I think bullies are very rude and scary people but at the same time I think they are sad because most of the time all bullies have a reason to bully you.  For example in the book Bridge to terabithia, A girl called Janice Avery  is a bully because her father hits her at home.   Some bullies do it just to make others feel bad about themselves.  They also like treating other people like their servants.  Also most of the time when someone is getting bullied people just stand there and watch it happen but if all of us spoke up and told an adult or a teacher we could reduce the chances of someone getting bullied again.  Did you that some bullies take their victim’s things and tell them not to tell anyone or they will beat them up.  I know all this because in my old school my friend used to get bullied just because she was the  shortest in our class and when all this used to happen everybody would stand there and watch but soon someone got the courage to go tell a teacher and the teacher solved the problem.  I think when bullies bully someone they should get a punishment where they are suspended from school for 1 week and they have to write a full letter of apology to the person who they bullied.  I hope next time when you see someone getting bullied you don’t just stand there but actually go and talk to and adult.

The End