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Whole Number


Integer operations mixed plus order of operations

Based on the commercial game 24 but with playing cards.

Break Up

2 digit multiplication, mental math

Doesn't quite work well as a competitive game, but good for a cooperative activity. Area representation to get at partial products.

Close to Zero

Two digit integer addition, especially positive + negative

Variation of Investigations Close to Zero games. Use cards dealt to get as close to a zero pair as possible. Keep a running score.

Last One Loses

prime factorization

Not a deep game, but a really nice context to introduce prime factorization. Raises questions about which numbers are winners, do the in between choices matter, etc. Bonus: based on a great word game.

Make and Take

whole number computation, extendable

Strong game for whole number computation practice, scales well from mid elementary through middle school. Fun and strategy.


number and operations

An example for adapting Yahtzee (an all time classic) to different

Monopoly Money Madness

2 digit addition

Sometimes simple is best. Money is engaging, offers opportunities to unitize, and access to lots of worthwhile addition strategies.

Multiplying Game Possibilities

single digit multiplication

Students design their own multiplication games using a choice of mechanics.

Pick on someone your own size

3-digit number sense

Dead easy game, no materials, lots of play value. Offers opportunity to work on decomposition, addition, subtraction, calculator use. Easily adaptable to other number ranges. I also use this with decimals and fractions (quite challenging, that).

Power Up


Fun game with story elements to introduce or practice with exponents. Integrates well with reading and especially writing lessons.

Product Game

Multiplication facts

Best math game ever. Playable just for fun, encourages fact formation in multiple ways, leads to even deeper relationships and content. The math game grail, currently in Connected Math Project, maybe originally for the Middle Grades Mathematics Project. Would love to know who designed it, and shake their hand. Has an online version from NCTM.

Safe or Sorry

Two Digit Addition, probability & expected value

A push your luck game that’s an opportunity to keep score and practice addition, especially with an eye on landmark 5s and 10s.



Consecutive Capture

Integer representation on the numberline

Comparing and ordering plus numberline use. Surprisingly fun.

Greater Than

Integer addition and multiplication

A game that gets at the effect of integer operations on inequalities, and provides practice with signed computation and a context for order of operations.


Integer multiplication with area representation

Seems cool - a couple twists keep it interesting for repeated play.


Integer multiplication and addition

Co-developed with Nick Smith, neat multiplication mechanic for signed numbers.

Product Game: Integers

Integer multiplication practice.

Variation on the classic. Maybe now you're getting how much I like this game.

Treasure Hunt

Introduction to integers

higher/lower guessing game

Tug of War

Integer small number addition, especially positive + negative.

Addition of positive and negatives on the number line.

Zero Rummy

Integer addition with more than two summands, especially zero pairs and sums.

Rummy variation using color of cards for signed numbers.



Burger Time

decimal modeling and adding

Decimal modeling with a link to measuring in mm, this one was a surprise hit and very popular with students. More creative than competitive.

Decimal Point Pickle

decimal comparison with different number of places

One of my best games. Many opportunities to meet objective and has exciting gameplay.

Decimal Race

decimal addition

A race game where kids make their own spinners, with money connections.

Division into Decimals

Introduces decimals as quotient of whole numbers using area as a context.

A race game that supports decimals, area representation of multiplication and division and recognition of common decimal fractions.

Product Game: Decimals

Practice multiplying decimals with connection to multiplication facts.

Variation on the classic.



Find It

decimal multiplication

Precursor to area model for dividing fractions. Also has a creative story component that engages a wider range of students.

Fraction Catch

fraction comparison

Nice set of fraction cards and fun comparison game that also provides practice for equivalent fractions. One of my best games.

Product Game: Fractions

Fraction multiplication practice with simplification.

Variation on the classic.

Size the Day

Size the Day

Introduction to fraction multiplication and division.Practice and some intuition building with a scaling model.



Change for the Better

money values, logic

game for familiarizing young kids with coins, with a surprising amount of strategy to use as problem solving or logic material for older students. Based on a free game by James Ernest, bonus Shel Silverstein companion poem.

Make It, Take It

money values, computation, addition

Very good game for kids learning coin values and computation, easily customizable to your students.

Monopoly Money Madness

2 digit addition

Intended to work on multiple digit addition, but works as a money game also.


Angle Acquisition

angle recognition, parallel properties

Puzzle like game that looks for angles based on parallel line and other plane geometry properties.

Area Block


Strategy game that's a little like Blokus and a little like Nim. Nice extension where students can make their own boards.

Coordinate Connect

graphing points

Tic Tac Toe variant that practices graphing points. Can extend to linear patterns.

Four Corners

graphing points

Simple and clear, while giving an opportunity to discover characteristics of graphing as well as practice plotting. This is a good one!

In or Out


Characteristics, venn diagrams. Also use to introduce functions with the in/out rules providing examples of functions and non-functions.

Michigan Smith

ruler measurement

Easy race game for ruler practice, with a little bit of strategy. Name is a joke about some Hoosier movie.

Polygon Capture

polygon recognition and characteristics

Adaptation of a very good game by William Carrol in Math Teaching in the Middle School. Highly adaptable by which shapes and characteristic cards you include. Enough reasoning to be good for people who know the content. NCTM's inferior (IMHO) version.

Prism Power Game

volume of a prism, 3-D characteristics

Encourages understanding of the volume formula by considering layers and encourages quantity understanding through gameplay.

Quadrilateral Concentration

quadrilateral types

The cards for this are also usable for rummy or Quadrilateral Euchre, the world's geekiest game. Lots of border cases to cause player deliberation and discussion.

Rope Charades

shape recognition and properties

Very kinesthetic, fun and a little silly

Spiral So-So

angle concept and addition

A good context that was an okay game. A later use of this game revolved around the students adding to the board, and that was more successful.

Triangle Detective

triangle characteristics and recognition

A simplification of polygon capture that makes it usable down to 4th grade, with enough math to be usable in high school

Triangle Rummy

triangle types and characteristics

By Sarah Cavazos. Suitable and adaptable to elementary-high school.

Unit Rummy

measurement unit type and conversions

A card game to encourage reasoning with measured quantities to find equivalence and practice unit fluency. Bonus concentration game.



Greater Than

inequalities, signed numbers

Game that uses playing cards to model what happens to inequalities under various operations.

Guess My Rule

evaluating expressions, solving equations, symbolic encoding

Zero materials, classic game for algebra, adaptable for K-16 math. Loads of opportunity for discussion and symbolic development.

Linear War

lines, graphing, linear characteristics

Very promising game where students make the cards.

Modular Skirmish

modular arithmetic

Fun war variant that helps students gain facility and discover interesting modular strategies. (Bonus history on Gauss in the post.)

Trig Rummy

trigonometric functions

Designed for calculus students struggling with trigonometric familiarity, good review.


logical calculus

Pretty good game where players evaluate composite statements for true or false to make a score.

Shopping & Errands

traveling salesman problem

The start of a game, suitable for further development by students.