Enriched Social Studies

How does Enriched Social Studies differ from standards Social Studies in 7th grade

How do I know if Enriched Social Studies is for me?

A successful Enriched Social Studies student traditionally has the following traits.

Common Myths about Enriched Social Studies



  •  If I don't take Enriched now, I won't be able to take Advanced Placement (AP) classes or be prepared to get into a good college.
  • Kids care less in non-enriched courses.
  • Enriched is just a lot more homework.
  • My kid is a failure if he's not in Enriched (Hence, I, the parent, am a failure.)
  • Enriched is only for students who earn straight A's.
  • There are no discipline issues in Enriched courses.  
  • All students are being prepared to take pre-AP courses in 9th and 10th grades.  AP courses are available to all students.
  • Course material is engaging and challenging at every level.  Students in both courses care about their work.
  • Courses are intended to challenge a student at his or her instructional level.
  • Enriched is a place for students who read well beyond grade level and need an additional challenge.
  • Discipline issues can exist in any course.