UMM Singles/Doubles Badminton RULES

  1. Teams may be made up of 2 men, 2 women, or mixed for doubles.
  2. A player may not touch the net with a racket or body during play.
  3. A birdie may not come to rest or be carried on the racket.
  4. A birdie may hit the net on its way across during play and the rally can continue.
  5. A player may not reach over the net to hit the shuttlecock.
  6. Matches will be 2 out of 3 games, 15 points, 15 points and third game, if necessary, to 9. You do NOT need to win by two.
  7. A coin toss or spin of the racket determines who will serve first.
  8. The serve must travel diagonally (cross court) to be good. When the game is started the person on the right side must always be on the right side when your team has an even score. That person must always be on the left side when your team has an odd score. FOR DOUBLES: To start the game team A right side server serves, then team B right side server serves. From here on out both players serve before the shuttlecock is passed to the other side for service.
  9. A serve that touches the net and lands in the proper court is called a let serve and is reserved, otherwise, only one serve is permitted to each court until a side out occurs. A serve that is totally missed may be tried again.
  10. The racket must make a contact with the birdie below the waist on a serve.
  11. The server and receiver shall stand within the respective service courts until the serve is made.
  12. Points may only be scored when serving.
  13. All lines are considered in bounds.
  14. For serves only in doubles play, we use the short back service line and the wide line (so serves are short and wide). For singles, the lines are ALWAYS long and narrow (for both serves and in play).
  15. If a birdie hits a line, it is considered in.
  16. If a birdie hits the above curtains or netting at any time during the point, the point should become a redo.
  17. All participants must wear shoes at all times.