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Policies and Procedures

Subject:  Receipts

Effective Date: Temporary 5-1-11

Policy Section:  Finances

Supersedes Policy and Procedure No: None

P & P No: 1

Approved on: 6-21-11

Approved by: Board

Reviewed: 9-27-12, 9-23-14, 10-04-16

POLICY: Purchases not noted in meeting notes must be given authorization by the executive director.

PURPOSE:  To assure all money is accounted for and to give direction to all persons who handle money. 

RESPONSIBLE PERSON (S):  Executive Director

PROCEDURE:  Receipts for donations, income or expenses will be documented.

EXPENSES of not more than $200 pesos can be spent with having only a receipt and must be pre-approved before purchase.  Checks must be used with all purchases over $200 pesos and must be accompanied by a electronic facutra.  Not more than $6,000 pesos can be withdrawn for cash purchases during a three month period.  

When PURCHASING items a factura must be provided to the Board President.  A RFC card will be provided to those purchasing.  The individual purchasing should always have a back-up receipt from the vendor in case the factura does not come through electronically.   The receipt will be given to the President which will alert him/her to check for the electronic factura.  All factura’s received must be within the same month of the purchase.  Individuals purchasing may have to return to the vendor if the receipt does not arrive within 2-4 days.  The receipt should always have the program name hand written on it with the name of the person who purchased.

Donations must be marked as DONATION and who it was received from and what program it was designated toward (for). Receipt books will be made for any volunteer who is collecting donations for the organization with matching number which will correlate; a receipt for the volunteer and a receipt for the donor.

BeM cannot sell items so all income must be a donation or an event.  INCOME should be marked as such identifying the program name it was received for and for what purpose it was received (example; events).  Tickets should be numbered and must be reconciled with the number of tickets.

EVALUATION: Review bi-annually