Mobile Tree and Memories Apps, 7 Lessons

   Applications made for mobile devices, like smartphones, tablets,iPads, etc. have been made by FamilySearch so you can always have your family information and memories with you wherever you go, even without the internet.  There are 2 Apps. One is for Family Tree functions, like navigating the pedigree and details page; adding, editing and deleting information; attaching sources; reserving temple ordinances;and adding memories to an ancestor.  The other app is for capturing on-the-go memories like at a family gathering. It is a place to permanently store treasured memories - photos, stories, audio, and share them with relatives. These do not attach to an individual on Family Tree. You need to use the Tree App for that. Links to learning videos, Help Center documents, and expert advice are provided.Feedback welcome at Downloads are not allowed because I constantly go back to these presentations and update them by adding newest changes to FT, and deleting things that no longer apply. The Family Tree program changes almost weekly in one way or another. Just connect to the internet, and display the presentations from there please.

 1 - Mobile FamilySearch Tree App, Overview, Definitions, Responsiveness, Updates 

  2  - Mobile FS Tree App, NAVIGATING

                        1. Navigating the Pedigree , 2. Ancestors With Tasks, 3. Attach Sources, Merge Duplicates,

                        3 . .    . MORE Menu, Search Historical Records, Find People, Relatives Around Me, Messages,

                       4. Settings 5. Help Others 6. Other Apps 7. Sign Out

                  3 - Mobile FS Tree App

                       3 Dot Icon: Search Records, View this Tree, Descendants with Tasks, View my Relationship

                       1a. More: Possible Duplicates, Watch, Refresh, Download Memories, Recent Changes,  

                      Delete    Person, Charts 2. Recents:The History List

              4 - Mobile FS Tree App: Add, Edit the Details Vitals, Other Info, Spouses and Parents

 5 - Mobile FS Tree App, SOURCES and MEMORIES

 6 - Mobile FS Tree App, Use Multiple Screens, TEMPLE, CHARTS, MEMORY, HELP CENTER       

                  7 - Mobile FS Memories App