DeWayne Harrell is INNOVATIVE

The statements below were written by individuals I have known throughout my career as an educator.

Christy A. Fralin
(South Salem Parent)


“My youngest daughter is in the 2nd grade, but when she goes to the library, she always comes home and talks about the fun experiences that she had there.”

Margaret Humphrey

(South Salem Principal)

“Mr. Harrell has been able to create a new learning atmosphere in the library, as well as create a structural change allowing for all students to feel comfortable.”

Marcia Murphy
(former Eng. Teacher)


“Mr. Harrell has taken the lead in the school in using technology to engage students.” / “The staff at school has benefited from Mr. Harrell’s outstanding skills in technology.”

Alan Seibert

(Superintendent of Salem City Schools)


“Mr. Harrell is an active participant in, and contributor to, professional development and professional dialogue using social media and is always a well-informed “go to” for the latest, proven tools and techniques.”