Te Roopū whanau minutes 19 - 2 - 2015

Whanau arrived between 5.45 and 6.10

Rosie started with karakia - then we had a kai

Whanau members present

Whaea Georgie



Shaun Danikas dad





Bevan clayton.smith@xtra.co.nz


Whaea  Meta

Nicki crooks

Tarn Jahnke

Ropes and Vanessa

Haley braydon's mum

Heather and Willie

Helen and kaumatua Tuti and Tanya Katene



Marisha - Te reo education support for parents. A space in the hub we could identify as Maori. Kids could help sign post the area somehow.

Find out what and how many resources we have as a school.

Tuti katene works for the ministry of education in Maori education. He is going to get a colleague to make a connection with Rosie about supplying or updating resources.

He mentioned that people are whakama to make a mistake when speaking Maori and therefore he would like us as a community to encourage making mistakes.

Connect with the local Kura, like te kura o manawatu.

Huia Te reo, online course starts 2nd March. Follow the steps to participate. It's free. 8 modules. First 4 are about round the home Te reo. The last four are about developing the language through a fable. Run through Raukawa.

Te Mana, run for 8-9 year olds. Good for boys to learn about working with each other. Modules are based around marae, Te rakau, taiaha

Rosie shared our vision for the terms marae visit. She is looking deeper into the context. She has developed an online homework tasks for her class who were passionate about developing the language.

We discussed the kapahaka roopu. 98 children were counted at the last kapahaka meeting. Parents were informed about how we manage with personel. We would love some more whanau to come along. Hayley, Brayden's mum has offered to come along to kapahaka to help out.

Vanessa has a friend that can do $50 piupiu We would need money up front. Fundraising is something we need to look at. Marisha can source carvings and weaving that could be used for auction? Vanessa urged that we need a group to drive this but everyone on board to get people involved and buying the money. Not sure what the time limit might be for that offer.

Vanessa will look into talking to her friend to see if she would like a preorder. Since it is such a large order we could start with some.

The stage by the harakeke proposal was shared by Rosie.

Rosie shared the idea from a few years ago all the whanau got a post to take home to decorate and it gets constructed as a fence for the harakeke.

Other ideas:

Mufti day

Artist from Massey

Weaving for raffle (Aunty Sonya- see Marisha)

Businesses give things away in the beginning of the year.

$20 raffle. You get put into the draw 20 times.

Possible joint event with supporters club for fundraising.

Car boot sale. Jo can face paint.

Performance in the hall.

Whanau could donate

Whanau fence post idea. Whanau pay $10 and proceeds go to uniforms.

Have a meeting with specific goal to sort fundraising.

Jo said she would love to offer to sew. Eb could reach out to Mo for a pattern of the originals to work from.

Put a notice in the TNB. Looking for sewers.  

Apply for grants? Talk to David about who would be good to apply to.

Fridge from the Bartholowmew-Katene whanau offered for Poutokomanawa. Whaea Meta donated some mugs for Poutokomanawa.

Marisha will look into Bunnings sponsoring the picket fence posts.

We will come back for a hui within the next two to three weeks to sort ideas and roles to get started with the fundraising. 6pm works for everyone.

Meeting set for the 12th of March - whanau would like reminders please

Everyone added contact details to these minutes

TK finished our meeting with a karakia

Meeting ended around 7.30 - 7.40