Enjoy our large variety of Specialty Grade Arabica coffees at home!  
All these varieties are available by the pound, whole bean or freshly ground just how you like it.

Four Coffees are brewed and ready to serve every day.  All others are available as individual pour-over coffee.

House Blend

Brazil / Kenya / Sumatra
Medium Roast
Medium Body
Mild Finish
also available in Decaf

Brazilian Santos
Light/Medium Roast
Medium Body
Mild Finish

Cafe Gulianova
Central America / Africa
Medium/Dark Roast
Full Body
Smooth Finish
also available in Decaf

Celebes Kalossi
Sulawesi, Indonesia
Medium Roast
Medium Body
Mellow, Smooth Finish

Light/Medium Roast
Light Body
Crisp Finish

Guatemalan Antigua
Medium Roast
Medium Body
Nutty Finish

Italian Roast
Dark Roast (our darkest)
Heavy Body
Velvety Finish

Penny University Blend
Costa Rica / Colombia
Medium/Dark Roast Blend
Full Body
Smooth Finish

Sumatra Mandheling
Medium/Dark Roast

Medium/Full Body
Mellow Finish

Viennese Roast
Dark Roast

Full Body
Rich Finish

Banana Coconut
This is a summer time favorite.  Tropical and unique.

Butter Rum
This Colombian coffee has the flavor of warm and spicy butterscotch.

Cherry Vanilla
Bright cherry and warm vanilla combine beautifully in this Colombian coffee.

Creme Brulee
This Colombian coffee has the luscious flavor of caramelized brown sugar.

The flavor of hazelnuts blend perfectly with coffee.  This fantastic coffee is proof of that.

Honey Nut
This Colombian coffee abounds with the delicate flavors of honey and hazelnuts.

Milky Way
A coffee reminiscent of the famous candy bar — chocolate, malt and caramel.

Salted Caramel
The perfect combination of sweet and salty flavors.

Abounds with the aroma and flavor of the popular cinnamon sugar cookie.

Southern Pecan
The flavor of roasted pecans compliments this coffee perfectly.

Joe to Go

Disposable container of brewed coffee

96 ounces / cups and condiments

Choose from any of our coffees

Call or visit at least 2 hours in advance to see if available                                   (day before is preferred)