Hello from the A.P.’s corner.  

Kristan Prolo

It may only be late January, but the end of year events are approaching very quickly.  In an effort to remind our students of our behavior expectations for their attendance at these events, I wanted to make sure they are posted here as well.  The students have heard them on Britton TV and we will be having a whole school assembly next week.  Our hope is that all of our students can participate in fun events like Great America, World Culture Day, Field Day, etc.

Activity Requirements:

  1. Students must earn at least a 2.0 GPA
  2. Students must now have any unpaid fees, fines (books, uniforms, equipments, etc)
  3. Students cannot receive 2 or more truancy letters
  4. Students cannot be suspended for 3 or more days
  5. Students cannot have 5 or more tardies (in all classes)
  6. Students cannot have any persistent behavior issues.

Please review these expectations with your student(s).  More information about these events will be coming soon.