What are students saying after completing a Weber Online course?

(Comments are taken from an anonymous survey)

*Survey Questions & Responses Overall:  

Criteria on what you had to learn in each section of the course was clear.  

35% strongly agree

52% agree

11% neutral

All the tests, quizzes, projects, papers, and reports accurately measured my knowledge of the content of the course.

45% strongly agree

42% agree

11% neutral

The course was well organized.

45% strongly agree

39% agree

11% neutral

The required reading and assignments contributed to my learning.

36% strongly agree

49% agree

11% neutral

The instructor responded to my questions and/or concerns in a timely manner.

51% strongly agree

28% agree

14% neutral

The instructor’s feedback was clear and useful.

53% strongly agree

32% agree

12% neutral

The instructor treated me with respect.

68% strongly agree

26% agree

5% neutral

Overall I would rate the effectiveness of the instructor as?

59% great

31% good

8 % neutral

I invested enough time and energy in the course to meet/exceed the course requirements.

45% strongly agree

48% agree

6% neutral

- 72% of those surveyed indicated specifically that they were satisfied with “Help with any problems you had with the program, (ie. chat not working, login doesn’t work, etc.)”

- 64% of those surveyed indicated specifically that they were satisfied with “quality of academic advising (were your counselors helpful with Weber Online courses?)”

- 70% of those surveyed indicated specifically that they were satisfied with “availability of the teacher”

- 85% of those surveyed indicated specifically that they were satisfied with “ease of registration”

- 76% of those surveyed indicated specifically that they were satisfied with “quality of the course”

- 72% of those surveyed indicated specifically that they were satisfied with “availability of information about the course (requirements, prerequisites, technical skills, etc.)

Data taken as of 2/28/2013


 - “I think it was great the way it was. I learned a lot and appreciate the opportunity to take online classes so I can spend more time in high school doing the things that I love.”

- “This was an overall good course to take, it was really easy and simple to understand...”

- “The course was very useful and helped me effectively understand. I was very surprised at the effectiveness of this online course, since this is my first time taking an online course, and my normal learning is classroom settings. This course proved very helpful and am glad for the opportunity to take this class online.”

- “I learned a lot from this course and I liked it”

- “The only things I did not like about the course/ layout of the course has all been fixed by the new layout, so I really enjoyed the ease of the course. There wasn't much that I didn't like about the course. I had a few issues with the older layout when I would copy my assignments from the word document in order to submit it, but that has also been fixed through the new layout.”

- “...it was set up well and very easy to follow. I like the tab bar on the right hand of the screen; it is really easy to see where you are at in the course. The assignment and grades tabs at the top were very helpful when I was studying for the chapter and final test. It was really easy to email my teachers without getting off of the site. I really like how the site remembers where you are at so you don't have to find it each time you get on. I really like all of the other web pages that I was sent to during this course. I found them filled with information that was useful to me and to the course. Thank you for all of the hard work that was put into making these courses!”

- “I really enjoyed this course! The instructor was amazing!”

- “I think it is great:)”

- “This was a great course. I do not think anything should be done. Mrs. Chambers was great.”

- “...Thank you for having this program open to students who have extra curricular events and so we can get the credit for these classes. Thank you!”

- “It was fine. I had no problems.”

- “I can't think of anything that could improve it. There were a few glitches with the videos at the beginning, but that was quickly taken care of and they all work now”

- “...it was very easy to navigate and if I ever had any problems it was very easy to receive help.”

- “I don't think much could be done to improve this course. I thought the course was pretty good! It was well organized and had necessary assignments that had us practice and make sure we understood what was being taught.”

- “Overall I say I learned a lot from this course. To improve it i would have to say that the course should have had helpful pointers on the assignment I enjoyed taking this test it was very clear.”

- “I thought it was a great class. I was able to learn quite a bit and was very happy with the outcome. I don't know what could be done to help the course because I thought it was pretty good. :)”

- “Not really anything. I enjoyed it and I learned a lot. I didn't have any problems at all. The teacher answered all of my questions and explained what I needed to do. She always made sure I was on track and made sure I was doing the assignment the right way. This course was really easy and it made a lot of sense and I wasn't confused.”

- “Not much, the Teacher was pretty helpful and answered all my questions.”

- “I'm used to EHS, but am really liking the setup of weber online. I look forward to taking more classes!”

- “I really don't think anything would of made this course better. Overall, it definitely is one of my favorite classes & I've learned everything I feel I needed to so far.”

- “The teacher does an excellent job. It's easy to follow the assignments, and be prepared for the proctored tests.”

- “I thought this course is laid out very well. I would recommend it to others.”

- “This course was very helpful and easy to follow. I don't think anything else could be done to improve it”

- “I don't think anything could be done to improve this. Whenever I needed help, my instructor was able to help me very well. She was also very attentive and timely with any questions I had. It is a great class.”

- “I think that it was put together in a way that helped me learn what I needed to learn. The only problems were when I couldn't get links to work but my teacher helped me fix that.

- “...This class was clear and easy to complete.”

- “...I really loved being able to do this whenever I had time. It was very nice and helped me learn.”

- “...The course was rather helpful and easy to understand.”

- “I thought the course was effective and informative. I cannot think of a specific thing to improve upon.”