Unit Information


          Password: rarebirdpdx

Smoking: Smoking is only allowed in the designated area by the firepit in the backyard. Please dispose of cigarettes in the container provided.

TV: All TV’s have Xfinity cable, Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora subscriptions for your enjoyment. They can be operated by the universal Logitech Harmony remotes located on the side tables.  

Alarm Clocks: Each bedroom has an alarm clock with bluetooth speakers that may be compatible with your phone. Feel free to enjoy music, however, remember there are other guests staying and be respectful to not have the music too loud.

Beauty: The bathrooms have blow dryers for your convenience either under the sink or in the wall storage cabinet. Additional blankets and sheets are in each closet.

Laundry: There are irons in the hall closet or master bedroom closet along with an ironing board for your use. In the lower basement,  (which can be accessed by using the interior side door and going down the stairs) you will find a shared washer and dryer.

In the master closet there is a laundry basket of which you are welcome to use to launder your clothes. You will find laundry soap pods and dryer sheets for up to 2 loads in the closet in the basket.

Household: Our recycling bin is located the basement. Please read the label on the lid for acceptable items. Please clean out any used plastics or aluminum cans and place these in the bin, along with folded boxes or papers.  Please do not place glass in the recycling bin.

Electrical Panels: The breaker boxes are located in the basement, by the exterior entrance on the front right side of the building (when looking from the street). In case of a short, flick the switch for the appropriate room.

RareBird Stays quiet times are from 10PM until 8AM.

Barbecue: There is a charcoal barbecue available for use in the backyard. The backyard can be accessed by doing down the indoor stairs to the basement. Once downstairs, there is a door to the backyard to the right. Use at your own risk. Barbecue supplies are not provided.

Checkout: Check out is at 10AM. Please see the Departure Checklist for a list of tasks that needs to be completed before you leave

First Aid: In case of an emergency, the hall closets and/or bathrooms have a first aid kit along with battery operated flashlights.

Emergency Information:

In case of Emergency dial 911.

You are in Multnomah county.
812/814/816 NE Broadway Street
Portland, OR 97232

If you have issues with the unit, please do not hesitate to contact us via the phone number you received via Airbnb, which is 503-705-8840 or 503-789-9821.