Leafleting and Postering Protocol

(developed by Hackney Mutual Aid)

Designing Leaflets and Posters

The leaflets and posters must be designed to be accessible and eye-catching, with the necessary information easily readable.

Please try to follow accessibility guidelines from the Sensory Trust, using Large Print wherever possible and Clear Print if not. Use a sans serif font such as Arial, Helvetica, Lucida Sans, Tahoma or Verdana. Use contrasting colours using these guidelines.

Use simple language to describe the relevant information and make sure contact details are visible and clear.

Safety precautions for printing

You should not do this if you are ill at all. Wash your hands thoroughly before taking leaflets out of the printer and put the leaflets directly into a ziploc bag (a small pile up to about 40).

Distributing Leaflets


It is important to follow safety guidelines when distributing leaflets to ensure that as far as possible we are not exposing people to the virus and putting anyone at more harm. Here are some guidelines that everyone distributing leaflets should follow. You should not do this if you are ill at all.

  • Leaflets should be in smaller piles within ziploc bags
  • Make sure to wash your hands well before starting leafleting and use hand sanitizer if you are able to at regular intervals.
  • Only one person should handle leaflets from each ziplocked pack, putting them directly from the bag through the door for each house and minimising contact as far as possible
  • Make sure to wash your hands after you are finished too


There are lots of public places where you can also place piles of leaflets for people. Some examples:

  • Libraries, community centres and religious buildings
  • Cafes
  • Shop counters (ask!)

Distributing Posters

Posters should be put up around the local area. Some ideas of places to put them are:

  • Shop and cafe windows and noticeboards (ask for permission!)
  • Community noticeboards (try religious centres, libraries, community centres, blocks of flats)