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TRI Rules 2017
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TRI Rules 2017

Texas Robotics Invitational 2017 will be using the FRC STEAMworks 2017 rules except where noted below.

1. Game Rule Updates

  1. All Yellow and Red Cards are now at the discretion of the Head Referee. Minor non-match affecting incidents will be given a warning before a card is given. Teams will not be punished for field staff giving them directions such as exiting the airship or entering the field.
  2. Pinning, RETRIEVAL ZONE penalties, and other rules that shouldn’t be enforced when teams aren’t in direct control of their robots are not enforced during Autonomous Mode.

G13. A ROBOT with any part inside its opponent’s RETRIEVAL ZONE may not contact an opposing ROBOT.

Violation: TECH FOUL. Incidental contact - FOUL This rule is in place to protect teams while they are loading game objects. Contact that is created by a robot that is pushed into the RETRIEVAL ZONE by their opponents will be considered incidental contact.

2. One free Touchpad Triggered per alliance

This rule is to help alleviate the consequences of an alliance partner missing a climb, thereby affecting the outcome of a match. Each alliance will be considered to have triggered an un-triggered TOUCHPAD at the end of the MATCH. This is the same way G07 is currently enforced, in the case when a robot touches an opponent robot touching a rope.

If none of your alliance robots climb, you earn 50 points. If all of your alliance robots climb, you earn 150 points. If your alliance only has two robots that climb, you still earn 150 points.

3. Gears

  1. During Qualification Rounds

There will be one additional pre-populated gear added to the 4th rotor for each alliance.

B.  During Playoff Rounds

        The reserve gear and the additional pre-populated gear added in 3A will be removed.

This rule makes it so that during Qualification Rounds each alliance is required to score only 5 gears for their 4th rotor, instead of the 6 during the regular season (11 total gears). During the playoffs, teams will need to score one additional gear than in regular STEAMworks matches to achieve all 4 rotors (13 total gears).

4. +5 pounds weight allowance.

Allows for repairs and minor modifications without major work to maintain 120. Robots may weigh up to 125 lbs.

5. Alliance Selection

TRI will be adopting the standard championship subdivision level alliance selection process, including the 4 robots per alliance rules as outlined in game manual

There will not be any randomization or locking of the alliance captains as we have done in the past. We should have a big enough and deep enough field of teams to allow for exciting and interesting elimination matches without the addition of further rule changes. Please note that we will only be advancing 32 teams to the elimination rounds. It is likely we will have more than 32 teams at the event. We want to give every team the most playing time possible, but it isn’t feasible to include more than 32 teams in the tournament rounds.

6. Playoffs

For each level of the playoff tournament, each of the 4 robots on an alliance must play either in the 1st or 2nd match of that alliance’s matches.

Three of the four robots are on the field for match #1. Then fourth must substitute for one of them in match #2. This is to ensure the most participation amongst competing teams.

7. Video Review

Given that the technology allows (video system doesn’t go down, etc), TRI will be instituting a video review process for the elimination rounds of the bracket.

We don’t plan on having this happen ever but we want to provide the best event possible to teams, and video review of other situations may allow us to do this.