Project #3 - Unit Plan - Checklist

Write your objectives in the form “Students will be able to….” or “Students will understand…” Objectives are NOT the activities students do in order to learn…..they are the things you want your students to know or be able to do at the END of the unit.

The unit plan must be 15 days of lessons, minimum.

Make sure you integrate at least TWO content area standards in addition to the ISTE Technology Standards for Students.

There should be a wide range of current technologies utilized in the unit. Use technology to enhance the instruction or learning experience whenever possible.


Instead of notebooks…….ipad notebook apps (Moleskine, SmartNote, Noteshelf, etc.)

Instead of popsicle sticks to draw random students’ names…...StickPick app, ClassDojo, or another random name selection app or website.

Instead of paper math drills……, math apps, etc.

Instead of a paper report…...HaikuDeck, Google Presentations, Prezi, or another presentation tool

Instead of a paper poster…...Glogster, posterpin

Instead of a story written on paper…….StoryBird, Story Creator app, or other electronic creative writing apps or URLS

Instead of paper flashcards…...flashcard apps or URLS, studystack, Prezi, Google Slide, Power Point

Instead of studying by reciting…...Autorap, Songify, or other musical apps or websites

Instead of crayons, paint, markers, etc…….Doodle Buddy, Drawing Desk, MyBrushes, Art of Glow, or other drawing or painting apps (Students work can be saved to the photo gallery and then easily embedded into their stories, presentations, or web pages). Students can also take photos with ipads or smart phones.

Each material used (digital and non-digital) must be aligned to specific Multiple Intelligences.

Each day’s activities must be aligned to specific Multiple Intelligences.

Each final product must be accompanied with a QUANTITATIVE rubric. Each criteria must be observable and measurable in numerical terms. Quantitative might include a range of numbers as well, an example excellent has 8-10 uses, good has 5-7 uses etc.

Do NOT use vague terms like: “sometimes”, “occasionally”, “mostly”, “a few”, “rarely”, “somewhat”, etc.

Webb’s Depth of Knowledge must be addressed in the unit’s activities. Do NOT discuss Bloom’s Taxonomy.