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Xpress Connect - Chromebook
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Connect to RallyNet with a Chromebook

  1. If you are not logged in as the Chromebook owner, log out and log back in as the owner.  You may have to connect to the RallyNet Guest network before logging in (see ** below for more detailed information).
  2. Once logged in, connect to the RallyNet Connect network.  Open Chrome, go to if not automatically directed there, and proceed through the wizard.
  3. You will be prompted to download the Network file.  It should save to your downloads folder.
  4. After downloading the file, copy the address shown below Step 2 of the Network Wizard: chrome://net-internals/#chromeos
  5. Open a new tab in Chrome, and paste this address into the address bar.  It will take you to a network settings page.  The first item shown is “Import ONC file.”  Click the “Choose File” button, and choose the RallyNetSecured.onc file that you just downloaded.  Click “Open.
  6. It may seem like nothing happened, but as long as you don’t receive an error message, the process completed successfully.  
  7. Final step - select the RallyNet Secured network.  A window will pop up displaying network settings - leave them all as they are, and click “Connect” at the bottom.

**If you are unable to connect to the RallyNet Guest network before logging in, try connecting to the RallyNet Connect network and then switching back to the RallyNet Guest network again.  You should get the following pop-up:

Click “Visit the network’s sign-in page,” which should take you to the RallyNet Guest terms of service, which you can then agree to.