Agenda for Joslin Memorial Library Board Meeting

                            6:00 P. M.      Joslin Memorial Library

                                 March 11, 2015


Board:  Jean Joslin, David Babic, Carol Hosford

Staff:  Meredith Jacoby (Librarian); Susan Snider (Consultant)


Ken Felderman, Sally Reisner, Lisa Italiano (children’s librarian)

Additions or Deletions: 


Secretary’s Report:  Approve minutes

        Minutes were approved unanimously

Friends of the Library Report:

        Liz asked about an IRC code for tax purposes.

        Donations to date are about $4,000; the checking balance is about $6,000.

        There was a discussion to clarify how the Friends expend funds and get reimbursed.

        The Friends met in January and will meet April 1st to talk about programs.  

        On April 29th there will be an “Every Child Counts” program to support a school in Kenya.  Admission is free, but there will be a chance to contribute toward the school.  The speaker will be Dr. Jack Mayer, author of the book “Life in a Jar” which tells the story of how a group of teenagers from Kansas “discovered” Irena   Sendler, who saved 2500 Jewish children from the ghettos of Warsaw during WWII.   The students developed a play about Sendler that was performed in many venues and raised consciousness about Sendler and human rights.

        Dr. Mayer is a pediatrician who lives in Middlebury.  There will be a book signing and author’s reception at 4:30; the talk will be at 6:00.

New Business:

        Susan Snider met with Valerie Capels.  There will be a public hearing on April 13 or 27.  Val will warn the meeting a week before whichever date is chosen.

        Susan is also working on applications and an environmental review.  She discussed possible sources of grant monies.

Librarian’s Report:

        Meredith has revised our web site, which is ready to use.  She reported that we need better FAX availability as many people need FAX services.  Meredith will renew the lease on the copier.

        The patron count for November and December was 1,405, with YTD circulation figures running about 350 more than last year at this time.  In spite of the freezing weather this past two months, January’s average daily patron count was 30 in January and 32 in February.  Saturday patron numbers were 22 in January and 19 in February.        

Children’s Librarian’s Report

        Lisa reports that January story hours attracted 41 and February had 12, with only two story hours because of library/school closings. The Children’s Center brings children to the library on The Mad Bus.  They come to Waitsfield twice a month and Warren twice a month.  Librarians are coordinating programs so there’s no overlap.  Upcoming programs for all ages can be found on the library website.

Treasurer’s Report:  (David in Sally’s absence)

        Our accounts have averaged 7% interest.  Deb Jones has our books about ready for audit by Deborah Burke.  Deb J. has raised questions on some credit card bills.  She will set up online transfers between checking and savings.  She is now waiting for the money from the towns of Waitsfield and Fayston.

Investment Report

        We have the following amounts of money:

                Book fund:  $75,000, which generates about $2000 a year for books without touching the principal.

                Donations:  $35,000 which can be used toward renovations and other initiatives

                $8,000 in savings

                $2, 600 in checking

Building Steward’s Report:

        Ken has placed the pressure tank on Front Page Forum for sale.  The newly constructed/renovated parts for the front railings are about ready to install when weather permits.

The septic alarm has been going off.  The problem should have been fixed earlier.  Are we getting extensive snow melt off the banking into the septic system?

President’s Report:

Jean expressed her pleasure that the article at Waitsfield and Fayston town meetings passed in both towns.  The article enables us to have up to two more members on the Board of Trustees.  At election time next year, people interested in being on the Board can run for the position.  Ken and Carol spoke at their respective meetings.

There will be a clean up around the library and park on May 2nd.  Jean will reach out to the Scouts and Harwood students who were very helpful last year.


Dates for future meetings:

The next regular meetings are:

May 13, July 8, September 9, November 11, January 13, 2016 at 6:00 at the Joslin Library

The next renovation meeting will be April 8, 2015, at 5:00 p.m. at the Joslin Library

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Hosford, Secretary of the Joslin Memorial Library Board of Trustees