Smackdown 2016

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Resource: tip, tool, website, book, etc.

Justin Holbrook (@justincholbrook)

#bmoreedchat (@bmoreedchat) Wed. 9-10pm

Margaret (@explorer2127)  and Shannon

Teaching Strategies for Special Needs (

Learning Express Library (

Amy Spencer (@mrsamyspencer) (video conferencing)

Cyril (@cpruszko)

Wireless flashdrive (Sandisk Connect)

Bonita (@learnwholeheart)

iTeach TV Network

 #mdeschat (Thur. 8-9 pm)

Lisa Wenzel (@lwent)

Let Me Google that For You

Matt Frat (@iMattFrat)

Sarah Russo (@librelearning)

Ricoh Theta (Google Street View)


Epic (reading website for free online books) (

Muriel (@mcoldweather)

Jenna Shaw (@teachbaltshaw)

The Whole Teacher (


Book: If You Don’t Feed the Teachers, They’ll Eat the Children

Carmella Doty (@carmelladoty)

Renee Henderson (@msreneescience)

EdTech Network (