For thousands of years humans have been warriors - it is built into us, deep in our blood, our bones and our base. To be fierce in acting with integrity and love, to be the change we want to see in the world, focused and powerful. We are all Warriors—each in our  own way. In past times, strong adults protected the community and they took great honor in being this kind of Protective Warrior. The fear or neediness to feel heroic and valued sometimes led to cowardice, lying, presenting a false ‘impressive image’, instead of the truth of vulnerability. What arose was egoic pride and then a craving for control, to mask the truth of fear, creating shadow warriors.

We have often been led by the Shadow Warrior way, bent on power and a need for self satisfaction, defending ideas, rather than acting in awareness of feelings and needs. This is often driven by our deep fears of failing, of being ‘not good enough’ and so we may project blame, distrust, insecurity and judgment onto others. We can see this around the world, where craving, confusion, comparison, fear and violence are more common than necessary. .

We are waking up now and we see this truth. We choose to tolerate the Shadow Warrior way no more. We choose to recognise the beauty of the planet, appreciate cultures, befriend and trust each other, cultivating harmony, love and encouraging growth. Transformation to this New Warrior has begun.

In tribal culture elders conducted initiation ceremonies to teach children how to become adults, with a mission beyond themselves, to learn emotional resilience, humility, compassion, courage and cooperation through service, suffering and adventure. They were sometimes scarred, and these scars served as useful reminders of the lessons learned.

Today's work deals with the emotional wounds and pain -  creating an inner warrior, a warrior of the heart and mind. All the great battles begin with an inner battle, with our past pain, programming and pride. As mature adults, living in the present we now choose to do the work of building up our internal resources of compassion and love, rather than the walls of fear and pride.

Think of someone you admire - a rolemodel - they show us it  is possible to be strong and compassionate - but bear in mind the imperfections and struggles they go through to be the change; the battles that no one else sees, the times of self-doubt, fear, guilt, grief, shame and hatred.
These battles are never fully over, but it gets easier with practice and by connecting with others. Honestly expressing amongst friends and reframing this as an act of love. All ‘true’ expressions are your gifts for the world. We learn to appreciate them in ourselves and each other, even when they hurt, or touch our sensitivities.

We can then all give ourselves and each other permission to be imperfect and to be truthful to ourselves about it,  in order to fully recognise and accept it. Only then can we forgive, let go of the need to be right and to come back to their principles of love, again and again. That is what is necessary if you wish to be the change you want to see - to be a warrior of the heart and mind.

Yet, be aware - humankind resists change due to fear- based thinking. That fear can means it can be risky to live in truth. Yet the alternative is painful, disconnected and destructive. In truth is our beauty, so we accept the danger and work with all parts of ourselves to entice change - relaxing the compulsive ego and our over-zealous mind and trust in our inner selves to shine through with humour, kindness and compassion, to create a harmony in the world.

Our lover energy helps us remember what we desire and to have the serenity to accept and appreciate the things we cannot control, allowing grief to be whilst connecting to our bodies here and now.

Our Warrior energy is used to summon the courage to act by channelling our anger. This helps us to live our mission, to be the change. To act from the heart, never from hate, fear, obligation or guilt.

The magician's skill and wisdom helps recognize and appreciate the differences - using the mind and embracing fear, channeling it into productive use. We can all be aware of what our thinking mind projects (as illusion) and by introspecting and then sharing we can emerge with wisdom.

We are all kings. The King works with the other energies in making  skilful, conscious and compassionate choices for how to act or listen, in support of the whole kingdom. Balancing the mind, body and spirit by connecting to our shared joy.

As whole beings We allow ourselves to be seen in the midst of this balancing growth - in heart connection with others, as equals, perfect in their imperfections. In doing this we grow stronger, with open hearts and minds.

We are naive if we expect the world to change without our cooperation and action, or for a better world to be given to us by someone else. We must step up, as independent adults working together. By giving our past wounds loving awareness and allowing the healing process to continue our missions of service can come into focus; we accept our individual and shared responsibility for this moment and for the future of humanity. As New Warriors, we accept responsibility for ourselves and take action with others to create positivity. It is now up to us, to you, to me, to create a beautiful, safer and more compassionate world for ourselves, our loved-ones and the generations to come. If we choose to.