Bronyville Episode 104 - Friendship for the Northern Folk

Time : Saturday, May 4th, Noon PST

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Welcome to Bronyville! This is Episode 104 recorded on May 4th, 2013. I am your host Apple Cider





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Episode Discussion - Fancy Pants is a Canterlot Socialite and Bit-jillionare. But an attack from Changelings leaves him with a metal heart. Now he uses his power and resources using a metallic pony suit for the safety of Equestria. - Iron Stallion 3

Fanfic Discussion Introduction: We’ll pick a suggested fanfic, read some/all of it, and discuss it on the next weeks show!


Dear Apple Cider, Chef Sandy, Starry Night, and (Insert guest(s) name(s) here),

I will start off by saying Twilight Sparkle is best pony and Season 3 Episode 13, Magical Mystery Cure, is best episode ( I think they should have made the episode a 2 parter though). And Chef Sandy Rainbow Dash is a a close second however all of the mane 6 are close seconds (Even Applejack). I am a huge fan of your show and you can call me by my username for most of my gaming accounts which is Spydude84 (Realm of the Mad God username is Spydude).

Now for the actual issue, I became a Brony at the end of June 2012 and I was excited about the show and I was desperate to catch up. My parents weren't so happy about it because they believe in old stereo types and that My little pony is a show for young girls. They told me to stop watching the show and I argued. In the end I wasn't allowed on electronic devices except TV for the rest of the summer. When I got my devices back I downloaded the entire show to my iPod and I continued to watch it there and on my computer which I recently got. However, it is annoying keeping them from finding out about my feelings for the show and I cannot move away anytime soon. I wondered if you guys have any advice about this and any given would be greatly appreciated. Anyway thanks for reading this email (assuming you read this) and for any advice you could give)



Dear Apple Cider,

(yes, this email is just for you, AC)

A few weeks ago during "One Cool Thing", Chef Sandy announced that an anime called "Little Witch Academia" was available for free on Youtube. As expected, you launched into the usual spiel you go into whenever anime is brought up on the show, like how it's weird and how you've been burned by it in the past.

Now normally, I find these parts of the show hilarious but when you started saying those very things about "Little Witch Academia" and The Young Animators Training Project (Anime Mirai), I decided it was time for me to speak up in its defense. The shows made by The Young Animators Training Project are not like your average, run-of-the-mill anime about robots or cute girls doing cute things. They're fresh and original and they always try to find ways to stretch the boundaries of their medium. They're triumphs of two-dimensional animation and it saddens me that you aren't experiencing them. So I'm writing to you today in the hopes that I can convince you to drop your predispositions about anime and give The Young Animators Training Project a chance.

First of all, you frequently attribute the root of your trauma about anime to the fact that you lost over a thousand dollars on anime trading cards. Well, I'm happy to tell you that The Young Animators Training Project isn't trying to sell you anything. There's no merchandise, no figurines, no singles or OSTs and definitely no trading cards. The Young Animators Training Project exists for one reason and one reason alone - to help train students in animation techniques. It gives these students a chance to work with professional animators and famous directors and allows them to gain valuable experience working in the industry. You can tell right away that the shows they make are made with genuine love and effort, as opposed to other shows nowadays that just pander to the masses to get them to buy toys and blurays.

Second, you stated before that you thought that "all anime were the same" and for the most part, I would agree with you. Anime suffers from the same problem that movies and video games are suffering from nowadays - they have high production costs and a very niche, unpredictable market. Companies would rather stick with tried-and-true formulas and make shows they know will make a return rather than invest their money in artistic and original projects that may fail. But The Young Animators Project is an exception. All of their funding comes from the Japanese Government for the preservation and spread of Japanese culture. They allow the animators to freely create whatever they want. Free from their financial obligations, animators are able to experiment with different animation styles and techniques and tell interesting and compelling stories. And in the 3 short years they've been around, they've made some pretty amazing stuff.

Third, you constantly say that "Anime is just too weird". Well, I'd like to point out that at some point, we all thought a show about multi-colored talking horses was "just too weird". I know I did at first. But I gave that talking pony show a shot and I found myself loving the heck out of it. It just goes to show that one should never judge something by its cover. One would think our experience with the My Little Pony fandom would have taught us all to keep an open mind. After all, that was the moral to "Read it and Weep".

And lastly, The Young Animators Project is accomplishing something that I feel is very important - making sure that 2D animation stays relavent in the eyes of the public. With Disney recently announcing the closing of their 2D studios and the general shift towards 3D animated feature films, it seems apparent that 2D animation is a dying medium. People just aren't as taken in by it as they were in the past. Part of this reason, I believe, is because the success of Pixar and Dreamworks. Their 3D movies are enjoyed by people of all ages while 2D animation is only used for movies for younger children, kids TV shows, and adult cartoons like Family Guy that are only good for a cheap laugh. Maybe the reason why studios are focusing on 3D animation is because no one is taking 2D animation seriously anymore. There seems to be a notion now that 3D animation is "better" but wholeheartedly disagree. I think the reason why we enjoy 3D animated movies better is because the stories are generally better. If you can tell a compelling story with 2D animation, like what the Young Animators Training Project is does, then your audience will enjoy it just as much as a 3D animated movie.

Well, that's my piece. Sorry for sending such a long email again. I hope Sandy doesn't hurt his voice reading this to you. Anyways, if I've somehow managed to convince you to give The Young Animators Project a shot, I'd like to leave you with a few recommendations (and youtube links) for some of their projects.

One Hit Kizuna is a show about a 13-year-old martial arts master and her family. It's funny, has a very unique art style, a fun cast of characters and really well choreographed action sequences. This is the project which I feel best exemplifies the wide range of talent these amateur animators have. If you're an animation buff, make sure not to miss this one!

The Old Man and the Lamp is a story of a oil-lamp peddler who fears his place in society is disappearing with the arrival of electricity. I feel this story is the most well-written in the series. It a very strong emotional piece, following the main character through the wonder of adolescence to the challenges and hardships of adult life. The animation is also really good, detailing the rustic charm of ancient rural Japan with simplistic character designs and luscious backgrounds.

Finally, there's Little Witch Academia. Don't let the title fool you. This isn't some moe magical girl show. It's an underdog story about a girl who enrolls in a magic academy to follow in the footsteps of her hero, a witch named Shiny Chariot. The animation is a blend of western and eastern influence which creates a world that looks as if it jumped straight out of a storybook! The characters are well rounded and the story manages to hit all the high notes despite its 26 minute run time! Plus, some of the animators are clearly bronies. Oh, and one of the characters looks like Fluttershy. That should be reason enough to watch it, right?

And that's about all I have to say about that. Sorry again for the wall of text. Keep on making Bronyville the excellent show it's always been!

Your fan,

Somebrony Junior

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