or trailers removed from club property if, as determined by the board, they have been unused at the end of two years. Owners would be able to petition the board for exemptions to this rule.

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